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    FAN REVIEWS: 'Space'

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    A mishap with the communication stones sends Colonel Young's consciousness to an alien vessel, provoking the crew's first extra-terrestrial encounter.



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    Space--Fan Review

    'Space' was an average episode for SGU. It had it's high points, the space battle and the new aliens, but had it's low points of lazy effects and plot. The show gives me the feeling that someone came up with a rough draft of an idea and started writing the episode, and then simply gave up and just threw a bunch of stuff together. Or maybe the episode had a major rewrite or some other type of television thing. This episode at least did use a good mix of characters, and they got fair screen time. I was not so happy with the visual effects of the first space battle, but was happy it did occur.

    The basic story, Destiny's first encounter with intelligent space fairing aliens was good. I for one was tired of just watching the crew, week after week after week. An enemy was needed, and now they have one. The first sub plot of the 'bad call' with the communication stone was fine also, they have already stated that they don't always 'work right'. I was not so happy with the Finding Rush sub plot or the kidnap Chloe sub plot.

    I think they brought Rush back way too fast. It makes it look like he was just 'lost' for the mid season cliffhanger. I think it would have been better if he could have been lost at least 3-5 shows. He could have been on the show, just not on the Destiny, we'd see him fix the ship, meet the blue aliens, get abducted and so on. Having him gone for five minutes is feels too much like a cheat. I knew he would be back, but not so fast.

    Chloe being abducted, was just a bad idea. I know Chloe has little to do on the ship/show, but having her be the 'boy wonder' that needs to be rescued is too much. The ship is attacked, and Chloe is just walking around? Worse when she sees the hole cut in the ship she just stands and looks? Why did she not just run away?

    The space battle was a let down. We just don't get any good visuals of it. Just a bunch of random shots. And they use the shuttle to 'dog fight' the alien fighters? An armed Air Bus vs a bunch of F-22? And the main gun, Destinies wave motion cannon, looked nice...but what did it fire? Spitballs? After watching the gun deploy, it only makes a small 'splash' on the bad guys shields. The visual is just disappointing. And it was a little unclear that the aliens can fly right through the shields?

    The new aliens are nice. True alien aliens. We don't get them humanized. It's nice to see strange aliens that are not just like humans. The visual effect was quite good, guess they spent all the time on that and not the spacer battle.

    In Conclusion, it was an average show. Worth the wait, but nothing spectacular. It had high points and low points and came out to an average.


      It’s been a long 4 months waiting for SGU. I’ve tried keeping busy watching past Stargate episodes and the ever demanding real life. But it’s not the same. I missed the writing the reviews (I bet my 2 fans missed reading them) and the blood pressuring raising debates I’ve had with my stance on SGU. In that regard did Space live up? Was such a long wait worth it in this material? Barring a few minor complaints (and lets face it no episode is perfect) I really liked Space. It had that balance like feel. Less character interaction then early SGU but still it was not mindless action like SGA. There was emotion of why the SGU characters did what that did. Anyway as always let’s start at the beginning.

      I kind of found the beginning where these division of who trusts Young and who thinks Young killed Rush kind of boring. Maybe it was the 3 months discussing this in fandom but I know Young would regret stranding Rush and I know the crew is divided into civilians and soldiers and neither side really trusts each other. Do we really need to go over this again? However there is an exception to this boredom. I really liked the scene between Young and Wray where she confronts Young about “lying about Rush” and Young accuses of her wanting to take power of the ship. It was a really intense scene. And a scene I think can only be pulled off when you have the great acting talents of Ming Na.

      Ah the communication stones glitch. Some people will probably complain that we didn’t figure out what caused the glitch when Young tried to connect with Earth. But I think this is something that shouldn’t be explained. These stones are Ancient technology after all and I think we can all agree that the Ancients are way smarter then us. To that end I think it makes sense that the glitch shouldn’t be explained. On a humorous note I thought it was hilarious for James to yell out to everyone how she was attracted to the stone “technician”.

      Oh space battles. This was quite intense. It may be because this was the first time we ever saw major weapons fire from the Destiny but it was quite cool watching the Destiny shoot those aliens out of the sky. Sure the Destiny was no match for the aliens but it was still cool none the less to see them trying to blow up the alien ship. And I especially like Eli’s frustation at Young about how the weapons weren’t working that well. It seems the character is growing a backbone and is not Young’s yesman as much anymore. Although I will say using a character as a plot device is always a crack in shoddy writing. As many of you know I do like the Chloe character and what she brings to the show but she served mainly as a plot device in this episode. You see a piece of a ceiling fall and you approach to investigate. I don’t know about you but if I saw that at minimum I need a gun before I will approach that mysterious hole.

