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Reckoning, Part 1 (816)

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    Reckoning, Part 1 (816)

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    The Replicators begin a systematic attack of the Goa'uld, forcing Baal to come to Earth for help. The Jaffa Resistance risk their entire movement in an attempt to retake a holy city in Baal's domain.

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    An excellent episode so many surprises, can't wait for part two


      That was wonderfull, great to see everything coming to a head. This whole arc is going to continue for another 2 weeks through reckoning part 2 and threads. Very exciting.



        Yeah was awsome!

        Has the old Stargate feel!

        But with powerfuller enemys

        (Deleted areas, due to not sure if this thread is allowed spoilers)

        Anyways i think its a MUST SEE

        My fav ep so far!
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          brilliant ep. lots of guest stars. some answers about Daniel and his ascension. Anubis returns. left on a cliffhanger, with all parties seemingly heading to fight at the same location. part 2 is gonna be amazing.

          anyone who thinks stargate has lost it's touch needs to watch this episode. they certainly have saved the best till last in this season.


            Excellant episode loved all of it. SO many different threads. High lights for me:

            *Baal only underlord to Anubis has been paly acting since Lockdown.

            *Star Wars and Trek homages (borg adaption) as wells RotJ/Temple similarity

            *The killed Yu!!!! Noo! He was like the longest running goa'uld and they killed him!

            Very good episode got me hooked for ptII
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              Will Thor survive?
              Will Teal'c and the rebellion survive?
              Will Daniel survive? and
              Who will get to the weapon first?


                That was... spectacular...

                A quick rundown of the wowness factor:
                - Replicarter takes over the System Lords' space station, killing Yu.
                - Rebel Jaffa have control of several Ha'taks
                - Rak'nor may be dead
                - Daniel kidnapped by Replicarter
                - Replicators launching full assault against the Goa'uld
                - Thor and Sam trying to counter the Replicators' defence
                - Baal trying to get help from Jack
                - Rebel Jaffa take holy temple on Takara
                - Baal serving under Anubis
                - Replicarter posing as Oma Desala
                - Giant Ancient weapon on Takara
                - Isaac friggin Hayes!
                - Replicarter getting caught out by "If the candle light is fire..."
                - Walter trying to make small talk with Baal
                - Kull Warriors!
                - Jack finding out Anubis is in charge
                - Jack dismissing Baal's pleas
                - Thor going on a suicide mission (he better survive)
                - Anubis changing hosts

                I could go on. Suffice to say, I now worship Damian Kindler This was one of the best eps of all time and I am completely screwed for the next week waiting for Part 2 of this and The Siege...


                  Im not sure if Yu is actually dead (hope not) if so maby he can get reserected or so

                  He seems to get it a lot, not very well liked by females i guess

                  Also who were the other 2 system lords in the meeting?

                  I hope Baal gets the Weapon!, cos he dont wanna die, and i always like bad guy vs bad guy! makes it a much more intresting battle
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                    Originally posted by jmoore032000
                    Will Thor survive?
                    Will Teal'c and the rebellion survive?
                    Will Daniel survive? and
                    Who will get to the weapon first?
                    Thor had better survive
                    Teal'c will survive
                    Daniel will survive
                    Nobody will get the weapon
                    I will be hit by a bus before next Tuesday, given my luck


                      here ya go folks, full of spoliery goodness!

                      We start with a cargo ship approaching the Goa'uld space station.
                      A subordinate of Baal has a message for the remaining system lords, including Yu. If they surrender, and bow before Baal as the supreme leader of the system lords, they will be spared. The meeting is interupted by two Kull warriors who throw Samantha Carter before the meeting. Yu asks why she is there, before her arm grows to a spike and kills Yu.

                      Elseware, the real Carter, SG1 and Bra'tac are on board a Hatak preparing to launch a co-ordinated attack on Amertesu's territory. The attack is interupted when another Hatak attacks them, which quickly disables them. The attacking vessel is controlled by the Replicators who quickly overwhelm the other vessel and abduct Daniel.

                      Jacob Carter arrives on Earth and informs O'Neill that the Replicators are decimating the Goa'uld. Carter contacts Thor in a bid to gain his assistance in modifying the ancient weapon to be once again effective against the replicators.

