Although the addresses on the Abydos cartouche were numerous, although the information from the Ancient's database contained many more addresses, in Antarctica along with the address to Atlantis, a Stargate team uncovered two separate, new and extensive series of gate addresses. The first and only address on each list with symbols that matched our stargate comprised eight symbols. The rest had the standard number of seven with new and varied symbols.

It was obvious that if we wanted to see if the lists in their entirety worked, we would have to dial the first address on each list - the addresses with eight symbols. Hearing rumors that the SGC’s budget may be cut in the near future, it was decided that if we were ever to explore the addresses, now was the time. Teams of volunteers were assembled. Using an experimental and somewhat unstable Tok’ra power supply, one team with only limited supplies was sent to the first address with eight symbols from each list. When each team arrived, they found that each destination had its own working ZPM making regular gate travel back to earth possible. Upon the return of about half of each of the two different teams, they informed Stargate Command that each of the seven symbol addresses on worked from that world - effectively opening up two new Stargate networks in the Andromeda and Vega galaxies respectively.

After a thorough exploration of both uninhabited eight-symbol planets, Stargate Command decided that they were the perfect place to set up the two more off-world bases that they had planned. While the funds were still available, the necessary supplies were shuttled over and the bases were set up. All that's missing is you.

Stargate Command is looking for brave men and women who would be willing to join Stargate teams in exploring Andromeda and Vega galaxies in hopes of providing Earth with new allies and technology to aid in their fight against the Gou'ald. Earth's security may hang in the balance. We must act quickly. You must act quickly.

Our orders are to perform reconnaissance, to make peaceful contact with the peoples of these worlds, and to acquire advanced technologies to defend Earth.

7th Chevron,, is an internet Role Playing Game which found its inception when Startrek: A Call To Duty (the only RPG ever officially affiliated with Paramount Pictures) decided to branch out into other genres. 7th Chevron began in January of 2003 and already has four SG teams with a total of 22 staff and active members.

We offer both Internet Chat Relay Teams with US and Euro friendly playing times as well as PBeM teams.

Chat based games run for one hour, at the same time each week. In the Chat based game, the player takes on the persona of an SG Team member, interacts with fellow team members, and works through problems set out by a Team Commander. Chat game requirements include weekly attendance at a one-hour mission. Mission Reports are required on a monthly basis. We currently have one Rated-T and one Rated-M team with plans to open another team in the short term.

PBeM (Play By e-Mail) games take place on e-mail lists. They allow players the flexibility of participating once during a week or ten times during a week. There is no set time that a player would have to be online to participate in the game. In the PBeM based game, the player takes on the persona of an SG Team member, interacts with fellow team members, and works through problems set out by a Team Commander. PBeM game requirements include one weekly post sent to an e-mail list.

Training is important because it ensures Game quality and player satisfaction. Before you may begin participating in the 7th Chevron you must first learn how to play. This is accomplished through Game training, where new players participate in training missions. The purpose of these missions is to prepare you for the Game and to make sure that you understand how to play. During the Chat Division game, the pace is fast and there is little time to ask questions; plus there are specific formats in both chat and PBeM (Play By Email) missions. Without training, new players would quickly become frustrated, and the Game might be impacted negatively. For this reason, all players are required to successfully complete Game training either in Star Trek: A Call to Duty or 7th Chevron: A Call to Duty.