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    I understand,just that I thought it was not 4 years but 6 years.


      Continuity error, then.

      If you're going to allow yourself to be offended by a cat, you might as well just pack it in -- Steven Brust


        This is still one of my very favorite episodes. It is sad that Jacob dies, but also a very nice way to go. Sam ended it with creepy Pete— thank goodness. I find it presumptuous of Pete to buy a house without consulting Sam first. If my husband did that, I would be peeved.

        I personally am glad that Jack and Sam never got together. They were really good friends, and were there for each other, just not in a physical way. Their jobs were essential to who they were because of what they could actually accomplish in those positions. I think if they ever got together it would have ruined the “vibe” of the show.



          I have finally been able to see the extended version of this episode for the first time since it was originally broadcast.

          I've been collecting the original UK DVD season box set releases, and this version of the episode is included on the season 8 initial version.

          It's a wonderful end to this initial phase of stargate story lines, before the universe expanded somewhat.

          The shortened version of the episode always felt like too much got missed for me.
          Chief Galen Tyrol: But how do you know I'm human?
          Brother Cavil: Oh, well, maybe because I'm a Cylon, and I've never seen you at any of the meetings.