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    This was an excellent episode. I can't believe was awesome. Now what? I think that the Wraith are going to make it to Earth. Thanks to us. Can't wait to see more Atlantis and Sg-1.
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      [shallow] That SGC flag has never looked so good [/shallow]


        Argh. GW forum was down again and I had the horrible urge to spread my opinion on "Threads"...I was so agonized I watched it twice and then hammered out this review.

        Hmm. Actually I had a bad dream about this episode. Just the night before I saw it.
        In my dream there wasn't anything else besides SHIP for the first 30 minutes or Daniel story line, no Teal'c storyline, no storyline at all...just SHIP. Evil, I tell you. I twisted and turned all night and woke up fear-stricken. You get the picture.

        And indeed, the ship aspect of the episode...uarghh. Like stale coffee. Reheated, stale coffee. Yes, TPTB tried to please a lot of people, yes, they went fishing, no, I don't believe for a second that Pete is SO understanding, no, I don't believe that Kerry means what she says when she splits up with Jack for the greater good, no, I don't believe that if TPTB think the whole world has to see the SHIP they can make their characters act like cardboard cutouts, unbelievable and...plot-devicish. It just isn't working. Hey, that's the real show, not a fanfic.
        So. That's that. We had to endure it, can we all move on now?

        I really enjoyed the Daniel bits - the cafe with its eery music and its weird customers, almost a x-filish flair (any of you remember the episode that had Mulder eating a whole potatoe pie, slice by slice? I felt reminded..). The scenes with Oma (and Nuby in his funeral suit) really worked quite well for me, and I'm pleased with the outcome of that particular story arc - even if it meant for poor Oma to sacrifice herself and be trapped forever in a struggle with Anubis. It is the ultimate interference, an everlasting reminder of Oma's (and to some extent: Daniel's) way of looking at things: handle your responsibility, make a change for the better when you have the power to do so.
        So while the other Ancients just sit around, poke their noses and are..well..ascended snobs, Oma does what she knows is needed for the sake of a whole galaxy, and thus redeems her character in a wonderful way. It was a truly fitting end for the Oma/ascension arc.
        I hope this also means we won't have to see the Daniel-dies-and-comes-back-to-live-routine again. It has stopped being convenient some time (and by some time I mean a loooong time) ago.

        Teal'c and Bra'tac and their Jaffa army (soon to be called the Free Jaffa Nation) had the fight of their lives, unfortunately nowadays we don't see that much combat action, but -apart from budget issues- it would have interrupted the otherwise very calm and slow-paced episode too much. I'm still not sure if the episode needed to be that long, but..what the hey, enjoy it while you can. On the other hand, they just could've cut the awkward SHIP moments out...but I digress.
        Teal's and his movement have come a really long way. As for future events I hope his character will have to face a conflict when it comes to choose between his allegiance to the Tau'ri and his newfound career opportunity on the council.

        The scenes with Sam and Jacob were sweet, we knew from Reckoning there was something wrong with him, but it is still terribly sad to see him and Selmak go. I always liked his character, especially in interaction with Sam. Or the rest of the team, for that matter, seems all so long ago...The last scene was a nice reminder of that, the four of them together, it's really rare these days.
        The only thing that didn't work, and I can't stress it enough, were the ship implications by virtually all people who happened to run into one of the suspects. I'm surprised Walter didn't make a comment.

        On another note, there are still some questions that remain unanswered. Did Daniel keep his knowledge about the ascension this time? Well, one might argue he wasn't really ascended, so he may retain the knowledge about what he learned in the cafe. But he came back nekkid, so technically...I'm confused.

        What happened to Baal?

        The Jaffa army on Dakara. What a mass of people.

        Things I loved:
        Did anyone else catch the newspaper's name: Ascended Times. It's nice to see such detailed work put into a prop. One of the headlines read: Edge Of The Universe Discovered. Also good: Oma's bairmaid outfit - complete with a pencil in her hairdo.

        Things I hated:
        Too many awkward wishy-washy-ship-moments. Nuff said.

        All in all - on some levels quite satisfying, on others just...yuck. It tied up many loose ends, and there are some of them I'd rather not see again. Ever.
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          I really liked this episode, and thought it had some very good moments in it. I'm glad they showed the full 90 minute version instead of editing it or anything. I loved the team moment at the end aswell were they all go fishing


            I couldn't stand Threads. It was aptly named, tying up all the loose story threads with a mish mash of bad dialogue, bad acting and bad timing.

