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Annoyed that Greer killed the 'deer'

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    Originally posted by LordRush View Post
    Also as stated by General Jumper, they are on the other side of the universe and what IOA, SGC Command, O'neill, or the President want, didnt exatly take place for season 1 or season 2. No one is there to enforce earthly orders! Theyre on their own and are doing what they need to survive!
    true, however they can do what they did before - both in earth and seizure - and replace key personnel using the stones. it's not optimal, but it IS possible. the attempt to dial DID in fact take place, it was just hijacked by rush

    and frankly, i'd suspect young has to walk a fine line in any direct orders he may disobey. dialling earth from a sun - on the first try - he can argue is a problem from a safety perspective, and a court martial won't want to hear about that. the president does, however, remain commander-in-chief of the US military, meaning that a direct order from him - unless i'm very mistaken about what that would mean in the army - is an order that has to be followed, with the only likely exception being an illegal order. this was an order to do what appeared necessary to get people home.
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      Originally posted by General Jumper One View Post
      except for the fact that technically they don't have to do anything the SGC tells them to do
      True but remember they were the Icarus base. As far as we know all the offworld bases Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma. All fall under SGC control. Maybe they lost control of it, when they gated to Destiny. Then Homeworld command took over. Who also is oversight of SGC.

      But yes, I personally can see why they choose to do it. I don't agree with it. But most animals are instinctively sentient. So what level of sentient would we say you can't eat? You could eat people, doesn't mean we do.