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Reckoning, Part 2 (817)

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    Reckoning, Part 2 (817)

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    The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance as Sam and Jacob search for the only weapon capable of stopping the Replicator onslaught. O'Neill leads a defense of the S.G.C., while Daniel squares off against Replicator Carter.

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    Sorry it's late. Obviously we've had a few hiccups. Post away!

    It was, is, and always will be GREEN


      Prolly the best SG1 episode to date.


        Aaargh. Poor Daniel! Stabbed and decompressed! Very nice Replicarter/Daniel moments and generally all of Jack fighting the replictors and the Siler bit.

        O'NEILL: Hey use two of those!
        O'NEILL: Its a 'blast' door.

        the moment when daniel stopped the reps in their tracks was cool. Reynolds & O'neill stopp glance at each other with a WFT expression then start blasting away again anyway.

        The very last scene was so good. Cater and O'Neill trying so hard not to be worried for Daniel. O'Neill scribbling hard on the desk and the end said it all really.

        Can't wait for the world premiere extra long threads next week.
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          I'm glad they finally killed the stupid replicators.


            great ep

            funny to see siler get stuck

            so I suppose all reps are gone now, apparently none of them were left in the asgard galaxy


              a very good, very solid episode. fantastic setup for threads, i think anyway

              Evil sam was chillingly great, so was smart aleck daniel

              i laughed at sam's quips and loved her working with baal and dad

              i'm more than a little worried about dad though...but, angst slut that i am, am drooling at the prospects opened up by this one

              potential for sam/dad, sam/jack tension, sam/daniel (cause, you know, unless they lied about that whole s9 but, he's gonna come back)

              i liked seeing more jaffa that were willing to work together instead of snarking at each other, isaac hayes was a cool character

              all in all, it was great
              Where in the World is George Hammond?



                Omg, this episode is now my fav of season 8, they just keep getting better and better.

                I loved all the different storylines, Sam Selmac and the machine stuff was all cool, and even better when ba'al arrived, with his, "im a god, Gods are all knowing"

                And it was nice seeing Jack in the base with his jokes that are actualy good, compared to other jack scenes earlier this season. The best, as everyone is alrady commenting on is "its a *air quotes* Blast door*Air quotes*".

                And obviously, the Daniel and Replicarter scenes , im not just the biggest Replicarter fan, im also a everything Ancient and Accended fan, finaly getting a hint that Daniel unlocks some of the Ancient secrets is cool, hopefully they will use some of this later on. And although i am extreamly sad Replicarter is no longer with us, and that she faild, R.I.P, the scene with danial going into her mind then taking over her was cool. But not as cool as her arm turning into a blade and stabbing him right through the chest

                And thats all i have to say, not that anyone will read it/understand my bad grammar

                I give green for signatures with ancient in them


                  Fantastic episode. Probably the best Stargate ep this season. I was literally on the edge of my seat. Really need to watch it again to catch all the little extras.

                  The RC/Daniel scenes were great. Wasn't expecting Daniel to die there at the end, although it does make the spoilers for Threads make more sense.

                  Loved Sam/Jacob working together, and Jacob/Ba'al were hilarious. I'm worried about Jacob too. He didn't look so good there at the end. Wonder if that machine did something to him.

                  When the replicators froze, that was totally cool. Very nice special effects in this one.


                    This ep was just smashing all the way through. It's rare to find a Part II that so far exceeds the Part I - and Reckoning I was good anyway.

                    Daniel's stuff got more intense scene by scene, and his death was horribly moving. He died all alone, thinking he'd failed to defeat the replicators. But he was awesome in the scenes leading up to that. I laughed for joy when he grabbed Replicarter's hand, it was such a surprise.

                    Teal'c and co didn't die! The Jaffa weren't wiped out! Hurrah!

                    The VFX bods did a cracking job with the space battle, and the montage of all the gates was surprisingly uplifting. And I never cease to be amazed at the realness of the replicators; but in this ep they were particularly good, perhaps cos they were in the SGC so it seemed scarier.

                    Jack wasn't the least bit dim, in fact he was totally on the ball. Hurrah!

                    And Sam, Selmak, Jacob and Baa'al were a splendid triple-act. (I'll gloss over the Windows-compatible ex-time-machine-cum-ultimate-weapon thing cos the rest of the plot more than makes up for stuff like that )

                    I can't wait for next week.



