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Destiny's Battle damage?! (spoilers for parts 1 & 2)

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    Destiny has been around many different Galaxy and i am sure that in between their where other ships that fired on the Destiny. We also don't know the protocol that the ship would take if it was under attack. We also don't know how much time has pass between building of the first ships to seed Stargates, when the construction and launch of the Destiny took place and if the Ancients might of got on board the ship. We need to wait until they began to explain the Destiny more. For all we know the Ancients might of seeded more planets in different Galaxy along the Destiny root.


      For me the Destiny Project is another piece of evidence that the Ancients were irresponsible with there tech. They said half a dozen galaxy with gates and leave their stuff unguarded.

      They left behind:
      The Gate Network which the Goauld use to enslave billions.
      They left Atlantis we found it yes but what if the Wraith though "Okay lets build a submarine to get to Atlantis under water"
      Now They send out a fleet of Gate builders for God knows who else?

      Maybe I should cut them some slack if they were responsible we wouldn't have 15 years of Stargate

      It makes me wonder Maybe this is the reason why the Wraith came to being. Gate Network was established. They fire up the Dakara seeding device dialing multiple gates. When they do come millions of years later the Wraith are born to be a threat.
      Stargate Revival Please!