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    A really fun episode, much better than Threads, and it's great how Sam admitted she was attracted to Daniel , Though the S/Jers don't get let down when Sam says to Jack that she just needed to get to know him better, theres a kindof James Bond moment with them refusing to get out of Gateship 1.

    There were some great quotes, and (Alt.) Kewalsky and Daniel died again. The forest battle scene had some amazing explosions, as did the Gateship/Deathglider battle. The fishing scene was funny, with Jack having fish in his pond lol.

    Things I'm wondering about are what Jack meant when he said to Carter in the SGC: "You've got some packing to do.", maybe she's going on the Daedalus? And when the Puddle Jumper dialed, why did it dial?! why did it spin, why did they have to do the entire whir, chevron locked, whir chevron locked thing?! The Jumper DHDs are meant to be DHDs, not the whole friggin' Dialing Computer.

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      Good ep I enjoyed it alot but I would have like to have seen the rebllion


        Hhmmmm....I thought this was a good episode, it was quite fun, but I had psyched myself up for an amazing season ender and it didn't quite deliver. Sure there were a few moments that had me excited (OMG! SAM AND JACK ARE KISSING FINALLY!!!!) but considering that this could have been RDA's last episode as a regular cast member they could have made it a little more dramatic. Maybe they could have switched this with reckoning...but then again not everything in threads would have been explained and this wouldn't have had a proper back story and...oh i don't know. I did enjoy this but I mean come on, last season there was a huge dog fight between us and anubis' ships and the season before that the pyramid on abydos and the entire population was wiped out! Thats a little more eventful than what happened here.
        Wow I've really moaned a bit here :-s oops...
        Anyway...can't wait for next season, wonder how Ben Browder will cope with the legacy thats already in place???


          It wasn't really as complicated as I had been led to believe, I had no trouble figuring out the different time strands.

          enjoyed daniel being a gou'ald all along..but could have been a gou'ald a bit longer (being a fan of evil daniel). but fantastic twist that i didn't see coming.

          nice dramatic moments, but it all felt a bit rushed and shallow. i did prefer reckoning.

          sam and jack..ok, AU sam and jack kissed, but all the shippers looked for was one kiss between our sam and jack. just one, maybe in the lab? AU sam and jack was nice, but still a brush off. shippers not happy.

          i felt a bit cheated that it was all different bits of the team, and beginning teal'c again..i would have preferred a story with all the team of the present day. (and janet, if we're bringing back people)

          witty script, that made me laugh, and gave me a few 'oh my god they killed <insert name here>' moments, which is always good.

          final thought...enjoyed it, but reckoning was deeper and more dramatic. and there shoudl have been one real sam and jack kiss. that whole storyline is still as much in the air as it has ever been
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            I really enjoyed this episode. Not your typical end of season ep but it was great! I loved the alternate versions of SG1, very amusing! And the last scene in the ship... loved it!! The 'fireworks' were a nice touch. Gutted thats the end though. Bring on season9!


              Oh so much to say, and a synopsis already written.

              I really enjoyed the first part of the episode. I was glad that Daniel and Sam got on the team because of Jack, and also liked the Gateship thing (not only becuase it was McKay's thing in Atlantis, and it was a good reminder about why they were doing all of this in the first place, but because Daniel agreed with him about the name!)

              It was nice to finally see the Teal'c part of the tape, I was getting curious! The way he spoke was very verbal for him and it was nice to hear him so happy about what had happened over the last 8 years - it showed us that Teal'c had finally achieved what he had defected for, and if this had been the end, I would have been happy in this knowledge.

              I liked that they had to kill alternate Daniel because he was a Goa'uld, it was a nice twist, though I guessed something like that was coming since it was unlikely they would do a Replicarter thing and have two Daniel's in one shot, but hey. It was also a little annoying that they had to kill off Kawalsky (who I thought might be a Lieutenant Colonel at least with another 8 years of service).

              Also had to mention Jack's little comment on not liking guns - very true and unfortunately still his reason for leaving the military. I liked Jack in this episode more so than the last one, though I have to say he looked really good, really well rested and with a good haircut (very shallow I know). I thought they would have given him more action though considering he may not be back in the action again. Nice to see he had priorities on the mission!

              I also have to say that I thought there would have been a little more action in this part, seeing as though the first part was very lacking in that respect. I'm not attacking it for this reason, but it would have been nice to have seen some of the rebellion, or at least them flying away with the stargate! To have seen a few Jaffa laying down their weapons because they were surrounded and then reverting back to the real timeline was a bit of a let down. I would also have been curious to have seen what happened with the real Daniel and alternate Sg-1 who remained in the past, as it was obvious Sam and Jack were getting it on and what would they have done. Also, in an ick factor, what would have happened if they'd had a kid in the past - wouldn't this have affected the future in some small way that they didn't know about?

