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    Default Bra'tac Thunk Thread

    I couldnt find any posts on here goes. This guy is awesome every time he appears on the show. He is so wise and talks in a way in which you know he wants the good for the Jaffa that want to be free. Anybody else love this character?

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    Default Re: Bra'tac Thunk Thread

    I love Bra'tac, too! Not only is he wise and powerful, he's a vital component of Teal'c's backstory and link to Jaffa culture. Without Bra'tac, I don't think either would have as much depth.

    One of the aspects I've always enjoyed about SG-1 is that our heroes are not all knowing. Not only do they need personal guidance from more experienced characters, but there are also whole cultures more advanced than Earth's. Even with those that aren't more advanced, there tends to be something to be learned. That learning process is more believable because of characters like Bra'tac.

    It's one of the things I hope to see a bit more of in Atlantis, though I'm not sure how it could be done. The whole scenario kind of prohibits the characters from having much in the way of family ties or authorities they can turn to for help. So far, there hasn't been much learning from other cultures, and Charin's been the only wise elder.
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    Default Re: Bra'tac Thunk Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Fanwoman
    Charin's been the only wise elder.
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    Default Re: Bra'tac Thunk Thread

    I love the character of Bratac, but I never thought of him as particularly hunky. I love the way he gives O'Neill a hard time.

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