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    I was talking about the series.. but yes he did get some in AOT..
    And i just finished rewatching Line in the Sand, and loved his rant at the Prior..


      Under average, and boring. Looking forward to the ending. I fast forwarded on this one


        You got to be kidding. Crusade was one of the best episodes of S9
        Originally posted by aretood2
        Jelgate is right


          No I'm not kidding, I was really fast forwarding. Sometimes the character Vala has that effect on me.

          I liked the 2 scenes where Daniel got beamed out, in the middle of explaining that there is no magic involved.

          Now the finale was cool, and this ep. was a build up to that. I understand better after watching the finale. Thanks for your reply by the way
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            Thats Camelot not Crusade. This episode was awesome just to see what the Ori were up to
            Originally posted by aretood2
            Jelgate is right


              Originally posted by jelgate View Post
              Thats Camelot not Crusade. This episode was awesome just to see what the Ori were up to
              Thanks. I'm on a marathon, and sometimes I get episodes mixed together.
              Crusade made more sense after seeing Camelot, but I still don't like the Vala character


                While she got on my nerves too, she was not that bad of a character.


                  Really liked this episode. Get to see a more serious side of Ms Black. I loved the Darth Vader comment from Tealc. I liked the entire setup of the town. The acting was good from everybody. I think this is my favorite S9 episode.


                    Although there is no interaction among SG-1 in that ep. I do really like it.
                    I like the way the story is told by Vala, the narrative character of the whole ep.
                    Since I usually do not like this kind of presentation, I am actually surprised, that I like it here. I absolutely love listen to CB's narrative voice and I think, the flashback scenes, the narrative Vala scenes plus the reactions of SG-1 and the Landry-Plot were very well balanced.
                    Nice directing and editing!


                      I even liked Ironside's turncoat character. Nice to see him play a good badguy..


                        Two brilliant scenes here - first when Daniel (Vala) is behind Mitchell in the men's bathroom and Mitchell is slightly irritated and second when SG1 and Landry realize that Vala tries to tell them that she is pregnant.
                        Rest was a bit boring for me.
                        CARPE DIEM


                          Is it just me or is Vala's shirt really transparent around 21 minutes and 4 seconds in (the scene where she is shackled and starving/dehydrated)? Cevis yaps and the camera zooms out and then there is approximately 5 seconds of left nippage.

                          I'm not going to post a picture since this likely is against forum rules even if it possibly did air this way on Syfy.


                            VALA IS BACK!!!

                            Okay so... without Crusade, there's no Camelot. By which I mean that without the backstory, there's no follow-up. I'm not entirely convinced that I like this episode, and the way it's constructed but like I said, we need the backstory. We need to know what's happening in the Ori galaxy to continue the overall arc.

                            I'm definitely okay with using Vala as the character to bring us back to Celestis and the ultimate goal of the Ori, and to learn once again that they will stop at nothing to gain more power. That their followers are brainwashed enough to believe only a crusade (fitting) can cleanse the world of the non-believers.

                            The medieval crusades were based on a similar notion. Daesh is based on a similar notion.

                            A brainwashed masses doing one's bidding is a powerful tool towards control, and to paint non-believers as the radical left or fake news, or bad people. Yeah, I went there...

                            Anywho, we're introduced to Tomin who, from the start, is a bit of a tragic character. Maybe deep down he knows that hurting people isn't the answer, and he did save Vala from Seevis, but his mind and his loyalty towards the Ori are preventing him from seeing the truth of the subjugation and that non-believers are not bad people at all. He fights with his faith, and what he was taught all his life. He's going to be conflicted.

                            I like Tomin, if somewhat annoying he fights for the Ori.

                            The B-plot though, could have done without it. You know, with Chekov and Shen... no need for that one.

                            How would you rate SG-1's "Crusade?"



                            3-episode quiz: Crusade, Camelot & Flesh And Blood (s10)

                            Jigsaw puzzle: Crusade
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