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    Daniel must once again decide whether to risk death or ascend when Oma Desala gives him a second chance. O'Neill and Carter struggle with their respective personal relationships.

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    according to my math, this should be airing in a couple of hours over on the east side of the pond

    have fun and please remember the spoiler space in the rest of the forum...some of us wont' get to see this one for a while

    Where in the World is George Hammond?



      Are they trying to get rid of Pete or something? 'Cos he's coming off like a real dick insulting his future father-in-law and not even realising.


        this is what happend so far and I don't know if there is need for a spoiler but anyhow I put it in here

        Opening Teaser
        Previously on - recap of Sam and Jack best moments!!!!!!! Setting the relationship up in back context!!! OMG - includes the care about her speech etc all the best moments although also a couple of Spud boy scenes including the proposal yuk!
        Recap of Daniel and his previous ascension and his death in Reckoning
        Recap of Reckoning action

        New Action
        Cut to Baal in front of Anubis.
        Anubis threatens and says he will destroy all universe

        After titles. Sam comes to see Jack. Hes with Kerry in his office. Same waits til Kerry leaves

        Sam wants to talk Daniel and thinks hes lost ie possibily dead.
        Jack won't discuss. Says he reckons he'll come back and hes not having a memorial service yet!!

        Cut to Daniel entering a dinner.
        Sits down. Oma is waitress.

        Cut to Tikara and all the Jaffa. Bratac and Tealc get special honour conveyed on them. All Jaffa bow to them but Bratac says get up no Jaffa will bow to false gods or others again.

        End first act!!

        Lord Zedd


          Come on, guys. I'm dyin' here.

          Caz? Oh, Ca-az? Where are you?


            The Daniel bit. Isn't that set an in-joke? It's the Wafflehouse from Dead Like Me. Daniel even sits where the group in DLM always do, and he ordered waffles.


              Currently adverts and all I can say is Dayum!

              When I work out how to do spoiler tags will probably say more, but adverts arn't that long so will have to wait til after the show.

              "Damn straight! I'd have busted you out, blown this rat hole to hell and made sure that sonofabitch suffered!"

              "The Others would've stopped you."

              "They'd have a hell of a fight on their hands."

              "You wouldn't do that," Daniel tells him, shaking his head.

              "Ba'al would be dead--"


              "And don't think I'd stop there!!"

              "You're a better man than that," Daniel says calmly.

              "That's where you're wrong!!"


                i just finished watching threads and i dont think it as good as it could of been! sorry but the storys arnt really tied up and i have a feeling they wont be for a while. the assended bit are ok SPOILERS *but danielsapperation in a cuboard at the end not that great - comical but not the awe inspiring asneded thing that i expected, in my opinion it should have been reckoning part 3/4 because the good bit only tied up the loose end from that episode*

                shout at me all you want it my opinion!
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                  I loved Threads and all of it ...It was very emotional and well done

                  Thank you TPTB

                  I loved the Daniel scenes and the Sam & Jack scenes , the Sam & Jacob scenes even the Pete & sam scenes and the Kerry & Jack scenes ..and I enjoyed bratac and Teal'c at the SGC

                  I also loved the humor in that episode

                  Nothing else to say : 10/10



                    Jeez, did the squees from the shippers break the board?? *g*

                    What did everyone think??
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                      Originally posted by Kes
                      What did everyone think??
                      Well, I'm floored. There's implied sex, there's ceremony, there's death, there's deception, there's break-ups, there's make-ups, there's the big bad revelation, there's the big bad others (who by the way are quite stuck-up), there's a big bad fight, there's nakedness, there's ship, and then there is what we have all been waiting for FISHING.

                      So, what do I think? Humm, its darn good, nay, better, hot darn excellent.

                      Oma: What can I get for you?
                      Daniel: Let's see, the truth, with a side order of clarity.

                      What she said afterwards had me laughing out loud.


                        Jesus will someone just tell me what happened or give me the address of a script. I cant wait to till freaking march to see this, please a DETAILED PLOT outline NOW!!!!.. .please and I'll take a side order of quickly...oh to be hypo-glysemic,(bites into a Hershey's bar) alright better please!!!!!!!!!! tell me
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                          This was every bit the curate's Egg. It would have been a top notch ep if it had ditched the love life stuff.

                          Teal'c and Bra'tac had some nice feelgood stuff. Pretty unimaginative, but moved the storyline along. It was nice that while Bra'tac was called "Bra'tac of Chulak" by another Jaffa, Teal'c was called "Teal'c of the Tauri" and not perjoratively

                          Daniel's stuff was great. Good acting from MS, and from Oma and 'Jim'. I liked the mix of a little weirdness, a bit of mystery, and Daniel banging his head against a brick wall for a while.

                          Oma was uncharacteristically riddleless, although it still didn't mean she told Daniel anything. She waffled a lot . I got the feeling that the whole not-wanting-DJ-to-talk-to-Jim thing was an act; I think she knew that Daniel wouldn't choose ascension again when there was a galaxy in peril and I think she was hoping that Daniel could be the one to get through to The Others about the importance of stopping Anubis. I think by the time she challenged Anubis Daniel *had* said enough to convince The Others that it was all necessarry; after all he was sent back to his human life when their rules would surely have been that he'd have to die, or ascend on his own.

                          The lovelife stuff was dire though. Sam dumped Pete, fair enough, I'm all in favour of dumping if it's necessary to prevent a future divorce. But to sneer at his (mature and very sweet) reaction to being dumped? What a cow.

                          I think it's a terrible shame that Jacob/Selmak has died. I would do anyway, but even more so since he's been sacrificed on the altar of J/S ship. Did they *really* kill one of the best characters on the show just so he could give Sam some shippy last words?

                          Jack looked comfy and happy with Kerry, and tense and stiff whenever Sam was around. I still don't see one jot of ship coming from him. Weird, cos I was actually looking for it this time, it would have made Sam seem less... lame.

                          I'm afraid Sam suffers as much as she did in Gemini and in Grace, here. She's a cow towards the adoring ex-fiance whose heart she has just crushed, and when Daniel, (the chap she wanted to hold a memorial service for on account of thinking him dead) turns out to be alive she can't even manage a smile. She screws up her face as if she's smelling something bad. It's pretty much a nail in the coffin. V depressing, s8 had been pretty good for her except for Gemini.

                          The last couple of scenes were nice. Daniel descends in Jack's office, naked, while everyone is in the briefing room. Jack gives him a nice big flag. Daniel says "long story". V funny.

                          And then they all go fishing. Sweet.



                            Originally posted by Ancient
                            Jesus will someone just tell me what happened or give me the address of a script. I cant wait to till freaking march to see this, please a DETAILED PLOT outline NOW!!!!.. .please and I'll take a side order of quickly...oh to be hypo-glysemic,(bites into a Hershey's bar) alright better please!!!!!!!!!! tell me
                            Amen sister (or brother).

                            Please, please, PLEASE can we get some details about this.
                            Thanks L-Jade for the sig!


                              I think it would be cool if Daniel did ascend again. Then he could could use the advantage of having things pass through him. Daniel could then appear in the presence of some of Ba'als warriors and command them to kill him. They would obey him because they could not kill him. Daniel could use them to defend Earth.

                              I know it sounds a little crazy, but I think it would be really cool.
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