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    Collateral Damage (912)

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    Colonel Mitchell stands falsely accused of murder -- but he remembers committing it, thanks to technology that grafts memories into someone else's mind.

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    spolier: The show starts out with a flashback of Col. Mitch rolling on the bed in a hazy state while experiencing physical reactions to relapsed images of a brunnette woman laying on the floor in a pool of blood on a alien world. The entire episode centers around the possibility of implanting "false images" or memories inside another's head. The concept of transposing memory from one to another based upon Goa'uld Technology is an interesting

    After the violent images are shown of killing this woman, we are taken back to the point at which the Alien-World Scientists are introducing the memory transferrence technology to the SG-1.
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      I'm watching, and I've got to say, this is the most solid Season 9 episode so far. It's not like any other episode of SG-1, it's a sample of a true stand-alones that we can expect, and it's truly very good.


        Not one of the best episodes actaully i didn't like it all and it was very predictable. The one good thing was it does develop mitchells character a bit more
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          Originally posted by Gargen
          Not one of the best episodes actaully i didn't like it all and it was very predictable. The one good thing was it does develop mitchells character a bit more
          Okay, basic ripoff of a Star trek Voyager episode which probably ripped off something else, but with an interesting twist at the end, and some good backstory on Mitchell which (please excuse me while I diverge over to SGA for a second - WHY can't they do the same for Sheppard??? - rant over).

          But overall, decent for a remake and I like the Mitchell stuff.
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            It was an okay ep. Love Walter and the medical babble when he gave Landry, Lam's report. I give it a **.


              Heres my review… made a point of keeping my thoughts through the show like some others sometimes do. So here we go.

              Please enough with the kissing already.
              I do like the basic concept of actually reusing the goa’uld memory recall device.
              And a look at an Asgard protected planet that has advanced is cool.

              It was pretty obvious what was happening though… how fast do they figure it out… fast, good job Daniel. Sam and Teal’c didn’t even blink so they knew to.

              There’s a Kinsey on every planet, eh?
              Mitchell makes the right decision; you just don’t let murders go free if you can stop it.
              Landry gave in really fast, but it’s a TV show and at least no one had to whine to him.

              Good guy alien scientist figured it out too, good for them…. Unless they are building our Trust…..hmmmmmmm

              Good acting by all parties even the bit part scientist.

              Lots of Mitchell flashbacks.
              Dad was a test pilot who lost both legs… irony

              Hah, another suspect…. Maybe not eeevvvviiillll military… I will like that a lot.

              So they are turning Walter into a n00b now? No bad, bad, bad.

              Doh, nice shot, too bad it wasn’t the bad guys, real nice special effects…

              They make the fake technology seem real… see that’s some good writing and acting.

              Uh,ho Kinsey guy is making himself a suspect again….

              And the ex is pretty dedicated to the resolution but maybe he is framing someone else.

              Carter and Teal’c still don’t have much to do. Daniel only has a few lines…but that’s not really a hit on this ep since it is clearly a Mitchell character study ep and done much, much better then Babylon. I feel actual concern for him this time and the team is also showing the concern (maybe that’s why I feel it).

              Ahhhh, nice…. Unless it’s a frame job too….

              They erased the memories…wait B5 did that!!!! But then its just a really cool idea so I will let that homage go (assuming they even knew they did it on B5, plus on B5 it was an actual punishment since they made the guys dedicated public servants)

              Nice episode, I liked it…Great Job Joe and Paul !!!!! See I can say positive stuff too if it I like it
              Joseph Mallozzi -"In the meantime, I'm into season 5 of OZ (where the show takes an unfortunate hairpin turn into "the not so wonderful world of fantasy")"

              ^^^ Kinda sounds like seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1 to me. Thor, ya got Aspirin?

              AGateFan has officially Gone Fishin (with Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c) and is hoping Atlantis does not take that same hairpin turn.


                I personally thought it was a great episode. I was almost pissed at it for being too predictable until I was proven utterly wrong. No one could have predicted that. And that face in the mirror thing was just creepy. Love the back story with Cam too. Tough thing to have to happen to a person. I'll give it a 9 out of 10... Only episode to ever get a 10 out of 10 in my book was Lost City (part 2).


                  Very strong ep, very good. I liked it alot.
                  Great Mitchell backstory.
                  BB pulls off some great acting.
                  I liked the first cg shot of the city at night alot, very nice.
                  First standalone no mention of Ori offworld ep!
                  Ripple Effect preview.


                    I thought this was good..a bit dark, but enjoyable. I guess the who did it a few seconds before it was revealed. Prion, now I remember the episode of Star Trek TNG, that was one of my faves. I did miss about the first 15 minutes because my daughter was crying in my ear, so I missed what they were talking about. My daughter is asleep now, she doesn't feel good. I'll just watch it again at 11 o'clock.

                    Quick Question: who is Jeff Upton? They had a in memoriam for him at the end of the show. I'm just wondering who that is.

                    edit to correct the name.
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                      Not as good as some episodes this season, but a vast improvement over last week.

                      Okay, first the nitpicks. I don't usually see a lot of Jack in Mitchell, but early on, some of the things he said did seem rather Jackish. I didn't like Daniel's line about having to prove guilt on Earth, because it seemed to be just put in there for the punch line - "I know we're not on Earth." And, I wish thye could have gotten the plot going without the "romance" angle.

                      Nice performance by BB. Nice angst Except I'm still confused. What did he remember? I don't mean about his dad. I got that. But, what happened in the memory that made him almost quit the air force?
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                        In responce to Gargen... he posted his message before the episode was even over... and I'm guessing before the twist was revealed... Bad form dude, at least watch it in it's entirety before calling it bad and predictable.


                          Originally posted by Johnquixote
                          Very strong ep, very good. I liked it alot.
                          Great Mitchell backstory.
                          BB pulls off some great acting.
                          I liked the first cg shot of the city at night alot, very nice.
                          First standalone no mention of Ori offworld ep!
                          Ripple Effect preview.
                          Thank GOD no ORI!! Do you believe that the Mallozzi is beginning to understand the value of developing SG on its own without having to peg its existence to the ORi?

                          EDIT: The Kirk Syndrome is having its effect on the validity of the show, but I am quite satisfied with the storyline and the plot. I have no major complaints....


                            Walter was the best part of the show. This show s***ed!!


                              I have mixed feelings on this ep..

                              -Cam gets some back story O_O.. now why cant Sheppard get some to... considering we have gone 2 seasons and still know just about nothing

                              -The twist... I was like OMG it's so damn obvious its the evil senator guy(or what ever he was..) and then the real culprit getting his memory screwed with AGAIN....

                              -No Ori (though they are the main villans I would like a break from them ever once and a while >.>)

                              -Cam just had to fall for the sexy alien chick didnt he >.> even Daniel made a pass about this when he, sam and Teac went over to Cam at the party >.>

                              id give this 3/5