      I have to give credit to Young for this one. The easy thing would be to ignore the kidnapped Chloe and blast that ship out of the sky. But he risked his own well being to go onto that ship in a situation that is most defiantly hostile. I have to give credit to Young for breaking Rush out of that alien water tank. This guy has plotted and schemed and done almost every thing in the book to gain control of the Destiny and to undermine as much as Young’s leadership. And even after Young stranded Rush he was willing to swallow his pride and free his own worst enemy. That to me is harder then shooting your enemy. I think the worst thing to do is help your enemy because even though you hate then you know they are needed. The mind control thing was kind of cool looking too. But I wonder does always cause that much pain and it that one stone Young used fried for good.

      Predictable. That word describes Rush and Chloe’s escape. The whole thing was predictable. It was predictable that Rush would find the fighter bay and flee to the Destiny. But it’s not all bad. For one I liked where Scott and Greer where going to ignore Young and head for the alien ship. Not so much for Scott for I figured he would do that as he cares about Chloe. But what really touched me was Greer and how loyal he was to people. He knew the risks and he had nothing at stake and yet he still went with Scott knowing full well it was a suicide mission. That really speaks to me.

      And now for the aftermath of this episode. Let’s start with the mess hall scene. It was an obvious need. For people would be screaming plot hole if it wasn’t explained how Rush went from the barren planet to the alien ship. I liked the song of showing how everyone is reacting to the common ordeal. It keeps with the SGU theme of being character oriented especially seeing the part where James was crying. That was so sad. On a final note I do blame whatever happens to Rush after this episode. He pretends to extend an olive branch and that he respects Young because of what he did in Space and yet he conspires with Wray. That man is nothing but a manipulator playing with people’s emotions to get what he wants. I welcome his fate and drama that will ensure.

      All in all a good episode.
      Originally posted by aretood2
      Jelgate is right


        SGU: Space has been marketed by TPTB as the pay-off episode that wins back fans with the introduction of aliens and action/space battles. Personally, I have related more with those viewers who aren't happy with the series than those who are. So the question is, will I tune in again next week after watching this episode? Lets look at the elements of this episode, in terms of my view point to see if we may be able to determine that answer.

        Special Effects: The special effects of Space were fantastic, one of the best of all the series'.

        Aliens: Again, one of their best alien portrayals. I understand why they didn't have the alien speaking English, that's always been the joke of SG1 and SGA -- all the aliens speak English? Still, would have been nice to have a greater level of communication going on.

        Space Battle: Not a bad beginning. Not great, but not bad. The ships looked really cool.

        Story: Here's where they start to lose me. Great special effects, aliens and space battle but the back drop of the events occuring within, imo, was weak. I liked the start of it, even though I'm not a fan of the communication stones at all, at least they were used as a means to introduce us to the aliens. But really, Chole, come on? I know we're in a space battle and everyone's running around trying to save the ship, I'm just going to walk around, oh wait there's something cutting a big circle in the ship, I better see what it is all by myself, here, alone in the hall. Did anyone else think of Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back when they showed her in the water tank?

        Characters: The first half of the season was focused on developing these characters so that we would care about what happens to them. At this point I imagine I'm supposed to be able to connect with at least one character but so far, not happening. There is absolutely no comradary with this crew. All they do is backstab, complain, mope, gossip, etc. SG1 wasn't intended as a character focused show and yet I still cared what happened to them. When they killed Dr. Fraiser I cried, Dr. Beckett the same. I could go on. This episode did little to improve my connection to these characters. Actually I think I dislike them all even more.

        While overall I really enjoyed this episode I'm reluctant to believe that they will continue in this direction. The aspects of the show I enjoyed are the aspects that are too costly to do on a regular basis. No doubt they will have to make up for the budget overage of this episode by pulling back on their mid-season episodes (same thing they did with both SG1 and SGA but at least I liked the characters which made up for weak story telling). I'm sure those episodes will have more trips to Earth, and all the rediculous stories that come with it. What I hope is TPTB do a serious analysis of the characters they have, get rid of the ones that have no purpose (Chloe is an example) and use those saved dollars to focus on the action and special effects. But, who am I, one meaningless viewer with a meaningless point of view.


          Space, the final frontier: these are the…ah, right; wrong franchise. Still, the latest episode of SGU definitely showcases funky new life as the Destiny crew stumble across an alien life-form, and boldly goes where, well, pretty much every other sci-fi show has gone before in terms of space battles. Space definitely attempts to strike a balance between the action with the aliens and the intrigue on the ship; between special effects and character moments, and yet the pace still seems slow as treacle.