            The Jack/Sam resolution was ... godawful. I was wincing in pain as Bimbo1 said "Is it just regulations keeping you two apart?"

            And Selmack no doubt died because he couldn't stand being used as a plot bunny

            Danny bumbled around in the "I don't really have a purpose" way he's been doing for the past season, while Teal'c and Bra'Tac lost all character and turned into inanely smiling buffoons, being knocked around the galaxy.

            Sam's been replaced by a Replicarter, who's emotions were obviously badly copied. At least Pete's reaction was somehow believable. If only in contrast to everyone else.

            Jack's 'denial' was unbelievable. Why waste scene time with him and the Bimbo, when her plot was inconsequential anyway? Why not have him being concerned
            Did he say ANYTHING to Jacob while he was dying? Two of your best friends are dead or dying, Jack, why are you cooking steaks? This is not in-character

            I was looking forward to Season nine. After Threads, I'm not so sure.


              Slightly off-topic here, but all through reckoning and even up until i saw it printed in the paper on "threads", I was under the impression that the planet where the anceint weapon was, was pronounced....Takara, not Dakara.

              I realise they sound VERY similar, and I prefer Takara myself. But oh well - thats my 2-cents worth!

              "How long have you been waiting there?"

              "You said half-an-hour, an hour ago"
              "General Hammond's waiting"
              "S'cuse me..."
              "The fate of the world is hanging in the balance and you've been sitting in your truck finishing this?"...
              "I believe it was double or nothing"...
              "OK 23-across, the atomic weight of Boron - The answer is TEN"...
              "You wrote the word FAT"



                I've been beaming all day! I mean what more from an ep could you want
                Sad moments which made me cry, the planting of seeds for retirement... just out of bed jack images mmmmm, SAM AND JACK, WOOOHOOO! , and of course fishing.
                A lovely bonus of naked Daniel. My jaw aches from all my smiling. Im off to watch it again.....


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                  Originally posted by Frostfox
                  [shallow] That SGC flag has never looked so good [/shallow]
                  mmmhmmmm have to agree with you on that one mmmmmm


                  thank you replicarterje for my signature


                    Originally posted by Mrs E N Stitz
                    How do I join the Chevron Guy Fan club?
                    Walter, the Radar O'Reilly of SGC
                    Go to the Chevron Guy Appreciation Thread!


                      I liked Threads!

                      Daniel - Awesome... I'll have the truth with a side order of clarity.

                      He was SUPERB....and Superbly naked too!

                      Oma - You go girl! I have far more respect for her character now...I'd read that she helped Anubis ascend, but I was surprised to find out that her little group didn't actually exist and the non interference was her punishment

                      Teal'c - I have to admit that the scenes were a bit slow and disjointed, but I'm so glad that the Jaffa are free!!!

                      Teal'c of the Tauri! Classic!

                      Kerry - A bit too bubbly for me but I'd like to see her again...maybe going to Atlantis in some capacity.

                      Pete - I felt so sorry for him! He'd put his heart and soul into it...even when he knew Sam wasn't the one. He did however live up to his online nick name of spud...he looked so stupid when he met Jacob.
                      He handled the break up really well, so when Sam said 'that's it' I groaned...she could have put it better than that.

                      Jacob/ Selmak - oh my god...I thought they were kidding about Jacob dying and I sooooooo wasn't prepared for it...the scene was beautiful though and Carmen and AT were superb...I'm glad he did some lines reminiscent of Grace, but I'm really glad that was left out at his passing with him simply saying ' I love you'. I hope we bump into him again in some way like we have with Kawalsky.

                      Sam - Oh god...the worst week of her life...not knowing how to let Pete go...Pete and her father not hitting it off...finding Jack with Kerry after she's worked up the courage to talk to him...and finally herdad dying...AT did a great job on this, but I did think Sam was out of character during most of the Pete scenes.

                      Jack - I was glad to see Jack having fun and smiling for a change. He was happy having a fling with Kerry, but didn't seem to upset when he got dumped...he knew it was coming.
                      He was so supportive of Sam and RDA was brilliant in the infirmary scene. His reaction to Jacob's death was so geniune.

                      The Ship - great...not too in-your-face or soap-opera-ish...very based in reality and enough to please most shippers!

                      The ending...Not rushed...In fact I think it was at a good speed whereas the rest of the episode was too slow. I loved Daniel's descension!!!!!! That was funny as hell! The look on Sam's face was priceless! I didn't think she was mean to him...I think she was trying hard not to look!

                      Fishing - LMAO!!!!!!!!!

                      'there's no fish here...'

