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    Season 2 DVD

    I looked at the feature of the DVD online and I did not see anything for Kino videos..... Those were the best parts.... Purple dye...... But no does anyone else know if they will be offered on the Bluray or were we could get them(if)?

    No Kino videos were ever made
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    Jelgate is right


      Originally posted by jelgate View Post
      No Kino videos were ever made
      that sucks for season 2, i can get HD episodes from netflix.... the Kino videos were like one of the top reasons i was going to get the season on dvd/bluray.... sad day


        If I'm not mistaken, those were only done in S1 and were included in the S1 dvd features. I don't think they did any more kino-sodes during S2.
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          still I am gonna get this with the UK release early july and watch SG:U after my exams in a four days marathon! This will be sweet! cant wait..


            my set showed up on my front porch this morning. i'll go through the extra features later and let you know if there's anything fun


              Okay, here we go!

              First thing I want to note is that the main menu background/screensaver is destiny flying through ftl and periodically dropping out to different planets. It's really quite cool. I want to set it up as the background on my desktop. Wonder what kind of a pain that would be.

              Disc 1:
              Robert Caryle Directs
              Andy Mikita Directs
              Brian J. Smith's first fight
              crashing a shuttle(highly recommend!)
              the seed ship with joe
              saying goodbye to sgt. riley
              lou diamond phillips on guest stars

              Disc 2:

              lt. scott gets hit by a car
              inside cloverdale with brad
              how to get sucked into space
              sgu welcomes you to new mexicos bisti badlands

              Disc 3: (looks very cool)

              Deconstructing Destiny; Power, Weapons, Shields, FTL Drive, The Ancient Chair, Communication Stones, The Bridge

              Disc 4:

              A day in the life of jamil walker smith
              Transplant day
              sitting down with mike dopud
              bringing the bridge to life(should be very cool)
              louis ferreria vs. colonel young

              Disc 5:
              Pitches: A journey of friendship and discovery(i have no idea what this is about)
              Behind the season 2 finale-gauntlet

              Thats it folks! Enjoy!
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                I thought there would be more stuff in the extras on the DVD. I'd love to have had a discussion of where they were going to take the show in the third season.
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                  Could you list who does the commentaries for each episode please


                    I got the DVD today. It is good quality. The back cover has some nice pics from S1 and the discs have the names of the episodes they have on them. Its the size of a normal DVD case too.