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    Originally posted by garhkal View Post
    Anyone think they got all the Ba'als?
    I guess the one Mitchell shot in 1939 was the original Ba'al, and at the beginning of the movie he was correct when he said that all clones have already been found.


      As usual I had my problems with this 'timeline thingy'. Maybe I'm too stupid to get that from the start on, after having seen the movie more often than three times I fully understand. Proud!!
      Perhaps I'm the only one but I learned something from Continuum: I didn't know that -42°C = -42°F.
      Maybe there is somebody out there who learned that as well?
      I was deeply impressed by the submarine coming up through the ice - great.
      And all the actors did a great job - nice to see General Hammond again.
      Qetesh was more than impressing.


        I have not watched this movie in quite some time, until today that is. I was just flipping through the channels and found it on one of the Cinemax channels. It was about half-way through, but I had to watch the rest of it. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed this movie. I really wish they had made more movies.
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          After doing my own re-watch of it mid week, i still get goosebumps, every time i start seeing the mass orbital bombardment from all those Ha'Taks..


            I just happened to be looking at the guide for my DVR and found the Stargate: Continuum will be on MoviePlex.

            All times are EST.
            Friday April 6th 2:34am
            Friday April 6th 10:12am
            Friday April 6th 9:43pm

            I just thought I would share this for those who like to watch it on TV when it's on whether or not you have it on DVD. I just wish it was Ark of Truth, though, because I have only seen that once and I just watched Continuum last week Tuesday for my birthday.

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              I love Continuum, personally I think it's a better and more enjoyable movie than 'Ark of Truth', because Continuum was more about going back to the good old SG-1 before Cooper's revamped seasons 9 & 10. The movie had O'Neill and Hammond back, as well as the Goa'ulds and Tok'ras and free Jaffas, the whole movie was reminiscent of the good old SG-1 that I love from seasons 1 to 8, before Cooper took over.
              If I had 1 criticism of Continuum is that it had too much focus on Mitchell's character, I think either O'Neill or 1 of the other original SG-1 members should've travelled back in time to kill the real Ba'al & restore the timeline, not Mitchell who was still a relatively new and inexperienced member.

              In comparison I was never really a fan of the whole Ori story arc to begin with, so I didn't enjoy Ark of Truth much and I don't like seasons 9 & 10 as much as the first 8 seasons. However I was glad that the Ori were finally defeated in AoT and the whole Ori arc finally ended.