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Thread: 9th chevron?

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    Default 9th chevron?

    what is the 9th chevron i have seen a few ppl mention it as a spin off show? or is it something else

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    Unless I've been grossly misinformed, I think you've been seeing people discuss the function of the ninth chevron.

    There are nine chevrons around the stargate. We know that the first six designate a point in space you want to travel to, the seventh is the point of origin, the eighth chevron is used to travel to galaxies other than our own. But the function of the ninth chevron has never been addressed, so there are many theories out there about what it does. There are some theories as to its function here:

    Ninth Chevron
    The ninth chevron cont.
    The Ninth Chevron

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    Default Re: 9th chevron?

    Don't forget my thread!

    There are also several fan sites called Chevron Nine, and The Ninth Chevron. but I don't know if that is what you were looking for.

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    We don't know what the ninth chevron does, but it is on the gate. If you look at the SGC gate, the eigth and ninth chevrons are under the ramp.
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