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    My main beef is that everything was just a tad too convenient for me. Ursini sacrificed themselves for us, even though that made no sense in light of their previous behaviour and the knowledge that they were the last of their kind. Shouldn't they want to preserve their civilisation somehow?
    Reminds me of the Asgard


      Originally posted by General Jumper One View Post
      Reminds me of the Asgard
      Yep. I didn't want to just come out and say it, but yes, that was my first thought when Telford said his line about suicide run.

      And the whole thing with catching a drone to reprogramme it reminded me of SG-1 doing the same in The Serpent's Venom. Fortunately, unlike the Ursini/Asgard thing, in a good way.
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        I'm not sure the Ursini were sacrificing themselves for Destiny or the crew, I just think they realised (or assumed) that they had nothing left to live for. Their civilization had been wiped out, there were only a few dozen of them, too few to really maintain a healthy population, and they might have soon been discovered anyway. I think they thought '**** it', if we succeed we redeem ourselves somewhat, if not we go out in blaze of glory.

        Don't get me wrong, I don't like the way they got rid of them either, but I didn't find it contrived, just a bit convenient and uninspired.


          Originally posted by Petra View Post

          And the whole thing with catching a drone to reprogramme it reminded me of SG-1 doing the same in The Serpent's Venom. Fortunately, unlike the Ursini/Asgard thing, in a good way.
          That reminds me, I called that!


            Originally posted by Commander Zelix View Post
            Very average episode.

            As usual my grievance about many of the SGU episodes is about the flimsy plots and this episode is part of the lot. Sure there was some action but no storyline(s) to support it. Contrary to, lets say, Trial and Error which had a little mystery about what was happening to Young to sustain the actions sequences.

            As usual, I think SGU as a series sold itself short. Instead of showing us humans trapped in another galaxy interacting with complex aliens worlds and galaxies and strange space phenomena. They decide to avoid interacting with aliens as much as possible.

            While I knew the Chloe transformation plot would get almost nowhere, it was done in the most convenient and unremarkable way. At least, now she knows math. Hopefully, the blue aliens got something else in store for her.

            The Ursini being the last of their kind and going for a suicide run is also another disappointment and another lost opportunity for some aliens interactions and original plotlines.

            The episode itself had some actions but no plot to sustain it. The story is about people doing nothing on a spaceship being attacked by nameless drones and aliens we know nothing about.
            No story? The drone things and the Blues returning is definitly a storyYou may not like it but its definitly a story
            Originally posted by aretood2
            Jelgate is right


              Shouldn't they want to preserve their civilisation somehow?
              how? they're with too few for proper continuation of their race plus the ship they have is a little bit too small for proper living space. plus there are MANY drones out there.


                just saw it, not sure how i feel about it. i don't like how they had the ursani just sacrfice themselves, i think it would have been better if they kept them around for a while, as a type of ally so that their sacfice meant something.

                as for chloe i'm hoping that the blues will now know something about the ship, which will come relevent later.

                i really liked eli and rush working together. and i like the idea of using the drone to effect the others, very stargate .

                overall, i'd give the episode an 8 out of 10. the fighting was well done. hopefully next weeks will be better.


                  was i the only one that thought park looked wicked hot in her space suit? lol



                    pew pew and strange story here and there


                      Originally posted by themeatcleaver View Post
                      was i the only one that thought park looked wicked hot in her space suit? lol
                      I thought she looked awesome - apparently, those spacesuits make everyone look cool. I want one!

                      I agree with the comments here about the Ursini suicide run - it seemed a bit random. I was thinking they were trying to use the seedship to ram the command ship - sort of take out their enemy in a blaze of glory. But that obviously didn't work, if that was the plan.

                      Overall, I like the episode, although it wasn't perfect. I loved the "alien examination" scene with Chloe and the Blues - something out of Fox Mulder's worst nightmares, and creepy-good fun. The blues continue to creep me out - and I hope we see them again before it is all over.

                      I'm not sure what to think of Rush. Giving out compliments to Brody and Volker, then turning around and saying "they would just get in the way", that I liked.

                      And I do believe him when he said he has always cared about Chloe - even from the first day on Destiny, after her dad died, he gave her that incredibly lame but I think sincere little speech to try to make her feel better (after she walloped him). He has always struck me as someone who does care about people, but is too self-absorbed to do any sort of reaching out very well.

