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    Originally posted by Nurgle View Post
    Prolly the best SG1 episode to date.
    Absolutely!!! Probably my favorite of all time.

    Originally posted by Crazedwraith View Post
    O'NEILL: Hey use two of those!
    O'NEILL: Its a 'blast' door.
    I love it!

    Originally posted by mayorbill11 View Post
    I'm glad they finally killed the stupid replicators.
    Agreed. I can't stand the replicators.

    Originally posted by Skydiver View Post
    i laughed at sam's quips and loved her working with baal and dad
    Probably my favorite scene of the whole episode.

    Originally posted by keshou View Post
    Jack: "I expect to be in your will, Siler"
    Siler: "You already are, sir"
    Jack: "Okay, that's......weird"

    Daniel: "Trying to leave? Sorry - spend a little more time in Danny's world"
    RC: "My brethren will not stop. You cannot control them"
    Daniel: "Not yet but I'm learning"

    Baal: "This one!"
    Jacob/Selmak: "How do you know"
    Baal: "I am a god, gods are all-knowing"
    Jacob: "Selmac can't work like this. Neither can I"
    Sam: "Just try it" (Jacob pushes block)
    Jacob: "Lucky guess" (Baal smirks - )

    All the gates kawooshing (using every stock shot in their arsenal)
    I agree those are all hilarious. And use of all the stock scenes of the gates opening was kinda nice to remember all the episodes when they originally aired.

    Originally posted by Anubis View Post
    WOW! Was this one of the best eps or what?

    Originally posted by Anubis View Post
    WOW!The scenes between Daniel/Replicarter were superb. When Replicarter was reading Daniel's mind, he read hers. I though the part where Daniel took control of the whole situation was great ...

    *Replicator Carter takes some info from Daniel's mind - they both look surprised.*

    Daniel : You lied to me.
    Replicarter : What?
    D : You promised you'd leave Earth alone. There's replicators infiltrating the SGC, right now.
    RC : How can you know that?

    *Daniel smiles*

    *RC raises fist to Daniel, he grabs it*

    D : Trying to leave? Sorry! A little more time in Danny's world.
    Agreed. Definitely one of the best scenes.

    Originally posted by Giantevilhead View Post
    Baal is in love with Carter.
    I thought the same thing when I watched the interaction between Ba'al, Carter & Jacob/Selmak. But I still love the little jab he has to tell her even though he is in love with her. This is Stargate at it's best.



      So when they dialed all of the Stargates at once, P3W-451 destroyed the entire galaxy... right?


        Originally posted by Teylas Ramar View Post
        So when they dialed all of the Stargates at once, P3W-451 destroyed the entire galaxy... right?

        oooh good thought! hmm...Gotta think about that one. Curious to see if anyone else has a thought on this, cuz you have a good point! : )

        welcome by the way!
        Enjoying the Stargate Re-Watch Event: "This should not get old, General!"

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          Have to start off by saying what an awesome scene between Daniel and RepliSam.

          Daniel: Trying to leave? Sorry little more time in Danny's world.

          RepSam: My brethren will not stop, you can not control them.

          Daniel: Not yet, but I'm learning.

          Go Danny go! He sounded so cool when he said it as well.

          Jacks line about the blast door was funny as well. Not to mention Jack being in Siler's will haha. Lucky Siler was smart enough to make everyone duck behind the table. Someone might have been skewered.

          This ep is actually full of great lines.

          Sam: Thanks for the help.

          Ba'al: Good luck

          Jacob: That was just creepy.

          I imagine having a system lord help you would indeed be creepy. Let alone have one wish you good luck.

          Lots of action in this ep with the Replicators. They make for great cannon fodder. Unlike the human form ones.

          And boom that's the end of RepliSam and the Replicators in this galaxy, Ba'al escapes and Daniel is dead........again.


            Originally posted by Noxbait View Post
            oooh good thought! hmm...Gotta think about that one. Curious to see if anyone else has a thought on this, cuz you have a good point! : )

            welcome by the way!
            Maybe by then the black hole had absorbed/destroyed it..


              This was hands down the best episode of the Season.

