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    TV Star Trek: The Finale Frontier - TV Guide Online

    TV Guide Online has a special section commemorating the last few episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise at:

    There are several sections, including:


    A Q & A with Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis about why they are in the series finale episode.




    (The history of Star Trek)

    And, there is a poll (at the bottom of the page):

    (TV Guide had asked for suggestions for the next Trek series, the following are some of the responses.)

    Which one should producers consider? Set your phasers on vote!

    A class of new cadets at Starfleet Academy
    Young versions of Kirk, Spock and other original characters
    Riker's and Troi's adventures with the U.S.S. Titan
    CSI: Starfleet
    The Federation vs. The Borg
    Life inside the Klingon Empire
    The Temporal Police clean up timeline crime
    Wesley Crusher's journeys with the Traveler
    Captain Sulu's voyages aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior
    We don't need a new show. Bring back Enterprise !

    And there's also a comment box at the very bottom of the page, asking for additional suggestions for ideas on a new Star Trek.




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    Default Re: Star Trek: The Finale Frontier - TV Guide Online

    Either bring back ST:E or Temporal Police, but this time, thought out thouroughly.
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