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    Originally posted by UlsterBob
    So there's now three puddlejumpers, three SG1 teams.... errr... doesn't bear thinking about....
    Arent they all the same Puddle jumper?

    Lantia home of Atlantis, Lost City of the Ancients

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      Originally posted by Madeleine_W
      Where the whole thing came from though, since in the end 'our' timeline is as it is without any of them recalling any of this, is just... a wrinkle in time. Just a funny little bubble of weirdness that floated into our continuum, threatened to bugger stuff up until a beautiful moebius loop righted everything, and then floated away leaving everything unchanged but for the fortuitous appearance of a ZPM.

      That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

      I agree. I think we are all forgeting Moebius is a trip that has been turned 180o and if traveled would mean traveling both sideas and returning to your start point.

      Lantia home of Atlantis, Lost City of the Ancients

      Anyone else going Portsmouth University in the summer?


        very good enjoyed all the what may of been stuf but felt a bit let down

        glad it is not the last stargate ever otherwise i would of been v dissapointed


          Heyo, brand new here, but thought I'd pipe up about the last episode of the season.

          Honestly, it didn't really do much for me. I really enjoyed the first part, loved where it was going, but this was sort of a let down. Especially since the ending seemed so...easy.

          It was the type of time-travel logic that seemed almost silly, and it was also kind of superficial. One Daniel gone, oh here's another one. Don't have old Teal'c, we got a new one, acts pretty much the same, nothin to worry about.

          I'm not big on the whole Jack/Sam thing, so that did nothing for me. Actually, it kind of irritated me, if only because they'd just had that conversation about Sam and Daniel, and that I thought was awesome. It would have been great if they had kept something like that, which was so unexpected, instead of giving us the same 'ol JackNSam, especially since Alt!Sam and Alt!Daniel had such obvious and great chemistry.

          It was essentially an alternate universe, so it didn't bother me too much, but come on, there's gotta be at least ONE universe where they aren't getting it on. Just for some variety (and don't give me that 'they're meant to love no matter what universe' stuff, cause that's too much sap for a show that at least TRIES to keep things scientific).

          On the whole though, I liked the first part, and some of the second, so I don't consider it a complete loss. If you just shut off your brain it's not too bad


            Originally posted by Get Carter
            Either the time line at the end of Moebius is different but incredibly similar looking to what we know. With only those plot points mentioned in the tape (apart from the fish) having definitely happened. in which case anything else is up for grabs. Basically Janet Frasier could be alive. As could Jacob. Although I feel trying to explain that sort of thing would be even more comlicated.
            I really hate it when shows do that, please god dont let stargate become another one of them


              Writers [after finishing off ep18]: Yeah! all bad guys are dead! we're ready for season 9!

              Producers: whah!? there's two more episodes to go!

              Writers: I thought you guys said we're doing two less episodes this season?

              Producers: Yes, goddamit! we normally do 22, now we're doing 20!

              Writer 1: 22?

              Writer 1: Dude... how many episodes did you write?

              Writer 2: Umm... dunno. Let me count my pay cheques....

              Writer 1: Well I did the one with the replicators, then there was the one with the Jaffa...

              Producers: Shut-up! Just Stop! we've done 18, we need 20!

              Writer 1: Jees... you don't need to yell. Let him come back with the pay cheques and we'll count how many we've done. Just relax, have some water.


              Writer 2: um... I think we might need to do a couple'o more... I know! You know those ideas we had for a few episodes for bringing back ra? lets do those.

              Writer 1: The whole arc in two eps?

              Writer 2: Yeah! why not!

              Writer 1: oh well, it's something.

              ... And thats how we ended up with Moebius

              Parap pup pup paaa ... I'm Lovin' It!


                overall though leaves you not really knowing what to expect next season

                i mean are the Gouald gone for good or is it just licence to change anything they want next season and blame it on thetime line changes

                Causality---- i couldn't understand it in Quantum Mechanics 101


                  Personally I thought these two episodes were pretty good, especially in comparison with the rest of the season. But they weren't really a good season ender.
                  Parap pup pup paaa ... I'm Lovin' It!


                    hm... the Aschen or Tollen might be back and in a very different way! (as conquerors)



                      1. Could see alt Daniel becoming a Goa'uld easily but didn't expect him to get killed off so quick.

                      2. Too much time in the Alt timeline for my liking. TPTB got the pacing wrong this time out.

                      3. You know my feelings on ship!

                      4. There were various small nods to the movie in here - cool!

                      5. They copied the scene from Threads! WTF?

                      Overall, good but not great and I was looking for great - particularly as S9 could be a liability!
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                        A far simpler course of action would be for the surviving AU SG1 to go back in time at the exact point when the normal SG1 team arrives. They would then tell the original team to go back where they came and the AU SG1 would steal the ZPM and bury it with the camera with the aid of the first original Daniel Jackson for the original SG1 to watch over in the future.

                        (Notice something there)

                        Btw, the episode was rushed and should of been a 3 parter.

                        If there are timeline changes how would any body know?

                        I cannot wait to confuse my dad over this time travelling issue.


                          so I am confused.....after rebellion, when they flim back to SGC, is the orignal 4 non-alt time line sg1? watching a video of themselves they made but wont ever make? what happened to the zpm
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                            Originally posted by samjack4ever
                            I have a question...

                            If the SG1 from the new time line went back in time would Daniel from the old time line still be there?

                            I mean how could he be when the Daniel from the new time line didn't go back in time in the first place...

                            Did that make sense?
                            temporal paradoxes at there finest.
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                              so long story short//////////the sg1 we have at the end.......are they the "real" sg1? Or are they the AU versions of them ?

                              I couldnt tell from the various synopsis.......either that or my add is acting up again
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                                Well, I'm not going to say much about this one - apart from the fact that I absolutely adored each and every single minute of it. I just couldn't do it justice. Practically every line and moment was perfect for me. I'd be here for weeks quoting stuff that had me laughing out loud or cheering.

                                The alternate SG1 were a complete laugh riot from start to finish. Almost broke a rib at A-Sam's "I wonder if my future self has a boyfriend." And the whole 'you're hot' scene had me literally crying with laughter. Especially the "I'm attracted to Daniel."

                                I loved all of the little echoes back to eight seasons and the movie. Like A-Jack asking Daniel if he was sure he had the return address before they went through the gate. LOL.

                                And, of course, at last, finally, a Sam and Jack got it on. Not our Sam and Jack, but, hey, who cares? Woohoo! Absolutely wonderful. Every second of it. Beautiful. And very clever of TPTB. I loved the expression on A-Jack's face when Sam was in full babble mode and he just obviously thought 'what the hell' and pounced on her. LOL.

                                And then we had that revised tag at the end, echoing that in Threads.

                                Boil it down to basics? This worked for me as a finale to a season and if it had been the last we'd ever seen of Stargate I'd have been a very happy bunny. It hit all the right notes for this fan of team and S/J shipper. <happy sigh>

                                Wonderful. Terrific. Hilarious. Brilliant.

                                In short:



                                PS - Roll on S9...
                                Listen, we had General Ryan come on and do a little cameo for us, and he's a real live four star, one of the big guys. And I had to ask him point blank, because there's a certain irreverence that I bring to the character, and denseness, but while we were doing this scene, I just looked at him and said, "Do you have guys like me in...?" and he stopped me and said, "Yes, and worse, and you're doing a fine job, son."

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