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Avalon, Part 1 (901)

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    Avalon, Part 1 (901)

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    An Air Force pilot attempts to reassemble SG-1 after they have gone their separate ways. An old "friend" arrives on Earth asking for Daniel's help in finding an ancient treasure -- and she won't take no for an answer.

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    Well well well. First reply.

    Claudia is still as sexy as ever.

    Cameron looks like a fun character. I was afraid he'd be a hard-***, but he's essentially a kid in a candy store.

    SG-1 split up to do other things.

    Daniel's beard. Good thing it's temporary.

    Vala's comment that Cameron and Daneil look alike.

    Sam's brief cameo.

    Teal'c has yet another hairstyle.

    Daniel clarifying that Arthur, in fact, pulled another sword from the stone that was later replaced by excalibur.

    Gen. Landry's lack of patience for Daniel's lengthy explanations.

    Jack's brief cameo.

    Remembering that Jack won't be back as a regular.

    Pretty much everything Vala-related.

    Cameron's flashbacks.

    Audition montage

    This episode would've felt like an all-filler, comedy episode if they hadn't added all of Cameron's flashbacks. It was actually a little sad to see him try and fail to reunite the team, but the auditions of new members was almost fun enough to make up for it. General Landry seems like an okay guy, if not wound a little too tight. I've never seen anyone tell Daniel to get to the point like that.

    Good, stargatey fun. Nice to see Browder and Black back together, by the way.
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    It's a Fargate! It's different.


      Ben Browder I can deal with but Vala? Her character has to be refined! For a person who gave Daniel Jackson such grief in last season & as a person who you know can't be trusted they allow her into SG Command and what does she do? She screws Daniel again. Her character alone is aggravating & idiotic! Where are these writers brains at? I'm sorry but once Jack O'neil left the show that's a negative. I know it's only the first episode but if this is what you can look forward to then the show is doomed.


        Why do I have the feeling you joined for the sole person of complaining? You might want to try saying something positive for a change.

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          Well that was horrorible. BB was acting like a big baby, the "flashback" scenes were horrorible, the story was dumb, not much of a plot either. Vey very bad.


            Hmm..overall, I'm pretty pleased with the direction SG1 is headed in.

            I like General Landry and Cameron Mitchell. The interchange at the start was really well done. And I like the 'okay, this is where we go from here' feeling.

            But the whole Merlin thing is a bit cheesy. I kept expecting that hologram to say "What is your name? What is your quest? the flight speed of an unladen swallow?" And Vala is...well, she's written a bit over the top.


              Man that was great, first off the flashbacks were great, the added f302 battles were good and the part with him in the hospital was great. I loved with the war won everyone was going there seperate ways where they thought they could do the most work. And with BB coming in him having to try to get each of them to come back, thought i felt that the ep did leave something to be desired i think that will be solved by part 2 of the 2 parter.


                well i wasnt particularly impressed and the whole, "booby trapped temple looking for buried treasure" thing is just pure frakking crap, but im willing to see it through and hold out hope they are building towards something better.


                  I enjoy humor in the eps and I did think there was good humor in this ep. However, I found it very hard to take the new "mythology" seriously since it was intermixed with the intentionally humorous Vala subplot. The decision to have Vala in the ep was a bad one IMO. The situation Daniel was in made it very hard to take anything he was saying seriously.

                  I thought they were supposed to be toning down the humor. They should have. The episode came off as too campy IMO. I did like Mitchell though and Landry wasn't bad.



                    OK. I am totally loving the new SG-1. Mitchell is really awesome. Yes, I do miss Jack. But they're really not trying to replace him, which is good. Beau Bridges is really great as Gen Landry. Completely different from Hammond and Jack. I loved the exchange between him and Daniel in the briefing room when they were trying to figure out where the Ancient treasure was. Daniel was rambling as he usually does and Landry kept trying to get him to the point and talking over him. It was a really nice exchange between the two of them.

                    Vala. How much do I love her. She just totally rocks. I want to be her. I love the interaction between her Daniel. Him throwing the pillow at her in the infirmary was classic! "Let's make babies!" *G*

                    The one big downside - the shortened opening sequence. Totally sucks. I mean, it's just really lame. 10 seconds is so not enough of the fabulous theme song that they have. But hopefully, Atlantis' Emmy nomination for best theme song will help change that and they'll bring it back. It also had the Atlantis wormhole for some reason. Just weird.

                    But, all in all, I would say it was a great start to the new season and I can't wait to see the rest!



                      I actually really like Landry and Mitchell. I loved the humor in the ep, especially with Vala. She is a bit over the top, but CB plays it so well, that its perfectly forgivable. I like Danny's beard. The plot was kinda slow, but I really loved the flashbacks. All in all, I felt like it was a good setup for what should be a very good season. I have high hopes for the future. Can't wait till next week.
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                        Well, I guess I'll use my first post to offer the somewhat dissenting opinion that I loved it! It entertained and amused me and that's what I want. I can't wait to watch it again... and next week!

                        Loved the shout-out to everyone that said Ben and Michael looked alike (even though I still don't see it other than basic coloring). Limited gene pool on Earth. LOL. Loved the look they gave each other.

                        (By the time I typed this a few more positive reviews were posted. Excellent!)
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                            I thought it was a good beginning. I think they handled Mitchell's intro well, as well as his backstory. I was thrilled to see Sam, as I wasn't expecting to see her for awhile.

                            I like Gen Landry. I think he's gonna be a pistol. Loved Walter as Radar.
                            Loved Teal'c and Mitchell's interactions. Teal'c is not impressed.

                            I think the season has great potential.


                              I thought that it was a decent ep yea vala was annoying but thats the way it had to be. other then that I like the direction that they are taking it in.

                              once carter comes in it will improve.