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Moebius, Part 2 (820)

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    Moebius, Part 2 (820)

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    With the timeline changed by SG-1's actions in the distant past, an alternate version of SG-1 must use the newly-discovered time ship to set things right.

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    this should be airing in a couple of hours for the UK'ers.

    let me please, please, please ask you to remember spoiler space when talking about this eps in any other thread but this one. Some of us won't be seeing it for weeks and would appreciate having some surprises to enjoy

    Have fun kids
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      Okay, watching the first half as I type...

      Sam and Daniel persist to be part of the mission through the gate, Jack decides to head the mission after Kawalski pulled some strings. He manages to turn the puddle jumper on, though it seems as if he does it with more ease than his alternate timeline counterpart. Mckay manages to name the puddlejumper Gate ship, no Shepperd here to argue otherwise.

      The puddle jumper enters the gate and they see a city is set down nearby. The team made of jack, sam and daniel as well as kawalski head for a city and walk into a trap and are taken prisoners. In their cell they meet Teal'c and Daniel attempts to explain to him of the situation. Teal'c seems undeterred, and takes Daniel before Apophis leaving his team mates behind. Apophis interrogates Daniel with the hand device.

      When ordered to leave the interrogation Teal'c returns to the cell and orders the tape to be shown to him. Teal'c is swayed after he sees his alternate counterpart tell him of the jaffa being free and of Ryac etc and returns the weapons and intents to meet up with the team later. On their way back, Teal'c shoots Daniel saying that he was implanted with a goa'uld as a Spy. Teal'c also revealed that Apophis now knows of the threat of Earth and intends to send a fleet of Hattak vessels and destory Earth.

      The team is ambushed by a heavy force of Jaffa and they retreat back to the puddlejumper. In the firefight kawalski is hit and is left behind as the Jaffa swarm in on the departing puddlejumper. On the ship Sam seems bothered by the fact she just saw Daniel and kawalski die, and then the ship is attacked by gliders. The ship continues heading towards the gate. In a desperate attempt to escape, they activate the time device and attempt to dial earth...the gate opens to Ancient Egypt.


        Ok so far not bad but not the best
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          oy. I cannot handle the suspense.

          Give it time, Wass!


            I haven't read the synopsis I wanna keep the suspense until I can see tomorrow of after tomorrow 45 mins doesn't seem long enough for this plot There's so much interesting stuff!

            I can't wait!!!!!
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              ...Okay, second half... my wrists hurt

              The jumper is set down, and the team depart and Jack plans to make contact with the locals... and that's all the plans jack has ...

              They enter a village and make contact with the man they met from mobius part 1 the brother of the guy who was killed infront of Ra, and this guy, dunno how to spell his name tells them to follow him for hiding as patrols are on their way... He reveals that he met the other team 5 years ago, and tells of a planned rebellion that the other SG-1 organised failed and that they were executed, except for 1, a hooded man enteres the tent... it's Daniel.

              Daniel asks where his other couterpart was and teal'c explains that he had to kill him lol, and asks them if they know why they're there... Jack seems to be clueless. Daniel explains the story to them. Carter says they read the tablet that Daniel has yet to write and says how the rebellion actually worked but ra took the gate with him exaplining how sam and daniel in the alternate timeline did not join the sgc.

              A child runs in the tent warning of Jaffa entering the camp, and the team hides in some sort of basement filled numerous staff weapons. Daniel reveales of several thousand available people, and they discuss how if the rebellion succeeds then the problem is stealing the gate so that Ra does not take it with him whent he insurrection works. They think of using the cloak, and Jack is annoyed that he was unaware of the cloak, despite Daniels efforts to say he thought he mentioned it on the tape.

              Sam and Jack walk in the desert discussing, and Sam tells of how they must destroy the timeship once they make it back. They enter the jumper to test the cloak. Meanwhile Daniel, Teal'c and the egyptian guy discuss strategy back at the camp. Back at the jumper Sam works on the cloak and Jack reveals his attraction to Sam in a less than intimate manner, and in turn Sam reveals how she is attracted to Daniel, lol , Jack is flabbergasted.

              A jaffa patrol heads towards the jumper, jack tries hard to activate the cloak but nothing happens, and due to Sam's tweaking on the ship, the jumper fails to lift off. Jack unknowingly activates the cloak, the patrol don't see the ship, but suddenly the cloak gives way and the Jaffa scramble and open fire on the jumper. Sam and Jack retreat to the rear compartment. Meanwhile Daniel and teal'c are not far from the jumper and they huddle down to look at the situation. In the puddle jumper, Sam kisses Jack in anticpation of their deaths, and reveals she lied about liking Daniel.

              Teal'c verbally confronts the patrol to attempt to get them on their side, but fails, and gives the signal for reinforcements to arrive, the rebellion. Meanwhile Jack and Sam get more intimiate inside the Jumper.

              Back at the SGC they rewatch the tape to see for any differences and notice nothing has changed, mission accomplised. They leave, then the fishing scene out Jack's house again from the other recent episode.
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                a great episode. i like how at the end they had a slightly altered version of the scene at the end of threads. this was a great episode and a great finale which is totally different from anything ever done in stargate before.

                i can't wait for season 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  I thought this finale was rather dissapointing, it wasn't as nearly as epic than reckoning was.


                    Brilliant, brilliant episode. I think it was all worth it just to get McKay's Gateship bit again

                    I got a bit confused at the very end thinking "Eh... they put this in Threads too" Jack's pond now has fish though... which means anything that screws up from now on (can technically in The Siege as well) can be explained away by the timeline alterations

                    I really wanted to see the Puddle Jumper get the gate though


                      yea the end was good it was a good finale


                        First impression after watching the ep... my brain hurts! And I hope to god no metaphysicians ever watch that show because I'm pretty certain they contradicted their own assumptions about time travel over and over again.

                        Second impression... loved it. The storyline was a little weak and, like in the first half, rushed. The big finale? Whether Sam could turn the cloak on in time. Hmm. Not quite comparable to blowing up a sun.

                        But there were lots of lovely little character moments. The obvious, of course, being the ship between O'Neill and Carter. I loved that the writers threw that scene in the audience's faces screaming: "Look! Look, there are literally fireworks!" and then just took it all away. I sit on the fence in ship (it doesn't bother me which way it goes) but that was just... funny. Loved the idea that alternate O'Neill thought Daniel was gay. Loved them fishing (again!). Loved the shot of SG-1 back in Apophis' prison cell, deja-vu to the pilot.

                        Didn't like... them killing Kawalsky. Again! You b*stards! Also didn't think alt. Carter's reaction to the death of Daniel and Kawalsky was much cop, and the same went for our Daniel's reaction to seeing the alt. versions of his dead friends.

                        And back to the insane science.... Stargate is all about the fun, and I'd rather that than them having to rely on proper science. And this ep was certainly a lot of fun.


                          It wasnt much of a finale but it was a good episode, it was good to see Kawalski back again. Still i liked it.
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                            Really dissapointed in this ep. There wasnt enough action. It would have been much better if more was made on the actual uprising instead of spending 20 minutes on Chulack. All in all, a very bad, the worst ever season ender.

                            Instead of giving "Threads" a longer broadcasting time they should have at least tried harder with this ep.

                            On a plus side we have season 9.

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                              I have literally just finished watching Moebius part2, i thought it was great with twists all over the place. Great ending to the series, and the final line was definatly the best, a classic stargate moment.
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