          Pacing is the major problem of the episode, namely that it never really gets any momentum. For me, it kind of starts, stutters in the middle, and finally dies by the end. Unfortunately, the way the story is constructed is the problem as it really places the action of the space battle with a squeeze of intrigue mayonnaise in a character introspection sandwich. The result is that the rather bland intrigue mayonnaise, while admittedly vital build-up in terms of the season arc of the power play, drowns the more meaty taste of the action and alien space battle. Ideally, the intrigue should have acted more as a spicy ketchup enhancing the action. And I think I’ve probably beaten that food analogy to death by now.

          That aside, there was a lot to enjoy in the episode; namely, the new aliens. The producers had promised different style aliens from those on previous shows and the blue-skinned fishy-insecty aliens are definitely a step away from the overdressed Goa’uld and green-skinned space vampires. They were definitely engaging. And the CGI was fantastic; the aliens were believable and strange.

          The special effects also performed their part in the space battle both outside and inside the ship. While I may question the wisdom of sending the only shuttle they have into battle against an armada of smaller, more agile ships, the space battle was well done – in fact both space battles given it happens twice. There’s nothing original in the battle though and there’s nothing very different about the alien’s weapons or ships to continue the ‘strange’ motif.

          I did like the inside of the alien vessel; it was much brighter than Destiny for a start. The mind devices were another interesting twist. And the water tanks where Rush and Chloe were held hostage were interesting. What was very amusing were the alien outfits. I’m sure the humor of them was unintentional, and Chloe managed to look fantastic, but Young and Rush…not so much.

          And, speaking of Rush, I’m not sure bringing him back so soon or explaining the mystery of what happened to him through an exposition scene in the mess was the right way to go. I appreciate that they didn’t want to show upfront because Young running into Rush in the alien ship was meant to be a surprise (although I think most of the audience probably guessed that he would). But it might have been good to have included a flashback scene rather than just Rush sitting there talking. I will say Robert Carlyle’s acting though in that scene is top notch.

          Caryle and Louis Ferriera do a fantastic job in this episode. They both portray their characters so well clouding their actions and motives so the audience really doesn’t know which of them is in the right – if either of them. The power-play arc in the intrigue thread is a build up given Space is the first of a two-part story arc which will come to fruition in Divided. I have to admit while I’m pleased on one hand that the issues between the crew aren’t being resolved magically a la Stargate Voyager, I am deeply missing the sense of family and teamwork that so characterized the previous franchise offerings, Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis.

          What was nice to see this time round was more Stargate humor; loved the scene with James gushing about Doctor Cain (nicely played by Tygh Runyan) only to be overheard, and the tomato tasting. It was a nice bit of levity in amongst the more serious drama. I’m also really enjoying the character moments. Loved, loved the scene with Cain and TJ on the observation deck; loved seeing TJ looking after her patients; loved seeing James’ vulnerability.

          Actually, all the female characters, including the recurring, got good screen time in Space. From TJ to Wray to James to Park to Chloe. May I say: about time!! Admittedly, Chloe was used the cliché of damsel in distress – and what was with Chloe leaving her room in the middle of a space battle and stupidly looking up into the hole? Or was that meant to be an homage to the horror motif of stupid female wandering down into the basement by herself to get killed by the ax murderer? I will say Elyse Levesque acted her socks off, and she really shows that the event had an impact on Chloe in the closing scenes back on Destiny.

          Overall, Space was entertaining and a solid re-start after the long (very long) hiatus despite the unfortunate pacing. It’s difficult to remember that it is the first part of a two-part arc because it does feel like a complete episode but I’m looking forward to the climax of the power play issues in the next episode, and hoping that this signals good things for the back-end of season one.

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            It's cold, boring and almost nothing happens. The same could be said for this series which despite having something happen in the first episodes; had stood in a standstill while the people acted subparly and got into situations that seemed to go nowhere. Well this episode could change it all around since it finally involves something that people will find really interesting.

            The addition of a threat to Destiny.

            Yes, after all these episodes; we finally have something that gives a constant threat to the crew on the Destiny and one that somewhat explores the "true alien" the series creators have been talking about. I have mentioned time and again that the creators do have some interesting ideas and this series exists in order for them to explore those ideas but to watch them not even touch those ideas is depressing. With this episode, they do answer some of the pleas' people have put out; so for those of you sticking around, the creators of the show have not forgotten about you.

