Just as it says, i have TEMPORARILY suspended the ability to make new threads. You guys can make them, however they will be moderated.

The ONLY reason I'm doing this is because, going by past experience, I expect anyone that hears the news of the cancellation to run in here and make a new thread, regardless of any sense of familiarity and common sense that tells you that news this big ain't gonna be a scoop for everyone.

Any thread that's appropriate (as in not threatening, screaming, gloating, gnashing, wailing) will be happily approved. Any thread about the cancellation will be merged into the existing one. Any thread that violates the CVS, is threatening, rude or breaks our common rules of respect will simply vanish into the ether.

I expect to keep this moderation of new threads in place (and it's only in this folder and the news folder) for a few days, until folks have a chance to let their passions cool off.

You are free to post in the existing thread.

That said, we will not have much tolerance for those breaking the CVS. Meaning....express your feelings with respect towards your fellow forum members. That means no calling of names, no blame storming, no threats, no nastiness.

DISCUSS please. Seek solace with your fellow fen, share your opinion...but if you just wanna bash others, go somewhere else.

If you want to discuss the cancellation, please go here.