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    Originally posted by SeaShephard View Post
    So this is a quick update. I made it as far as Sabotage and I had forgotten how much SGU concentrated on character development. And while I love that aspect, the "darkness" of the show just... isn't as fun to watch. Within the mythos of the Starge Gate universe , the mixture of science, action and soap opera, the Soap Opera is over the top. They could have dialed it back about 50% I think.

    I think I am falling into the group that really wishes that SGA had gone on and SGU had never happened...

    Started re-watching recently

    I actually love the "Soap Opera"

    Half the point of SGU is to delve into the deep psyche of humanity, and the drama feeds into all of that. I actually got immersed in SGU in a way I never did with SG1 or SGA

    I've said elsewhere, it is a radical change and they needed to both styles alongside eachother, eg start SGU earlier instead of S9 and 10 of SG1, that way SGU S1 and 2 are alongside traditional SGA S4 and 5.

    The Ori are a fine concept but were more fitting antagonists in SGA then SG1

    Quite possibly even the end-stages of SGU depending on how the development went with regards to the Obilisk Civilisation that built the Sun and Planet and brought back zombie Dr Kane and co


      Originally posted by Chaka-Z0 View Post
      Doesn't surprise me that MS liked it, he's quite fund of intense emotional / serious acting. I don't think RDA' scenes were cut down because of that, I think it was cut down because if not so half the budget of SGU would've went in RDA' salary

      You're not alone in this, but I'm in the unpopular crowd that really enjoyed it. Personally I found the shift to SGU the best think that could ever happen to Stargate, the show became too repetitive in my opinion. It is true that they shot themselves in the foot with the first season, but the show really picked up his pace and footing late 2nd season. You really should finish S02 though, it has the best episodes. Twin Destinies & Gauntlet are incredible episodes.

      I also think SGA needed 1-2 more seasons or 1 season + movie to wrap up. Although the first seasons of SGA seemed to me a clone of SG1 with a little twist, I think the show really got better on its 4th and 5th season.
      I can kinda see the repititons, eg stuck on Destiny with no control of the fancy gadgets wasn't too different to being stuck on Atlantis in SGA S1 with limited access to all the fancy gadgets

      On the basis of SG1 S9 and 10 not happening, IMO run SGU S1 alongside S4 of SGA as stated in above post, however the Wraith were a rather tired concept so having the Ori brought into SGA S5 would have been good, could have run S6 as well alongside S3 of SGU, then it tied it all up could have melded them,

      eg Atlantis tech can keep Jonas planet stable allowing for travel back and forth to Destiny in latter seasons SGU, SG1 and SGA can make comprehensive Guest appearances without blowing up the cast salary budget and S9 and 10 SG1 did and S7 of SGA would have as well

      facing against the Ori using the SGA tech would have been engaging, seeing them take on the Wraith who need humans for food vs the Ori who would have protected humans as they need them alive to give them a power boost. The pickle is the Ori would be seen as better protectors

      Would have nicely matched latter seasons SGU, for example if they start to tap into the power involved with creating Star and Planets then this faces off against the bastardised Ori version of evolution which would have been appealing to members of the Lucian Alliance


        Originally posted by pscard View Post
        Speaking of a re-watch, Stargate Command is running episodes on YouTube. Right now they're showing "Life" and "Cloverdale"

        Started my re-watch recently

        I'm picking up a lot more than I did back then, which makes me love the show even more for its depth and then I feel the pain of its cancellation and the politics of the time all over again...

        Franklin is quite fascinating, at first I wondered if he had "ascended" as his tone in Sabotage was different, but he probably has all the knowledge swimming around and I reckon he physically merged with the ships AI so quasi-ascended

        This is why he appeared before Rush in E2 S2 a little different to say Amanda Perry who "merely" had her consciousness uploaded and without the same knowledge. Rush did turn some of the AI off too which may have compartmentalised Franklin?

        I reckon Franklin would have come into it a lot more and tied in with the evolutionary journey

        I'm also curious as to whether the Rush who was in the Chair as Destiny V2 got destroyed in the Sun did the same thing


          Originally posted by Ausfan View Post

          Started my re-watch recently

          I'm picking up a lot more than I did back then, which makes me love the show even more for its depth and then I feel the pain of its cancellation and the politics of the time all over again...
          Couldn't agree with your statement any more. There is no show that I miss more, and regret not being able to watch the ending of the story. Even if it was a couple of condensed seasons of 12-13 episodes, I would have loved to have seen where the show had gone. I miss that for the most part we did not deal with the human/English speaking villagers of the week. It was refreshing to see encounters with alien species with no communication. The fact they did introduce for a couple of episodes humans had both logical explanation for there being there, and their ability to speak the same language.

          I also realized they used a lot more science than I remembered. I remember what I liked originally from the first episode when it aired how they had to struggle the first few episodes with just the basics of life, i.e air & water. While most episodes had the Science Fiction element, included was a heavy does of just pure science.

          Most of all, just have to love a literal solar powered ship.