                      Overall a great episode...9/10!
                      Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)


                        Originally posted by user_4574
                        Slightly off-topic here, but all through reckoning and even up until i saw it printed in the paper on "threads", I was under the impression that the planet where the anceint weapon was, was pronounced....Takara, not Dakara.

                        I realise they sound VERY similar, and I prefer Takara myself. But oh well - thats my 2-cents worth!
                        I totally agree user_4574. The way it was pronounced up to this episode almost made it sound like "Tick-ara" but when the Ancient Times said Dakara and Bra'tac said it again I though, "Wow, he's been pronouncing Dakara all the time, I just misheard him."


                          Jim: "That was nothing. We both operate outside the normal rules and regulations. We happen to disagree on how far outside we should go, that's all. As long as these other guys don't strike me down, I figure I'm ok."

                          Is it because Oma not being able to descend him that he can go around doing whatever he wants? And why couldn't Oma descend him?


                            I wanted to post my general thoughts on the episode. I thought the episode was OK. However, there were several things that just irritated me. First, when did Jack start having an affair with that ugly bimbo. I don't remember seeing her in any previous episodes. Now she suddenly appears out of no where in Jack's bed and they appear to having some kind of an affair. Second, why did they have to mix the so called "big" ending of Anubis/Oma/Daniel storyline into one episode? It's like speeding up, then slowing down, speeding up, then slowing down. That was stupid. Third, they have to throw in Jacob/Selmak dying. What the f*** was that about. Jacob/Selmak was a great character. There is no reason to have killed him off. That was another stupid mistake and to have Sam fishing in a fishless pond pretty much right after his death. Give me a dam break. That was a big mistake on the part of TPTB. Fourth, IMO, the whole Jaffa Rebellion storyline was dragged on way too long throughout the series and I lost interest in it a long time ago. Also, calling themselves the "Jaffa Nation", give me a break, that was too corny. Their so called Nation just about got wiped out by one of the oldest tricks in the book. Fifth, I also had a problem with how they dealt with Anubis. After all they BS they had to go through with Anubis they only ended it with him being locked into some eternal battle with Oma Desala. His demise in the Lost City episode was A LOT better.

                            Other parts of the episode was OK. I kind of liked the mystery aspect of the "eternal battle" although for it to happen to Anubis was a bad idea. I am glad that for all tense and purposes Anubis is gone. His storyline was getting a little too old also. I did like how Oma Desala finally stood up for what was right. That part made me happy. I just wished that it was written so that Oma Desala would actually find a way to destroy Anubis and she can continue living as an Ancient. After Oma and Anubis disappeared, it would've been interesting to hear some dialogue between Daniel and the other Ancients regarding what happened. I hope there is more about Daniel being able to ascend in the future when it is really time for him to die. The whole thing with Daniel appearing naked in Jack's office was way too funny. I was ROFL.

                            It will be interesting to see what happens now in the 2-part episode Moebius.


                              Well, I loved it! I don't want to repeat what's been said before, but I'll reiterate that it was a great shippy episode.

                              A plus I don't think has been stressed are the pacing I liked the way the story kept circling around: just enough time for the each of the three stories, and we're on to another one before the current one got tedious. It would have been boring if the whole episode had been just Daniel in the Ascension Cafe. Similarly, while I love Bra'tac and Teal'c has grown on me over the years, I've never been very interested the Jaffa Rebellion episodes. And only S/J Shippers wanted to 'dwell' on the Sam/Jack/Kerry/Pete story. Me? I watched the S/J/K/P stuff twice, but I can understand how someone else might fast forward to Daniel and/or Teal'c.

                              So, the story just kept moving until it settled into that very sweet and gentle ending with the team at Jack's cabin. I loved that scene!

                              Another plus is the way Daniel, Sam, Jack and Teal'c each had to choose between a sure thing that was less-than-perfect and being cut off permanently. Daniel's was, of course, the most extreme because he choices had to choose ascension or death; Sam to choose between a guy who really did love her and being lonely the rest of her life; Jack had to choose between two great women--beautiful, smart, understanding-- one of whom was available and one who was not; and Teal'c--less obviously-- had to choose between standing with his Jaffa brothers in keeping the weapon or supporting the Tau'ri. Each was given a push by an outside force: Daniel by Oma; Sam by Jacob; Jack by Kerri; and Teal'c--well Teal'c always makes the right decison.

                              Well done. Thanks to TPTB for a wonderful episode that answered many questions and tied up many threads.



                                they have wrapped os much stuff up, i wonder what meobuis will be about
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