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    TV Star Trek: Win Enterprise DVDs

    From Star

    Paramount Home Entertainment is considering releasing four DVD box sets that may potentially contain episodes from any of the five live-action Star Trek series.

    Which Star Trek DVD box set would YOU like to see?

    Hailing frequencies are open!

    Now for the first time, fans like you can help chart the course for future "Fan Collective Edition" DVD box sets!

    For this survey there are three simple steps:

    Rank the four sets in order of your interest level, with "First choice" being the highest.

    For each box set, select up to five episodes from the list provided that you believe are the most representative for each. If we've overlooked an episode, you can add up to five episodes from any of the live-action Star Trek series. (The most you'll be able to select is a total of five episodes.)

    Finally, you'll have a chance to suggest other Star Trek Fan Collective DVD box sets and episodes that you'd like to see in the future.

    Though it is not guaranteed that the box sets under consideration will be developed - or that they will contain the episodes you've selected - your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

    After you've given us your opinion, take a moment to enter a giveaway for a chance to win a Star Trek: Enterprise Season One DVD Box Set! (U.S. residents only)

    You can only participate in this survey once, so make your choices wisely! You must complete the entire survey to be able to enter the giveaway. After that, return once per day to submit a new giveaway entry to increase your chance of winning.




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    Default Re: Star Trek: Win Enterprise DVDs

    ugh im bad with eppie titles.

    But how i'd rank em would proberly be

    2.DS9 (a close second)
    4) Voyager

    This is a sig, have a nice day.

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