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    Originally posted by Cluas View Post
    I think there has been too many "hallucinations"-episodes.
    And this wasn't really a comedy ep, was it? It reminded me of Vegas (and I didn't like it)

    "Oh Chloe is an alien, let's use that, in some good way?" I can easily imagine the writers panicking, with all the "To be decided later" plots that came up in the end of season one...

    Greer was cool though

    Oh, and they actually USED the stargate in this ep ...
    I remember thinking when I first saw this episode that way the gate was used made up for all the time it wasn't used in the rest of the season!!

    Greer and flamethrower, his total joy as he blasted those plants, one of the top Greer moments for me!


      I liked the episode but don't think it added much to the series.

      I don't know if Chloe's move was all that crazy. She probably didn't want to turn into a alien so maybe dying by her man felt like a better option for her.


        Almost a white Christmas in Cloverdale!

        This was taken on my walk to work last Friday morning. Taken on my phone which has a crappy camera unfortunately. So, an extra challenge for all of you to see if you recognise which scene was filmed there.