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    That super gate ides is interesting also why are people assuming they know less than earth i think the aliance and possibly rush know something that no one els does.

    Also i think that scientist wasn't really their lead scientist he was way to stupid

    As for that guy played by the actor who was ventral be neat if he was a relative of his or even a twin brother would give him leverage over kiva.


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      Maybe the LA will bring some advanced tech with them to enhance the Destiny, like parts of a hyperdrive or such.


        I guess I kind of assumed that the LA's plan was to board destiny, take over the ship, kill everyone they don't need and use the stones to pass any technology they can derive from the Destiny back to the LA back in our galaxy. Though I'd assume it would be pretty dang hard to pass any tech to their allies, when all they can do is to carry the knowledge in their heads when they pass though the stones. It's not like they can slip a microchip in their pocket and take it home.


          Though if they can figure out how to get the power to dial Destiny's gate back to the home galaxy ...then the LA would have a great prize on their hands. I've always suspected that Rush either already knows how to dial home or he simply doesn't care to work on that particular problem because he wants to stay.


            Originally posted by s09119 View Post
   mean besides the technology allowing for shields to withstand diving into a sun, literally unlimited power generation, weapons more advanced than anything the Goa'uld developed, an FTL engine unlike anything in the Milky Way, etc...
            Which won't do them any more good than us, as we cannot get it back too the MW.

            It makes you wonder if they even tried to figure out a way to make it so you can email using the thing... I mean you can transfer someones consciousness that far why not a simple fax or email?
            From what we have seen of the stone's use, they only work with 2 minds... not computers back and fourth..

            I also hope there's something more to it. Probably something the LA knows about the Destiny true mission that the Destiny crew, possibly beside Rush, doesn't know.
            I might give them that, for a reason to go and take it ove.r.


              Originally posted by Major_Griff View Post
              I would take that with a grain of salt. Re watch Air, we never actually see the Hammond firing Asgard beams. It's possible the Hammond had yet to be fitted with them.
              That's what I'm forced to believe, too. It would have been nice to have a line in the show that, so all we have to go on are JM's comments.

              Originally posted by Astrofighter View Post
              I don't know about JM's comments I watched the pilot again and Carter claimed the LA ships knocked out the beam weapons with their first shot...therefore they were never tested on the LA's shields. Also its a very safe bet that the LA are using the previously controlled replicator ships, which they severely advanced the shields on.
              I've rewatched Air dozens of times, and Carter never says that. Unless there is extra footage that was cut, and is on the DVD versions or something?

              Originally posted by s09119 View Post

              That's as close as the ship ever gets, and that's definitely not the same as literally flying into the star itself.

              "A corona is a type of plasma "atmosphere" of the Sun or other celestial body, extending millions of kilometers into space, most easily seen during a total solar eclipse, but also observable in a coronagraph...... The sun's corona is much hotter (by a factor of nearly 200) than the visible surface of the Sun: the photosphere's average temperature is 5800 kelvins compared to the corona's one to three million kelvins."

              The ship was in the star's corona, and if it can survive that (for about 10 hours or so, is what Jacob said, if my memory serves), then it can survive dipping into the sun. But even if it can't, recharging via a star, while neat, isn't really practical if you've got ships that don't really have power issues.


                Little off topic: The guy that tells Rush he will kill him: Is he Odai Ventrell or the same actor playing someone else?


                  it's the actor of Ventrell. we don't know if he's the same guy.

                  also Goauld tech by no means is as advanced as ancient tech. ancient tech is better, faster, stronger and what not.

                  besides, the Destiny's shields are impressive. the star recharge is the perfect powersource. and the guns are of use too. and even then, there's a ton of ancient knowledge in the interface chair. surely Kiva will throw someone in the chair forcibly.

                  also the FTL drives are MUCH faster than any hyperdrive the LA will have.

                  and perhaps most of all: the LA is safe from earth on the other side of the universe.

                  also, if the Icarus Planet of the LA doesn't blow up on dialling, then they can create two-way travel. Destiny needs a mere 30 microseconds of contact i believe to allow the Icarus Gate to supply power (SGA, Home).
                  surely Destiny can do that.


                    Actually in "Enemies" they claimed they were in the "coronasphere" which is a part of the sun....that doesn't actually exist. Since they didn't say cornoa and the fact they added sphere to it I would assume they meant further out than the cornoa. Also Destiny went through the corona twice, it went into the surface of the sun. While yes it is not as hot at that point, the gravitational effects on the ship are higher, putting even more stress on the shields than if they had simply stayed in the corona.

                    Also as I said before, if they want the details of the ship, all they have to use is the stones. Here's an example, guy from Destiny gets on the stones calls home once there they hook him up to the goa'uld memory recall device. Then every single bit of information he has seen on Destiny is now in clear video to be recorded.


                      Originally posted by Vanek26 View Post
                      Little off topic: The guy that tells Rush he will kill him: Is he Odai Ventrell or the same actor playing someone else?
                      Well I thought it was Ventrell but now I am not so sure!


                        Also as I said before, if they want the details of the ship, all they have to use is the stones. Here's an example, guy from Destiny gets on the stones calls home once there they hook him up to the goa'uld memory recall device. Then every single bit of information he has seen on Destiny is now in clear video to be recorded.
                        i thought of that, yes but since it ain't happening, it's probably not possible.


                          We don't know if that is true. We know that back in "Earth" the scientist had enough information to formulate a plan to get the ship to dial back to Earth. Who is to say they didn't use the memory recall device and get the info? Even if the SGC don't use it, why wouldn't the LA be able to use it?


                            To be fair weve only seen Destinys weapons at 40% or less, it was running sheilds at the same time too. We dont know for sure theyre weaker than destinys slow beams


                              Originally posted by s09119 View Post
                              No other shields we know of can go into a star and survive. The Lucian Alliance does not have access to Asgard weaponry, so this would be an easier alternative that could potentially be just as powerful (do you know they're better, by the way? How?). The ship's FTL engines would be immune to things that only affect vessels in hyperspace, allowing craft to bypass things like the Attero Device. Also, they were able to cross the intergalactic void very quickly with 15 of them working at full efficiency, my guess is even faster than a DSC-304 given that their resources didn't seem at all strained by the voyage.

                              Gating to Atlantis would be impossible for them anyway, seeing how well-defended and protected it is. Destiny, though, is virtually defenseless, with no protective gateshield, relatively few soldiers, and no real control of its defensive systems.
                              Plenty of shields can go into a star and survive. The main limit is power, and they did say, Destiny will save power for the shields as she prepares for charging.

                              Attero Device only affects Wraith ships. Only Wraith ships. The side effect being, if a gate was in use, at the time of activation, it would explode. And it only affected Pegasus gates, since the device was utilize in the Pegasus gate network.

                              It's quite clear that the Destiny FTL is significantly slower than that of the Asguard, and the other Ancient Hyperdrives. The Asguards were able to travel from their galaxy to ours in a matter of seconds. The trip between the Milky and Pegasus galaxy took about 18 days. Destiny took months to cross the galaxy, with 15 FTL drives, while the 304s only have one hyperdrive.


                                I would think the Lucian alliance would want the ship regardless of what anyone tells them, I mean, can they really be expected to believe that the ship is too old and cannot be brought back unless they see it for themselves?