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The mystery behind the Drones

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    Sorry for the lateness, but I addressed many of these concerns and used very similar ideas in my own "answer" to why/when were the drones created.


    It's a short standalone "interlude" in 3 simple acts, only loosely related to the main fanfic (where the drones are prominently featured too).

    Enjoy & comment!


      Originally posted by Keeper View Post

      we see the drones do damage against destiny, but they can't take it down - they're not doing that much of a miracle if they can't take down one ship.

      however, we do know that the drones appear to be from a previous galaxy - i think, anyway, though i'm not sure. the race that built them was certainly advanced, but destiny is hardly from the height of ancient civilisation, so we've no way to know how they would do against a 'modern' lantean warship. if destiny can hold them off though, it's fair to guess that more advanced tech can too.

      This isn't the Planet Builders, or on a par with the Ancients

      They seem to be like the Replicators, technology consuming etc but in this case destroy

      Tbf they probably aren't that far off overcoming them, if they can hack a small pocket of them so there is infighting, and can detect their entire network to realise they are guarding all the Recharge stars, they only now have to figure out a way to infect their entire network with a virus and command code

      Hey if in SGA they can change mastercode of humanoid replicators and freeze them all they can find a way defeat the Drones

      They are great thematically though, too much is focused on technology as a solution