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    Originally posted by QuiGonJohn
    Did anyone else notice that the ancient's weapon looks almost exactly like the time device 'altar' in Season 4's Window Of Opportunity?


      Originally posted by Giantevilhead
      Baal is in love with Carter.
      Ba'am is everywhere!

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        When i saw this episode i thought on my god, excellent especially after a pretty much average Seaosn with the occasional brilliance such as New Order and Avatar

        What was good:
        a. Replicator Carter. AT does evil deliciously well, bringing me to my first 'not so good' point. And her interactions with Daniel were a wonder to behold.
        b. No more Replicators! Joy!
        c. RDA. He's been a bit off and on for most of this season, and I think this may have been his best episode of S8. Gee, and it's also the best overall episode. Think there's a connection, anyone?
        d.Ba'al. Other than the fact that I could've kicked him for the "female Tauri" comment ...he's got a lot of depth that can be played with.

        What wasn't good:
        a. Baal escaping, leaves a hole for Goauld to return


          I just now was able to watch this ep, I've already seen Threads, so I did have some idea that things were going to work out somehow, but I was still completly blown away by this ep. Easily one of the best-supsention wise- eps.
          Adam:"I reject your reality and subisute myown."


          "It took us 15 years and 3 supercomputers to MacGyver a system for the gate on Earth."

          CARTER: You made [this]?
          ORLIN: You wouldn't believe the things you could make from the common simple idems lying around your planet. Which reminds're going to need a new microwave.

          Weir: You destroyed 3/4 of a solar system!
          McKay: Actually 5/6, its not an extact science.

          "Well railguns are neat and all, but I'm still not joining the Army until they invent the respawn point."


            Jeez...I almost missed it! Brothers were playing Halo when I realized it was 8:30. Turned on the tv and that was when Jacob and Carter were starting with the Ancient Weapon. From what I saw, it was a really good episode!



              You missed half of this for Halo? You got the shortest, sharpest end of the stick!
              Yes, I really do look like (a younger) Daniel. Don't believe me? Look for yourself.

              Hey, Mitchell! You want a turn?


                best episode yet in season 8 that i have seen, i loved the part when the Replicators stop and Jack looks at a soldier, shrugs, and keeps shooting...there were some really good lines in there aswell
                "A general is only as good as the people he commands."


                  It just hit me last night...okay, so I'm slow, already, alright?

                  When they activated all the Stargates in the Galaxy, didn't they activate the one connected to the Black Hole or was it swallowed up by then or how would that work?

                  Any ideas from our astrophysicists out there?


                    That one probably would have been already open because it was the one of the addresses given to the Aschen.


                      I almost thought that this was the series finale they defeated the replicators and the goa'uld what enemy was left out there. I hope they have a long lasting formula with the Ori like they had with the 8 seasons of the goa'uld. I would even like to see an aditional lesser enemy arise. One that is closer to us in technology simialr to the genni threat in Atlantis so we could get into some real knock down drag out battles with a relativley equal enemy.
                      Just my humble 18 year old conservative opinion.


                        I've just watched this episode on SKY in the UK and WOW! I loved it! I thought it was easily one of the best episodes i have seen!

                        The suspense was great and general awesomely coolness!!!

                        Loved the bit where Daniel was getting the upperhand against Replicartor, was so cool!

                        "It's a 'blast' door!" sweet!

                        Anyone care to guess what the saying.... If you immediately notice the fire is lit, the meal was cooked a long time ago..... is all about? ( I might not have got that right! sorry!)



                          Yeah, I loved this episode too, season 8 had some great episodes.

                          The saying is "If you immediatly know the candle light is fire, the mean was cooked a long time ago". To be honest, I don't really know what it means, but a guess would be that you need to learn things for yourself, you can't just have people tell you. If people keep giving you all the answers all the time, you'll never learn anything, and never really gain anything from that knowledge. Thats probably way off though.
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                            I just watched Reckoning, Part 2 and somethings bugging me,

                            CARTER: Y'know, even if we can make this work, the Replicators were quickly able to adapt themselves to the frequency modulation Thor made to the original disrupter wave.

                            JACOB: What are you saying?

                            CARTER: We realised the only way to eliminate the Replicators and not allow them time to develop immunity was to somehow hit them all at the same time.

                            When did Carter learn the new fequency to disrupt the Replicators? In Reckoning, Part 1

                            CARTER: It took several hundred microsecond-long connections and hours to go through each subsequent burst of data but eventually we managed to isolate the cipher that makes the Replicators immune to the disrupter and we've adjusted it accordingly.

                            After they used the disrupter on the Replicators and took out one ship, Thor fired the weapon on the second Replicator ship but it didn't work because they adapted by using a new cipher. When Thor and Carter reach Earth the following takes place,

                            CARTER: See if you can modify the disrupter wave again. I'll go buy us some time. (She starts to run from the room.)

                            THOR: I have no way of knowing how many Replicators you will face.

                            CARTER (stopping and turning around to face him): Well, what choice do we have?

                            THOR: I must return you to Stargate Command before my transporter systems are affected.

                            CARTER: And what about you?

                            THOR: I will attempt to fly this ship as far away from Earth as possible before it is completely compromised.

                            When Carter was beamed back to the SGC:

                            The weapon worked at first, but the
                            Replicators immediately adapted themselves.
                            They’re immune again.

                            No chance you guys could fix this thing
                            - get it to work?

                            Sir, Thor’s ship was boarded. He beamed
                            me down here before all the systems
                            were compromised. He’s trying to get
                            his ship as far away from Earth as possible.

                            Since Carter is off the ship and Thor is flying away from Earth when did Carter get the new fequency to disrupt the Replicators that she used with the Ancient superweapon?
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                              I have a quick question regarding Jacob and this ep.

                              When they found the Ancient weapon, it didn't work. But then Jacob just placed his hand on it and it turned on. We now only one thing can turn on Ancient technologie and it's the ATA gene.

                              Thus, do you think Jacob had the gene?


                                Looked to me like there was some kind of button that Jacob hit. It's possible he might have had the gene, but I think it was more of one of those devices that work for everyone, it was just a matter of re-doing the frequency until the cypher that the Replicators had developed could be overridden.
                                Yes, I really do look like (a younger) Daniel. Don't believe me? Look for yourself.

                                Hey, Mitchell! You want a turn?