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    Default Portland, OR BSG Fans

    Waving Hello,

    And wondering if there are other Portland/Area fans out there. Just moved here and am having a time locating others committed to the cause, lol!.

    I'm driving to Auburn for the early viewing of Razor. Been looking for others who also have tickets who would like to carpool. In my car or theirs.

    You can see my post on the Portland Craigslist (also comes up with Google). Listed under "activities." But works well if you search:

    Battlestar Galactica Portland

    P.S You may see this post on a few other forum websites as the film viewing is only a few days away.

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    Default Re: Portland, OR BSG Fans

    So there may be a Yahoo! Group or something else convenient forming for Portland. Until it's figured out you can always do a search on the Sci-Fi Channel's BSG forum for my user name (is the same) or maybe more helpful, for "Portland" and or "Portland Razor." I don't usually post regularly so it should be easy to find the messages. I'll update there and/or on the Portland Craigslist. Most of the responses have come from these two places and it will be easier to communicate from just a few net locales only. The e-mail list is being worked on, too. For those that may show up here, who may want to be added to it for our area.

    The "travelers" may see this message in a few other BSG forums. Just trying to coalesce the info, get better organized.
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