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  • StargateMillennium
    The way you use 'humans' has me on a trip.

    If you by 'humans' you mean the destiny expedition, you have to consider a few things. For one, they're still our humans. They may have been influenced by the gate but they aren't like from the future or anything. I may be misinterpreting but the way you phrase 'humans' it's like you think they're aliens or something. They're still earth humans.

    For another, the destiny expedition left on very short notice. They were in the middle of being attacked when they left so they just grabbed whatever they could get their hands on and left. So they couldn't bring any cool toys with them.

    If by 'humans' you mean the Ancients, Destiny was built long before Atlantis so their tech was still less developed.

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  • Edward222
    started a topic SGU Technology

    SGU Technology

    It seems like the Technology of the humans was primitive compared to the Tech used and discovered in SG1 and Atlantic, shouldn't they have been more advanced?