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It's Good To Be King (813)

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    It's Good To Be King (813)

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    SG-1 must save a world once occupied by the Goa'uld when their former masters return to enslave them once again -- not knowing that their king is Earth's Harry Maybourne.

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      I think the overwhelming coolness of this episode can be summed up in the following sentence:

      A Puddle Jumper blew up a friggin' Ha'tak!!!!

      It was a great episode. Pity to see Wayne Brady wasn't in it much, but he was very good.


        Yippie. More fun than you can shake a stick at

        Spoilers *DUH*

        Puddle Jumper 1 - Ha'tak 0 What more can I say?!
        Maybourne, from a complete git to all round nice bloke, in eight short years! (despite the wives!)

        Good stuff.
        That would explain how we went from "Your a pig, but I like your cat" to "I missed you"


          Why didn't the mothership have shields? If the puddle jumper has such advanced weapons, why don't the Asgard repelicate a few and wipe out the Gou'ald?


            Good to see Jack offworld again, and even he said how much he missed it!


              Great ep.
              Lots of team stuff, Carter being a bit stronger than we've seen her in other instances this season. For me, it was really great to see Jack back in the field !
              The only other thing I would have liked would have been a little bit of sparkage between Sam and Jack when it came to relinquishing her command to him. I would have liked it if they'd given the same order at the same time or something, I know challenging her COs authority isn't really in character for Sam but still, a little something like that would have been nice, just to let us see how she's grown into her command.


                someone want to write a summary? plllllllllllllllllllease
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                  Originally posted by DIngChavez
                  Why didn't the mothership have shields? If the puddle jumper has such advanced weapons, why don't the Asgard repelicate a few and wipe out the Gou'ald?
                  Her'ak said in Lost City "Our shields are of no use!" The Ancient Drones pass right through Goa'uld shields.


                    I think I'll have to watch this episode again. I came away with a feeling that the end was really rushed, like they missed something out? Great to see Jack in the field again, (but is anyone writing new lines for Jack! He just seemed to be quoting an awful lot of his old O'Neillisms). Good team interaction, some nice Jack/Sam/Daniel moments when they find the puddle jumper and are trying to get Jack to concentrate.


                      This is SG-1 back to the good old days. It had everything. Jaffa showdown, Ancient tech, namely the timeship. I just loved this episode. Jack being off-world just brought back the memories. everything seemed perfect. Teal'c is one strong dude (we all new that but this episode confirmed it yet again) Maybourne did great as King.
                      The time travel situation is all making sense now and it is building up very nicely to Moebius.
                      The puddlejumper kicked some serious ass, the Goa'uld ship got totally owned by the jumper's two missles.
                      overall i think it was one of the best episodes yet.
                      I would explain more but Manchester United are playing, so i have to dash.


                        Short summary.

                        Baal is kicking the System Lords' asses. Some are fleeing into hiding. The Tok'ra tell them that Ares is on his way to the planet they sent Maybourne to 2 years ago. SG-1 go there, find Maybourne is the king. He is believed to be a prophet.

                        What really happened was he found a pillar with Ancient writing on it. He translated it and learned it was a log of events, both past and future. It was written by an Ancient that travelled into the future to observe the evolution of the culture and then travelled back and made the pillar.

                        The pillar says that the Goa'uld will be defeated by offworlders i.e. SG-1. Teal'c then finds an Ancient Puddle Jumper hidden on the planet. They look inside and decide they need someone with the Ancient gene to fly it: Jack. They attempt to activate the Jumper but can't.

                        Meanwhile, Ares' Jaffa arrive, led by Trelek (Wayne Brady). The people won't leave the planet because they trust Maybourne, as their leader, will help save them from the Goa'uld. One of the natives show the Jaffa the Ancient writing and they start searching the area. They find Jack and Sam in the Jumper while Daniel and Teal'c are back in the village where they get found by Trelek.

                        Sam manages to get the Jumper working and they take off. They fly over the city causing a shock wave which lets Daniel, Teal'c and Maybourne attack the Jaffa. Teal'c and Trelek get into a knife fight and Teal'c kills Trelek. Jack takes the Jumper into space where Ares' Ha'tak has arrived.

                        Jack concentrates on using weapons and two Ancient Drones fire at the ship, but then they're out. However, the two drones did enough damage to blow the entire ship. SG-1 return to Earth and leave Maybourne with his wives.

                        Presumably they took the Jumper with them.


                          I loved this ep...more like SG1 - the golden years than what we normally get now - the lemon seems to have been one edsol (sp?) after another this year and last.

                          This ep was a refreshing change!

                          WHO'D HAVE THUNK IT!!!!!!!
                          Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)


                            Wonder when Maybourne learned to speak ancient? And what are they going to about that "special" gene in S9 once Jack is gone? Suddenly realise that Daniel can do all that stuff to from being ascended?

                            I was in the chat at OurStargate when they were 'talking' the episode and it sounds pretty good. I totally love to hate Maybourne, so that's a big plus right there! Plus again: they're OFF PLANET!!!


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                              Originally posted by Teal'c
                              Jack concentrates on using weapons and two Ancient Drones fire at the ship, but then they're out. However, the two drones did enough damage to blow the entire ship.
                              Well, this pretty much does it. Whether they have any GJofD left or not, the Goa'uld are now officially a big, honkin' joke.

                              Poor, bloody Goa'uld.
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