              And of course I have to mention the Sam/Jack thing in more detail. It was amazing how different she looked without them glasses, and she seemed to get more confident without them. I will admit I snorted when she said that she was more attracted to Daniel, but it was nice when they got together, and it gave some a little hope (though at the same time being annoying for doing this to us when it was an alternate timeline). However, apart from the niggling thought above, the other thing that got me was the sparks that shot out behind them when they kissed - a little too cheesy for me, though that she added on "I can fix that" mid kiss pulled it back.

              I also liked that they looped it back to the end of threads, so they cut out the line where she said "There are no fish in this pond are there?" because she'd heard Jack say it on the tape. Though the CG fish was absolutely terrible!

              All in all I liked the episode, and it was (as someone already said) a very different SG-1 finale to anything we've had before. The Reckoning gave us the action packed two parter that we've all come to know and love and got rid of many of the enemies that we'd become tired of. Moebius allowed us think about the last 8 years - about Teal'c's battle, about all the people they've helped and how far they've come. As the episode I progressed I couldn't help but wonder what happened to Abydos, about various other planets, the Tok'ra, the Asguard - so many would have been affected by Earth and the Stargate. Ohh look at me getting all philosophical. Its the kind of episode that made you wonder what's going to come next and with so many changes in season 9 I honestly can't wait (though a definitive answer to the Sam/Jack question i think would have been appreciated!)

              I'm going to give this 8/10 for nostalgia factor, Sam/Jack and the fact that it left me with a smile on my face, a little more action would have got a 10.


                This was a particularly pointless episode. And it was supposed to be the *series* ender! Not to mention being a 2-hour finale that had 5 minutes of "our" team.

                And we don't appear to have "our" team back: the lake has fish. It's never had fish before (including in 2010 and The Curse). So, we didn't even get the original team or original timeline back. What was the point to that?

                "He's an amazing man. After everything he's done, he's still modest. Quite self-effacing actually. He even likes people to think he's not as smart as he is. Bottom line, he's an incredibly strong leader who's given more to this program than any man has given to anything I can imagine."


                  I thought this episode was hilarious. Loved seeing Kawalsky again, and Rodney's "gateship 1". And 'geek Daniel' was very amusing - on the Goualds taking his glasses "Why would they do that?" Shame they killed Kawalsky off so quickly, and killed Daniel AGAIN. Twice in three episodes! What is it with that?

                  The scene with Jack and Sam in the puddlejumper was great - especially Sam saying she liked Daniel better. However i thought the second half of the episode was rushed - they should have filled in the plotline a bit more and made it a longer episode again - although perhaps that would be too long as its already a double ep. Also, i would have thought Daniel would be more emotional about seeing alternate versions of his dead friends returning.

                  Overall the plotline was not as good as some ideas that have been going around, but the script was brilliant. Great episode.

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                    Originally posted by DarkQuee1
                    This was a particularly pointless episode. And it was supposed to be the *series* ender! Not to mention being a 2-hour finale that had 5 minutes of "our" team.

                    And we don't appear to have "our" team back: the lake has fish. It's never had fish before (including in 2010 and The Curse). So, we didn't even get the original team or original timeline back. What was the point to that?
                    I think it would be virtually impossible for the timeline to be completely unaffected by the mess that happened, and it's lucky that it's quite this similar. Even in Back to the Future the timeline was never brought back exactly the same after it had been "fixed".

                    Also watch out for more Time Jumper action in Season 9, because, guess what, because we flashed back to Threads, we've still got it. I agree with you that it may have been "pointless", but what it was designed for was to look back on the past 9 years (i'm including the movie events here) and see what a big effect the team had, and restoring it.


                      loved the episode, a complete turnaround from pt 1.the whole ending part was fantastic, seeing the changes then seeing it back as it should be + fish and a ZPM!
                      now was it me or did they make a massive hint for siege spolers * youve got some packing to do!, meaning maybe daniel or carter will be abourd the deadalus!!!!!!*
                      omg i just cant wait for siege to see how all the eps i watched tonight
                      (moebius and the gift) play out in conjunction together.
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                        a possible explanation for the fish in the pond is that after seeing the tape Jack decided to buy some fish to put in the pond.


                          I really really liked it. If that sodding fish hadn't been in it then I would have REALLY REALLY liked it instead.



                            Originally posted by sshspooky
                            a possible explanation for the fish in the pond is that after seeing the tape Jack decided to buy some fish to put in the pond.
                            :: Grabs sshspooky and gives a huuuuge sloppy kiss ::

                            You've redeemed the entire episode for me! Hurrah for you!



                              I thought this episode was very funny, but a little rushed. It didn't have the WOW factor I found LC to have, and I was a little disappointed considering it was potentially s9
                              Jack's last ever episode.

                              I loved Sam's line about the boyfriend, and her comments that she 'thinks things over too much' (or words to that effect!) to Jack.
                              Wonder how S9 is going to start?


                                I have a question...

                                If the SG1 from the new time line went back in time would Daniel from the old time line still be there?

                                I mean how could he be when the Daniel from the new time line didn't go back in time in the first place...

                                Did that make sense?