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    Off The Grid (916)

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    SG-1 is captured after a deal with the Lucian Alliance goes bad ... and the planet's Stargate goes missing. Meanwhile, a former System Lord attempts to rebuild his empire.

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    Someone Post A Summary Nowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Season 10 is by far my favorite season and i have been watching Stargate since the beginning.


      its not over yet
      Joseph Mallozzi -"In the meantime, I'm into season 5 of OZ (where the show takes an unfortunate hairpin turn into "the not so wonderful world of fantasy")"

      ^^^ Kinda sounds like seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1 to me. Thor, ya got Aspirin?

      AGateFan has officially Gone Fishin (with Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c) and is hoping Atlantis does not take that same hairpin turn.


        Spoilers(I guess)*****************

        Why do the Go'ald, specifically Baal have Asgard beaming tech necessary to steal the gates?




          well, Baal's been on Earth for a while, and we now on Earth, people like the trust have got their hands on beaming tech, so why not Baal too?

          Oh yeah welcome to the forum... have fun!

          I'm a UK person so haven't seen the ep, so my answer may not be that great. Try the official ep discussion thread here:
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          I'm not Weird, I'm Gifted!


            That was soooo much fun! I love Mitchell. They were such a team. I don't look for plot holes, I go by how much fun I had watching. I had fun.
            No nitpicking from me.


              What a great team ep!
              So many great lines...
              Mitchell: Oh please, Mary Poppins isn't even in the running.
              Sam: Hey!

              Teal'c: We are indeed suitably employed.

              hoho, a memorable ep.


                It was an interesting episode. I give it a ***. I love the last scene in the ep, it was funny.


                  I liked the episode. It was like the old show, sneeking around a gou'ld mother ship.
                  I'm from Iowa, United States


                    sg1 is running. under fire. this ain't good
                    they're trying to make it to the gate. which vanishes

                    they're captured, slapped around a bit, rescued in the nick of time by a space ship we've never heard of using locator beacons we've never heard of before
                    (little too much plot device going on)

                    someone is stealing stargates

                    hem, haw, yak, yak and we find out that it's baal

                    he's snagging gates to build himself a new empire

                    course, we gotta stop him

                    twisted plot here and there and sg1 goes after baal in the made up space ship, finds the gates, pulls a double cross on the irritating fat goauld from earlier in the season, sneaks their way in
                    they try to steal back the gates, under fire and quite unsurprisingly, baal gets creamed, the lucian alliance is gonna be ticked at us and everyone goes home

                    not too bad although cam acts beyond bad and stupid in this one. he's way too OTT and acting like an adrenaline junkie in desperate need of a fix. sam, daniel and teal'c end up following him around and nearly getting killed cause cam has no self control

                    there's a little too much tell, not nearly enough show and in many ways the eps seems to be about 3 separate plots all cobbled together....either that or the writer was working on 3 scripts and they got caught by a gust of wind and mangled together

                    it defintely had its moments but did nothing to improve cam's reputation. it seems to me, instead of trying to boost him the writers seem to be trying to destroy him and what little credibility he has left
                    Where in the World is George Hammond?



                      I think Cam is a wonderful character. He is having fun and I am along for the ride. Such a wonderful team episode.


                        Ugh. So many things I didn't like in this episode. First, the whole jumping back 8 hours then jumping forward again. I hate it when shows do that, especially when they replay the scene when they get back to it. It's almost as if the writers just do it to waste time. It's annoying.

                        Second, where'd the P-90's go??? Those stupid guns they were using were so thin and small they looked like toys.

                        Third, the outfits. They didn't make sense at all. TPTB just made them that way to show off the muscles of BB, MS, and CJ. Sex appeal seems to be an increasingly large drive in all the SciFi friday shows.

                        Fourth, Teal'c cut his hair short again. It was looking kind of good. But now its too short to look good.

                        Fifth, the music during the Odyssey scene. Just overdramatic. So what, it's this ships first flight. Big deal, we don't need some corny music.

                        Sixth, the Landry/Nerus scene was stupid. It seemed like Landry kept giving him more and more food and Nerus wasn't telling him anything.

                        Seventh, why the heck did the Odyssey start firing on the Lucian Alliance ships??? First, you want them to keep firing to get Baal's shields down. That way you can beam stuff off. Second, why not just say "hey we're getting your stargates, just give us a second." They made an enemy out of the alliance for no reason at all.

                        I'm starting to give up on these shows.


                          Originally posted by shester
                          I think Cam is a wonderful character. He is having fun and I am along for the ride. Such a wonderful team episode.
                          Team? In season 9! YES! YES!! YES!!!.

                          I can just tell i'm going to enjoy this one on Tuesday!

                          *runs away to avoid any more spoilers*
                          I'm not Weird, I'm Gifted!


                            I liked the part where they were in the casa field talking about who looks the most like a drug dealer and cam refered to sam as mary poppins that craked me up.


                              Whatabout the involvemnet of the Odyssey in the ep?
                              Season 10 is by far my favorite season and i have been watching Stargate since the beginning.