                      Originally posted by KatG
                      Loved Sam/Jacob working together, and Jacob/Ba'al were hilarious. I'm worried about Jacob too. He didn't look so good there at the end. Wonder if that machine did something to him.
                      I have a little theory on that. I believe in order to change life in the galaxy, or destory one type, another had to be given in its place too. So, Jacob is on his way to the pearly gates - Selmak is only keeping him going until he too will succumb.


                        I guessing Selmac also programmed the machine to wipe out the snakes without actually telling anyone aswell...


                          My favorite episode of the season. Great dialogue, great pacing, great story. The editing of the shots as they cut back and forth between all the storylines kept the tension high.

                          But most of all I loved SG-1 in this. And all the supporting and guest characters. The team was separated but they were all working together - whether they knew it or not.

                          *I loved Jack in this. Snarky but acting like the leader he can be when he's put to the test. Not silly like he was in part I. Everyone at the base got in on the act. Siler, Walter, Reynolds. Just great stuff.

                          Jack: "I expect to be in your will, Siler"
                          Siler: "You already are, sir"
                          Jack: "Okay, that's......weird"

                          *I loved RC and Daniel's confrontation. How cool was that when Daniel finally grabbed her arm and started getting the upper hand? The replicators froze.

                          Daniel: "Trying to leave? Sorry - spend a little more time in Danny's world"
                          RC: "My brethren will not stop. You cannot control them"
                          Daniel: "Not yet but I'm learning"

                          Ooh, good stuff. And then RC gives Daniel the blade thru the chest. Eek!

                          * Sam/Jacob/Baal. How fun was that whole interaction when they were trying to figure out that ancient panel (straight out of WoO). Baal is the best Goa'uld ever.

                          Baal: "This one!"
                          Jacob/Selmak: "How do you know"
                          Baal: "I am a god, gods are all-knowing"
                          Jacob: "Selmac can't work like this. Neither can I"
                          Sam: "Just try it" (Jacob pushes block)
                          Jacob: "Lucky guess" (Baal smirks - )

                          All the gates kawooshing (using every stock shot in their arsenal), all the replicators crawling everywhere. The slow-motion montage of Teal'c face as they awaited destruction, Sam firing at the replicators, Jack and company blasting away, Daniel dying with blood dripping out of his mouth. Then the great special effects shots of the Ancient weapon disintegrating all the replicators.

                          Did I say I loved this episode. And I haven't said that about a SG-1 episode in quite awhile.

                          Is Daniel going to ascend again? If he survives will he still have any ancient knowledge? Is RC definitely gone? What about Anubis - he's still lurking out there. So is Baal. What about Jacob - he didn't look so hot. Poor Sam if she loses Jacob. Jack looked like he's in denial about Daniel being gone - he does have a habit of coming back after all.

                          Bring on "Threads".
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                            WOW! Was this one of the best eps or what?

                            So it started off a little slow in the briefing room, but it really picked up pace from this point forward. As soon as SG-1 [not Jack, yet] go to Takaara and go in search of the weapon to eliminate the Replicators it really picked up from this point. Though those circles that had to be turned on the wall were a bit too obvious and could be seen easily.

                            The scenes between Daniel/Replicarter were superb. When Replicarter was reading Daniel's mind, he read hers. I though the part where Daniel took control of the whole situation was great ...

                            *Replicator Carter takes some info from Daniel's mind - they both look surprised.*

                            Daniel : You lied to me.
                            Replicarter : What?
                            D : You promised you'd leave Earth alone. There's replicators infiltrating the SGC, right now.
                            RC : How can you know that?

                            *Daniel smiles*

                            *RC raises fist to Daniel, he grabs it*

                            D : Trying to leave? Sorry! A little more time in Danny's world.

                            I thought that entire scene was just great. One of the most humorous scenes, of them all.

                            When the Replicators infiltrate the SGC, it was great. The look on Jack's face as they come swarming through the Stargate was really great. Starts shouting into the gate room for an evacuation. The fight between the SGC/Replicators was really great, and Jack finally had some action in the episode, the most YET.

                            Some of the special effects in this episode alone were great. The battle between Ba'al's fleet and the Replicators were amazing. Especially for a tv series.

                            It's a shame that Daniel couldn't do anything to stop Replicarter from killing him. She just plunged the blade right through him, making him suffer a slow and painful death .. at which point I'm guessing he'll be stuck in his 'path'.

                            Overall -- an amazing episode. Has to make the favourite list. Each week the episodes get better and better. I think it's safe to assume that Threads will also be a great episode, I hope.



                              Gah, yet another clip show

                              Loved it. However the Ha'tak battle was a huge disappointment. Having 50 or so Ha'tak shooting at eachother from a few light seconds away wasn't something that impressed me.