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    The Scourge (917)

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    A tour of an off-world research base for a group of foreign diplomats turns dangerous when an insidious insect species gets loose.

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      All around a great episode, the only negative point was the tie in to the Ori, any Ori stuff instantly ruins an episode because it is so incredibly inconsistent and stupid. So the Priors can generate a plague from their staff that can infect numerous people simultaneously, as well as genrate a magic cure if they want, but if someone else comes up with a cure, they can't make up a new virus? They have to resort to man eating bugs? Come on! How lame can you get!


        I thought it was a very good episode, extremely solid performances by BB and the guest stars. Loved the French guy, he was great.
        Overall: ***


          My first thoughts:

          -Not a particularly thrilling episode

          -Weak opening teaser, but it was nice to hear some foreshadowing about Priors supposedly kicking their preaching up a notch.

          -I didn't know we had a Gamma site. I wonder if there is a Delta site and others?

          -The Mitchell/Teal'c conversation about Teal'c's apartment was a nice touch. I like the tiny modular episode to modular episode connections (Not as awesome as when Jonas asked Teal'c when he learned to drive though )

          -Interesting dialogue between DJ and the Chinese representative. She seemed rather serious about China perhaps making an offer to Daniel in the future. I wonder if there's anything more going on there. Maybe a discussion point for a possible future episode? Given the gates we have from ep 9x16, I wonder if control of an Earth Stargate could go on country-rotation (i.e. several countries get a Gate, but only one remains active each year or so)

          -That lab looks familiar. Is it the same set that was on the moon with the flying energy bugs? Is the Gamma site actually the moon too (assuming they moved the Gate)?

          -So are the bugs Prior-made, or not? If they are, it definitely calls to mind a religious calling-of-locusts type of plague.

          -I'm not sure what to make of the whole "SG-1 has movie nights" thing. Are we to think they've always done this but just haven't really mentioned it? Or is it supposed to be an 'easy' way to quickly show the team is bonding instead of just letting it happen slowly by the episodes?


            I didn't really like this episode. I give it a *.


              It was an OK ep. I had low expectations, but it did alright. There were a nice coupla moments between Teal'c and Cameron, Sam and Woolsey, Daniel and the arrogant and accomplished woman (who had a bit of a crush on him ), and the team together. There seemed to be a lot of sitting/standing around for Daniel/Sam towards the end, but I guess it's OK.

              I'm kinda wondering how upset we were supposed to be about the Gamma Site being blown to bits. Like, I know there were quite a few people who died in this ep because of the bugs and the explosion, but they'd only JUST introduced us to this other site, JUST introduced us to the biological weapon (that was meant to destroy the bugs AND the people on the planet), JUST introduced us to these people from the IOA. So, in that respect, it felt kinda rushed in an awkward way. Same goes for the research center. It had such a "Prodigy" feel to it, which blows.

              The Chinese representative seemed to have her sights on Daniel's expertise (and perhaps something more?), and she was pretty serious about China somehow getting the Gate. Now, this has always been an interesting topic that TPTB have toed the line with from time to time, in regards to the US military dominating all tech and discovery involved in with the Stargate Program, despite their past promises to the other nations. Politics aside, it's a nice touch. It opens the door for some issues to come up with the Stargate in the future.

              Both sides have a point: The SGC has saved Earth's butts countless times, and all they get are complaints; yet these other nations deserve to know what's going on from a tech exploration/military standpoint. And if the Chinese representative had anything to say about it, that may happen sooner than later. Great! I just hope they don't turn it into a China/Russia vs. US thing, because that might not go over so well...

              And when I said there was a nice moment between Sam and Woolsey, I mean totally unexpected in its coolness. By that time, I was kinda like, "OK, they HAD mentioned F-302s earlier, so why isn't Sam going with them?" And then I remembered that they kinda try to pretend like Sam doesn't know how to fly those. OK, another thing I have to live with. Great. And then they had this nice back-and-forth moment between Woolsey and Carter, which made up for it.

              I was surprised by the movie night business (Old School?! pshaw). And it seemed like they'd done that more than once. Not to harp, but we NEVER got those kinds of teamy outings in canon for eight years, and all of a sudden, it's like old hat to them? O-K... They're all buddies. That's cool. At any rate, they seemed to gel a lot better this episode than they have in past eps (lame babysitting joke aside).

              I don't normally rate these things, but I'd give it a 6. Maybe upon second viewing, I'll feel differently.

              EDIT: Oh yeah! And that brief exchange at the beginning of the ep between Daniel, the representative, and then Cameron was pretty funny. Their expressions were priceless!
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                Originally posted by Solanalos

                -So are the bugs Prior-made, or not? If they are, it definitely calls to mind a religious calling-of-locusts type of plague.
                That was my thought, and I have to say I hate it. Everytime the Ori are mentioned, or the Ori do something, or someone makes reference to something the Ori have said, I have to wonder exactly why tptb are so pissed off at religion.

                Bugs crawling out of someone's mouth is one of the most disgusting things ever. Bugs crawling under someone's skin is another one. The only good thing about the bugs is that when they ate the people they didn't leave anything. I don't think I would be able to take a shot of half eaten corpses.

                Anyone able to translate what Daniel and Shen (?) were saying in the gateroom?