                      I'm disappointed we didn't get more (or more interesting) TJ, but that is part of the drawback of such a large cast - can't pay attention to everyone every time.

                      Overall, I think I would give this an 7.5 out of 10 (and that's relative to the other very good episodes we've seen so far this season).
                      Goodbye and Good Travels, Destiny!


                        I've been a member for quite a long time, but posted only once before...this is because watching SG1 and SGA and reading stuff was well enough for me..No more. As much as it pains me to know that a universe I've grown up with is dieing, SGU deserves to last just another half season imho. The CGI and (very) few action sequances are real good, but It's a deus ex machina after another, half the show is filled with touchy feely moments that remind me of a cheap teenagers drama movie, without coming even close to the pathos and emotions inspired by SG1 and SGU. And I'm referring to the non-action moments. On top of that, virtually no exploration, alien pussies (I mean...just trying to compare "the Blues" with the Goa'Uld, the Replicators, the Ori and the Wraith is madness), the weird feeling that every galaxy they travel through is basically empty or long dead (for all we know IRL they might be, but in theory a sci-fi show should answer the whole "are we alone" question with a "hell no" just like they'd been doing in SG1 and SGA) and phenomenal stuff like a million-year-old Alteran shuttle interface talking to aliens coming from who knows how many billion lightyears away from the milky way......IN ENGLISH. And a random guy jamming and hacking drones that apparently wiped out a civilization in 2 minutes with an ASUS laptop. I don't know whether to laugh or far as I'm concerned, this isn't Stargate. Call me nostalgic if you will


                          Strange thread to post that in.


                            I now am starting to believe that being on here, and faithfully listening to the podcast (well, I'm lying, I haven't been on here in a while because of the SGU cancellation blues)...but just being a bit more "in the know" about this awesome show.... Well... I'm starting to believe that it's hurting me.

                            I feel like I'm analyzing the show too much. I have a list of like...more than 10 things...that bothered me about the episode. I feel like if I weren't such an avid fan, I would have missed all these things and been completely happy.

                            Who am I kidding....I can't give up the podcast. Soooooooooooo... Quibbles.

                            They are in this HUGE HUGE shuttle, and Park says: One meter left (or right). Like a ship that big could go *only* one meter left (or right). How do you make something that big go only one meter? They aren't pros. This is empty freaking space. And THEN it wasn't even a tight squeeze. That drone ended up being TINY tiny tiny. It seemed like it kept getting tinier. It just wasn't realistic. "One meter"......BAH. The opening was huge, and that "one meter" made no difference.

                            On the other hand, do you see what I mean about nitpicking to the extreme? Yeah, I need to get a life, and enjoy these awesome episodes.

                            I love SGU. Long live Stargate. <3
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                              I love that Rush is becoming more human. It could turn out to be a complete con and he turns back to his dastardly ways, but we will have to wait and see. As for people complaining about how rush and eli worked everything out so quickly, what do you want? I hear people complain how the show is too serious and not like SG1 or SGA and how the scientists always make something up at the last minute like Carter or Mckay which you love, then Rush and Eli do it and it's bad? you can't have it both ways. Rush and Eli ALWAYS do soemthing when it is needed, but they are both thorough scientists, they want to tick every box before they just say "hell go for it", most of the time any ways. so when they are given a time limit they always want more, like REAL SCIENTISTS.


                                Well I read the one line zinger on the INFO button a couple hours before. Chloe saves destiny or something like that. And figured that it was the ONLY thing that would happen. But it wasn't, so a good episode IMO. Better story wise than say pathogen. Chloe is infected and Eli's mom is still sick. We already knew that, why bother with an entire episode about it.

                                Having so many commercials right off the bat was highly annoying. I was starting to think that the actual episode was only going to be twenty minutes at first. And Chloe saves the ship is all that they would have time for, literally. But there was quite a bit going on in this episode. More so, than most of season 1 and some of the first half of season 2. Nothing wrong with pew pew, wasn't ALL of BSG pew pew?

                                Basically I got more than I was expecting. A few conveniences and such which detracts from the realism that was supposed to be the original premise of the show. And the UNDO button being used yet again. i.e. Chloe. But otherwise a good episode IMO.