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Stargate Prewatch: Stargate the Movie!

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    Stargate Prewatch: Stargate the Movie!

    Here's the official Stargate Prewatch discussion thread for the original Stargate feature film!

    In future months of the Stargate Rewatch, we'll be using the existing season-by-season discussion folders for Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe. There you'll be able to create your own unique threads for topics related to that season and the Rewatch project.

    Read more about Stargate the movie here.

    Read more about the Stargate Rewatch here.
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    Going to go get the original movie! Cant wait to see it again.


      I jumped the gun a bit and watched it last night.
      It's a fun little action/adventure film and I like it.

      I'm old enough to remember seeing it in theaters, and although it's what got me to start watching SG1 I much prefer the TV series over the original film.


        So glad this popped up...I've been looking forward to the rewatch, but almost forgot that this was the week to watch the movie! Have had it right in front of me all summer to remind me. I'll be getting to this sometime this week...and keeping an eye on this thread!
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          Just got done watching the movie. While it is a good movie I do prefer the TV series.


            I love the deleted scenes in the extended cut that show the jaffa helmet and armor. it's also weird seing some of the things that got changed. for instance, the movie says that the gate sent them to the other side of the known universe. when the show has Abbados in our galaxy.

            great movie though, its what sparked my interest for sure. i have always loved egyption/alien theories.


              Watching it right now. I remember seeing this movie title on the marquee at the movie theater nearest to my little Vermont home-town (30 miles away). Of course the title made me think Sci-Fi but the "Kurt Russell" & "James Spader" underneath convinced me that it was a hoax designed to lure Sci-Fi lovers like me into a movie about some talent agency.

              All the cigarette smoke rising during Danny's first briefing is so 70s
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                I saw it in a theater and I left thinking to myself 'Great movie, but wouldn't it be awesome if they could go to OTHER planets, too? Like, a whole NETWORK of Stargates across the Universe....'

                Glad to see that I wasn't the only one who thought that!

                On a side note, has anyone read the movie-themed novels? Rebellion, Retalliation, etc?

                Are they any decent? Do they capture the feel of SG1 in any way or are they pretty much their own thing? I've always wanted to get my hands on those books, to see just how differently things could have been.


                  I just (finally) got around to ordering myself the Ultimate Edition blu-ray of the original Stargate movie to begin this rewatch project. I've been meaning to buy it for ages now. It's been quite a while since I watched the film, but I have seen it many times and always really enjoyed it.

                  I went to see it at the cinema when it first came out - I remember being dragged to see it by a school friend. Even though I was a sci-fi fan, for some reason nothing about what I'd heard attracted me to the movie. I remember when the opening credits started and the title "S T A R G A T E" spread across the entire cinema screen, I thought that was cool. And then when the words "Creature effects by..." appeared, I suddenly became interested.

                  I loved the film, and it may have been the first movie I went back and saw at the cinema twice (or it could have been Jurassic Park - still sketchy on that). I've owned it in various formats over the years (recorded off TV, several DVD versions and now blu-ray). It seems to get re-released a lot!

                  I also used to own the novelisation, and being a teenager at the time I remember being a bit shocked that the book contained swearing which was not in the film!

                  Hopefully the disc will arrive in the next day or two and I can post some thoughts here in a retrospective context given all the SG-1 episodes I've seen since. Although I loved the movie, I always thought the SG-1 series improved upon it in so many ways.
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                    I rewatched Stargate, the movie last night. I do love the movie but love the series so much more and Richard Dean Anderson is the chief reason and of course a Stargate the can go almost endless places within our galaxy (and beyond). The movie created the vision, the series picked it up and ran with it.

                    Daniel's character is defined in the movie - his coffee habit, allergies (thank heaven for antihistamines), intellectual curiosity and acuity, penchant for carrying too many books and using just a side arm.

                    We glimpse Jack as the suicidal , first man in, sun glass and no fingered glove wearing, very self-contained military man.

                    And yes the wormhole went to another galaxy! with no ZPM!

                    I thought the Ra before he took a human looked a little proto-Unas. He was described as a parasite.

                    The same actors: Skaara and Kasuf - love them both

                    Different actors: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Catherine Langford, Feretti, Kawalsky, Sha'uri (I may have missed some)
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                      I know these issues have been beaten to death... But, for people (like myself)that need refreshing.. should we lay out some explanation for a few of the plot holes? Like, the whole issue with the 7th symbol at the beginning of the movie... Catherine Langford gives off the feeling that she knew they needed a seventh symbol.. So why not just try all of them instead of getting Jackson?


                        As I mentioned in the other thread, I already watched this the other day, but I'll probably watch the director's commentary sometime this week.

                        I first saw this movie in college. A friend of mine had it on DVD and we watched it in mid 2001. (I didn't get into SG1 until after it moved from Showtime to the Sci-Fi Channel.)


                          I'm rewatching the movie now, and it's interesting that they have the strange animal. Did they invent animals in the series? I seem to remember only earth animals in the series.
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                            Originally posted by mathpiglet View Post
                            I'm rewatching the movie now, and it's interesting that they have the strange animal. Did they invent animals in the series? I seem to remember only earth animals in the series.
                            That's a good point. There's a wild pig thing in PL that I think was supposed to be a little different from the earth version of a wild boar, but that didn't come off very well.

                            The other Goa'uld must have carried away animals as well as humans.


                              The mastage (not sure of the spelling) was an animatronic head, a Clydesdale horse with a costume and even a dog in costume running with a puppet in tow. It looks like a sort of musk ox, but certainly not like a dessert animal.

                              Did I mention before how much I liked the way Ra's soldiers (Jaffa but no symbiotes) were dressed.
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