                      Despite defeat at the hands of the Replicators, the rebel Jaffa are reaching an empasse. The replicators are being viewed as a plague by Goa'uld loyal, created by the gods to clense them. Bra'tac realises that if the Goa'uld can defeat the replicators, their image of Gods will be nearly impossible to remove. The only possible course of action is while the Tau'ri fight the replicators, the rebel Jaffa take the holy city of Takara, the place where the first primtah was inserted into a Jaffa and where Anubis rose from the dead. The city is the most holy place to Jaffa, for it to be taken would be a coup.

                      Baal broadcasts into the SGC to inlist the help of the SGC, where Jack tells him what to go and do with himself. Jack states he is willing to stand by and watch as the replicators distroy the Goa'uld.

                      Sam and Thor are sucsesfull in modifying the repligun and take it out to test against a Replihatak.

                      Replicarter probes Daniel's mind in a bid to learn the knowledge of the ancients which she belives is still within him. She poses as Oma Desala and attempts to trick Daniel into revealing useful information.

                      The rebel Jaffa attack on Takara is a swift sucsess. As Teal'c stands under the great arches, his Jaffa collegue's examin ancient glyphs on one of the walls.

                      Baal meets with his collegue who, decrepid with sores and scars, stands before a frightened host. A black cloud moves from the old body too the new, and orders Baal to stop the fleet from fighting the Replicators and move against Takara.

                      The weapon is effective against one Replihatak but the replicators adapt to the weapon. Thor returns course to Earth where he deposits Carter before putting as much distance between Earth and his now replicator infected vessel.

                      Teal'c speaks with Bra'tac who tells him that taking Takara was the easy part, holding it would be the challenge.

                      Daniel confront's the repliOma, who morphs into carter, who tells Daniel that despite his efforts, she has learned what she needs to know from him. An ancient city, now called Takara is the home of the only weapon capable of stopping the her, and she intends to destroy it.

                      Back at the SGC, Baal reappears and tells Jack about the weapon at Takara, ordering it destroyed. The device will not only destroy the replicators, but all life in the galaxy, where only one entity will be immune...

                      That would explain how we went from "Your a pig, but I like your cat" to "I missed you"


                        I couldn't watch this properly Too much noise in the house.

                        Thankfully Sky One shows it 3 more times this week!
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                          I have to admit, when the episode first started I didn't have much hope for it. Though I love Teal'c and Bra'tac, they sometimes become a bit too blaah for me. But the episode was great after the first break and really picked up speed. I was oohhing and aahing all the way through - When Replicarter killed Yu (ohh bless his little demented socks!) when Daniel was taken, when we saw Anubis was back and Baal was working for him (which explains how the Kull warriors were suddenly working for him so quickly) and when Replicater and Anubis both planned to head for Ta'kara.

                          You can see how everything is going to build up so next week is certainly going to be BIG! (if not slightly contrived that Teal'c suddenly decides to take the city, that this is where the weapon is, and that Daniel knew about this all along) but is cetainly will be great as this is a showdown for everybody!

                          It was also nice to note that Thor and the Goa'uld voices sounded better this episode, so i think they should make sure that Thor's Ok after they stopped him sounding so robotic like he did in 'Covenant'.

                          I'm sure I'll have more to say once i rewatch the episode, but it was great, and a real cliffhanger (how much was anyone else hoping for a "Next time on Stargate SG-1"?)


                            Did anyone notice the officer standing next to walter when he and siler were "talking" to Baal? Im pretty sure he was wearing an F-302 uniform as i spotted its distinctive uniform. I'll try and get a picture tomorrow. From what i can remember the officer had black hair. Could this be Lt. Col. M.M? Maybe he was visiting the base but O'neill obviously had more pressing matters so left him in the capable hands of siler or walter. Maybe i am jumping to conclusions.
                            Enough of the conspiracy theories.
                            This episode rocked! It would have been better if my family weren't that loud during the show. Anyway the O'neill/Baal moments were brilliantly done. One of the best episodes of this season. It is building up very nicely to Threads. Can't wait!


                              -Will the ancients intervene as its there damn fault, someonetell them not to leave there toys out
                              -SG1 will obviously servive
                              -WHO WILL GET THE DEVISE,

                              /the assended?

                              -Was this devise the one used by the ancients to rid themselves ofa terrible enemy, possibly the enemy sg1 will encounter next season
                              -Will the jaffa have to retreat
                              -Is or are the system lords dead
                              -Will anubis find out about baal
                              -Did the ancients use this devise to repopulate the galaxy after the plague

                              any body got spoilers for the next half