                Well, at least they made SG1 have to work to get beamed out.
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                  I don’t know about every one else because my opinion is usually different than the general Stargate fan, even though I am a big fan. But I loved this episode. This episode was closer to the old Stargate that I remember and miss so much. I watched with joy and really enjoyed it.
                  Amanda was wonderful as usual, she makes Stargate worth watching.
                  Michael did a fantastic job.
                  Christopher was great as usual.
                  This story was exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat.

                  "We were a one could even begin to understand what we went through together… What we mean to each other.” Samantha Carter


                    Oooo look Mitchy’s special he gets a BFG.
                    OFCOL can’t Teal’c wear a shirt anymore.
                    The entire season has been baby sitting duty for the Big 3.

                    Hey mary sue speaks Chinese now too? Cool hes so super duper.
                    So not just bugs, prior bugs.

                    Bad acting by the scientist extras, but they are only redshirts after all.
                    Gee, I bet they like meat. Hmm how bout that.
                    Bet he’s incubating some bugs… yep. Well at least we know why they don’t evacuate through the stargate.

                    Hey Woolsey just saved SG-1…. Will he get a medal for this?
                    Wow a decent idea and no jokes.
                    Oh, so the guns don’t have to kill the bugs, just scare them.

                    Hey, Dr Lee!!!!!
                    Odyssey to save the day. Beam em up before dropping the Toxin. Common Lee, not that complicated.
                    I can’t wait for Atlantis, I hope that ep is good.

                    Doh, got distracted… what happened..

                    Yay, split up into the nice bug infested forest to look for a guy that mysteriously wandered off … into a nice bug infested forest.
                    Hey, another good idea, he must have seen Jurassic park

                    So the Nuke that takes out the base is kinda weak. Good to know Colorado is safe, Earth maybenotsomuch.

                    Isn’t the self destruct designed for these specific situations? Maybe someone should explain it to the International specialist people.

                    Hmm Carter seems a bit cranky. Gee Woolsey, what do you think she ‘wants’ you die?
                    Nice stroll, no reason to hurry. Good plan Teal’c/

                    Well no wonder Carters cranky, she’s the only one who truly comprehends how scrwd they are (thanks Mckay) HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH….who gets points for calling the “personal transmitter plot device”?

                    I can’t wait for Atlantis. I hope that ep is good.
                    The French guy is annoying. Yay Woolsey. Yay pointless technobabble.
                    Why didn’t you use the C4 before?
                    What he say? Baubuauau ba?

                    Ok, nice explosions.. kinda cool Beam away… last second.. what a surprise
                    IOA likes Stargate Command…. Hmm something fishy is going on here.
                    Do we really think next week will
                    cost us not one but two team members?

                    OK ep, kinda slow, kinda predictable but lots of pretty explosions and lots of shooting and I still like Woolsey.
                    Joseph Mallozzi -"In the meantime, I'm into season 5 of OZ (where the show takes an unfortunate hairpin turn into "the not so wonderful world of fantasy")"

                    ^^^ Kinda sounds like seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1 to me. Thor, ya got Aspirin?

                    AGateFan has officially Gone Fishin (with Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c) and is hoping Atlantis does not take that same hairpin turn.


                      Okay, so it was a wacky combo of "Tremors" and "The Mummy", but overall I enjoyed it, mostly for AT's wonderful performance. Her scenes with Robert Picardo in the cave were worth the price of admission alone. Knew immediately how they would escape, the beaming technology is boring and overused. Not cool anymore like it used to be. The "movie night" lines seemed just a bit forced, but this was the first time I felt like all the actors were on the same page. That was nice.

                      I am giving all the credit for this ep to the director Ken Girotti, who has also directed a few eps of "24". And it showed in his careful eye and camera moves. All I can say to TPTB is HIRE HIM AGAIN!!! PLEASE!!!


                        An ok episode. I too loved AT's scenes with Woolsey. I agree with Sehsat of
                        a Mummy, Tremors, but it also had a Alien sutext with the bugs coming out of the chest.

                        Also loved seeing Tamlyn Tomita, who played Laurel Takashima in the B5 pilot
                        The Gathering.

                        Way too many booms in this one-- namely c-4.


                          It was ok...not the best of the season by far. I felt Mitchell was still an *** in this one. I thought Daniel was going to hit him when he said "I'm always right". It's that attitude I don't like.

                          The show had some redeeming qualities though. Woolsey for one. The story line, though rehashed was not bad.

                          I could care less they have movie night together though.


                            This was actually a pretty cool episode. I think that they coulda built up the whole bug thing a little bit more before they rushed into them being that much of a threat, but otherwise I liked it. I like how they continue to develop Woolsey's character, from trying to get Carter to say some reassuring words to ending up having to tell that LaPierre fella to shut the heck up.

                            The bug sequences were well-done and creepy. The part where the bugs swarm over that one dude and leave nothing but an empty uniform was positively scary. Hope they come up with a way to combat those buggers soon.

                            Overall, another teriffic episode. However, this is also the first episode from this half of the season that I think deserves only 4 1/2 out of five stars. The bits with Teal'c saying he likes Old School? I don't think so.
                            Yes, I really do look like (a younger) Daniel. Don't believe me? Look for yourself.

                            Hey, Mitchell! You want a turn?


                              What!? Heyyyy! I liked Old School!
                              Eagles may soar free and proud, but weasels never get sucked into jet engines.
                              "We're not going to Guam are we?"