              Reckoning as a whole is an amazing episode. It's also Damian Kindler's best episode, although I'm suspicious about this. Normally Damian's episodes are average (my favorite before this 2-parter was Memento (an underrated episode). I honestly don't think he wrote this by himself (it was a collaborative of the whole SG-1 writing staff).

              • The Visual Effects we're amazing in this one (you'd expect it from an episode this big)
              • The Jaffa may finally have their freedom
              • The soundtrack/music was amazing *shake's fist in frustration*

              Monday, and extended episode, and conclusion to this exciting 2-parter.


                Totally agree about the great lines in this episode! I love that exchange with Ba'al wishing them luck!

                It was this sort of contrary behaviour from Ba'al that I liked in the character as he was developed. That he turned out to actually adopt a more 'Tau'ri' way of thinking to get one up on the Tau'ri was fun to see and comes to a head in the movie 'Continuum'. I see the beginning of it here in this episode.

                The moment Ba'al beams away, denying the now free Jaffa the moment to savour their victory was a real kick in the teeth moment for them, his sly smile a nice added extra dig! Don't you just love to boo and hiss that System Lord?!

                The build up to the final moment of activating the weapon was wonderfully done. Each group fighting what looked like a losing battle against the Replicators.

                Jack in the SGC facing the swarms of Replicators, still can marvel at how the walls and pipes in the SCG don't get ripped apart along with the replicators in the hail of bullets!
                Sam, Teal'c and the Jaffa crammed in that doorway and at the point of being overrun by the replicators to give Jacob time to finish calibrating the weapon.
                Daniel bravely mustering all his mental strength to fight Replicarter, unknowingly giving everyone a chance to stop her.
                The gates activating on the worlds visited in the past through the series was a nice touch. (Now, I'm sure we can all name the episodes those gate activation moments came from! We should all know now, having them fresh in our rewatch memories! )
                The seemingly heartfelt expression of hatred when Replicarter skewered Daniel was interesting, the total opposite in every way to Sam.

                Top episode of the season for me.


                  I wonder how much enjoyment Amanda had playing replicarter?


                    Originally posted by garhkal View Post
                    I wonder how much enjoyment Amanda had playing replicarter?
                    She probably enjoyed it a lot. She got to play nearly the opposite character of Carter that she'd been playing for 8 years, and she got to display more of her acting abilities. It's really scary to see the difference in the two characters, but played by the same actress.


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                      Did they steal Malaki's machine from Window Of Opportunity for the one on Dakara? (Yeah, I bet tons of people in this thread have said that already!)
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                        Well if they did, they also used it later on with Merlin in S9...


                          Well if they did, they also used it later on with Merlin in S9...


                            Another ep of SG1...

                            1. I just know this ep way too well...even if I got some of the lines slightly out of sequence.

                            2. I'm sure that Sam and Ba'al actually worked on a DHD at some point...or was that another ep?

                            3. And then you noticed Selmak'ss death.

                            4. Forgot that Bra'tac was one of the raiding Jaffa.

                            The last real classic ep of SG1.
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                              This episode is nothing short of awesome. Everyone contributes to this episode even if the main cast is unaware of the contributions. I have a little trouble believing that Jacob and Sam can read Ancient with Daniel's notes. Languages are complicated that that. Its why Internet translators are so terrible. But besides that I like the race to solve the Dakara weapon to stop the Replicators. It painted a real sense of urgency especially when you consider how the episode had former enemies working together to stop a common enemy. I really liked the banter between Ba'al and Sam. I have to wonder what would happen if a person stepped through the Dakara Stargate? Where would they go? The banter between RepliCarter and Daniel was pretty much a continuation of the last episode with in hindsight it seems the whole point of Daniel being captured was the eventual ability of Daniel to freeze the Replicators. I love Jack's and Reynolds of look of confusion and then continued shooting. In the end I don't really find Teal'c and Bra'tac doing a whole lot. Anyone could be part of the Jaffa fleet to fight Ba'al.
                              Originally posted by aretood2
                              Jelgate is right


                                True anyone could have, but they were the symbols, the living heroes of the revolution..