            Notably this is the first episode in the series where the action takes the forefront and for the most part it doesn't disappoint; with moments that feel as visceral as real life and a sense of danger that actually gives the feeling that these people are in danger. The moments where a spaceship is in constant danger of breaking apart has to have the characters reacting appropriately to the situation and for the most part they do react appropriately; knowing when to act when things are starting up and knowing when to act when things are getting dangerous. The situation at hand gives a true sense of danger to those onboard the Destiny and it gives our characters an environment they can thrive in as they try to defend the ship while dealing with the life & death situation at hand; Young leads the ship in a way that's both personal and professional and he gives out one of his best performances yet, the other people are doing a decent job but Young is obviously #1 in this episode.

            There are also a couple of space battles and the CGI behind them is decent; for the first few minutes it actually feels like it's going to be exciting, then you realize a problem. These space battles don't have much the impact or even the excitement that other space battles have; it just feels like you're watching something happen in space except there's a small chance one of the blasts may hit them and they may die. Compared to Star Wars, Stargate has always portrayed it's space battles in a realistic way and that is shown here to an extent but it doesn't matter much if the space battles don't have much of an impact.

            Additionally, the episode action becomes a fault in alot of parts. While the sense of danger is all around them, it feels like it's dragging on at times and that's problematic because alot of the episode is action and if it drags on then well, people are going to tune out. Additionally, we still haven't grown to care about the characters and therefore there are alot of moments that don't have the impact; in scenes of action, we're supposed to care if the character makes it or not, and that's especially important in a character drama; that's especially evident by the subpar acting found in a lot of the scenes; they're acting as if they're acting like they're on a ship in danger, not as if they're lives truly mattered; that's not to say there are moments which have weight and at times it does feel intense but this could of been heavier with better acting. I'm not saying the action scenes are bad but they could of been more; you will be enthralled by the action though...

            The aliens we meet in the episode are not "true aliens" promised but it's a start. The way they're introduced is nice and the way they're communicated too helps the action scenes which the episode is known for. It actually hooked me for the first time in an episode because I'm finally seeing something interesting happen; other aliens, an unfamiliar location! Unfortunately what happens later on details that. While the look of the ship may be alien and the aliens may be aliens themselves; they never feel unique. The show does have a mystery to uphold but some exploration into the inner workings of the aliens would of been nice; also aliens that look like aliens we haven't seen before and not one that we can see in any "how to draw science fiction book." It wouldn't matter to most people as it does continue the action filled scenes of the beginning and it does have some decent moments throughout but this shouldn't have to be usual hostile situation people have to escape from, it shouldn't! Though their technology may be advanced, there are just some things that are done for dramatic effect; I mean whatever happened to realism?; I assumed by "true alien", they meant aliens that is beyond people's perceptions of extraterrestrials. That is the stuff that actually sparks the curiosity of people; what is the true alien? Will we ever see the true alien outside of fiction? The world may never know...

            Separate from the action is the drama but drama isn't nearly as good though; fueled by a Rush/Young conflict that goes absolutely nowhere, this leaves our characters stuck doing soap-opera routines and leaves them to set up a mutiny plot which'll happen in a later episode; because what's exciting then seeing the crew mutinying Young and Rush joining in on the fun because he wants to have the Destiny all to himself? The Rush/Young conflict is better used in the action scenes where it's serves as a decent contrast to to showcase what happens when Rush isn't around but aside from that, it reminds me why I dread the plot in the first place, and the various plots that are forming all around us.

            But look at the bright side, they do use the communication stones in a way that's unique and different. The way it's used in relation to the plot itself is weak since their ignoring the obvious for dramatic effect. And for those of you looking for more of the Rush/Young conflict, don't worry; the conflict will continue because as I expected, Rush is back in this episode and he still wants Young off the ship. I find it surprising that everything manages to return to normal in one episode. I don't get why they can't drag stuff out for a couple of episodes or so; it would of been nice to wonder where Rush or Chloe are or even whether or not they can manage without Rush but I guess they couldn't come up with ideas. Rush does deliver his best performances of the show so far and there are alot of scenes where Rush/Young deliver perfect chemistry, proving that the show wouldn't be what it is without them.

            So here we are, the point where the show finally raises the stakes. You will not be disappointed as the action in this episode is decent and it does handle the mood pretty well; your investment in the series will be returned as you actually get to see "aliens" and a sense of urgency the show has not had in... ever. However, despite the fact that the show is raising the stakes; it still has problems. The action can drag from time to time, the "true alien" is not yet shown and there are a lot of promises that go unfulfilled; additionally, the drama itself falls flat and suffers from the shows usual flaws. The show is taking steps to further itself in terms of the goals at hand but it's just one small step instead of the big step that it's supposed to take; still, you're getting there SGU... Keep on trying...

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