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  • Xaeden
    Brad Wright is working on a new spin-off at the moment. If it gets picked up he will likely use it to reveal what happened to the Destiny and its crew according to Joe Mallozzi.

    You can read the latest here:

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  • Boraes
    started a topic Netflix Petition????

    Netflix Petition????

    Ok I'm really bored at work so this will be a bit of a journey than a short sharp comment.

    So I colleague and I were talking about what was on TV years ago when I was growing up and what used to be on when, got onto the topic of Stargate SG1 (in the UK used to show on channel 4 Sunday afternoons) which led me to a bit of an 'Ok here's SG1... Here's SGA, and then here's SGU and me moaning at how they ended it in such an evil way and that when that happens how annoying it is, but that's the way US shows are. Now she's about 20 years older than me, and lovely, but a bit like an elderly primary school teacher, so didn't get why it was so evil.........

    So of course like any sane person, I then proceed to give her a jist of SGU, why I thought it was great, better sfx being made years after and how it's generally direction was so different from the others, to explain why I really felt so sorry for Eli constantly having reality run up and kick him in the balls (I'm a clinical sociopath so this is big news for me XD) yadda yadda.

    After finally managing to get her to understand the concept of the stones - it look writing mind 1+2 and Body 1+2 on 4 bits of paper to do it........

    FINALLY I get to why they have to go into cryo, why Eli was left awake........

    Her -What happened
    Me - I can't tell you
    Her - Why
    Me - Because the cancelled it with a cliffhanger
    Her - Why?
    Me - I don't know
    Her - Oh no, that's annoying. I was really invested in that by the end, you must have been so annoyed
    Me - *stares blankly*
    Her - Will they not make it again?

    And that led me to the idea of getting people other people who actually use social media to start a petition to get Netflix to buy it + revive it?