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    Sacrifices (809)

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    The impending wedding of his son is the least of Teal'c's worries when the Hak'tyl plan an uprising against the Goa'uld Moloc, driving a wedge between Teal'c and Ishta.

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    Now I understand why they called it "My Big Fat Jaffa Wedding."


      I liked this episode alot.

      One of the better ones for Season 8.

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        I'd almost forgotten what a Goa'uld sounded like. Ry'ac needs to tame that 'fro, though!


          Sacrifices was so much better than I thought it would be. There were a few things I didn't like about it, but on the whole it's one of the better episodes of season 8 so far. Loved the part with Teal'c and Jack playing ping pong.
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            Some of the acting sucked. Ryac and Karin just were horrible... They used English slang too much. Ishta and Teal'c and Bra'tac were good... But Ryac and Karin kept pissing me off.

            The Moloc storyline was good... *Moloc tries to brush off laser pointer* They should have sent SG teams through and had some ground fights even after the missiles. I never realized how big of a Goa'uld Moloc was. I thought he was a small lord with a very alkesh and maybe a Hat'ak... but he had a fleet of them? as well as alot of troops.

            I think this is the first time we see a Goa'uld's eyes glow in the season!

            It could have been so much better... The SGC is losing its integrity and strictness... That's a no no...
            It could have been a 10/10 with better actors..etc.. but It was a 7.5/10


              Who else thought Ryac could use a haircut?


                Quite frankly, I found this episode disappointing. I missed Birthright (curses!), but I've read the transcript a few times and thought it was pretty cool. But something about this one...

                No, make that lots of somethings about this one...

                a. Disjointed. Too many storylines floating around. We never saw Ry'ac and Kar'yn resolve the whole kneeling thing or even make up again. Disappointing, to say the least.

                b. Weird dialogue. Look, I am super picky about dialogue. I admit that. But this ep was just...again, well, disjointed. A few lines that I couldn't particularly picture Jack, Sam, Teal'c, Daniel, Ishta, or anyone for that matter uttering without copious amounts of Shakespeare (am I the only one that starts talking weird after I see Henry V?)

                c. Wacky ending. Teal'c and Ishta I don't mind, but in the gateroom? I just don't see Teal'c doing that, especially after Affinity. I mean, Teal'c's never really had what I'd call a romance and now he's two-for-two. Something is seriously weird.

                Overall, everything just seemed off. Jack-and-Sam interactions were kind of strange (although the hands-on-her-shoulders thing was funny).

                What was good:

                a. The beginning. It was funny. A little forced, granted, but funny.

                b. Humor. When not rammed down the audiance's throat.

                Now that I've made my point(s), feel free to contradict me.

                The end.

                P.S. I liked the horses. Must have been Netu to shoot. Oh, and Ry'ac reminded me a tad of Anakin Skywalker in Attack of the Clones (not a good thing. I HATED that guy, and I like Star Wars.)


                  I felt this was a decent episode. Not one of the better ones this season, but not bad. I liked that we got a little off-world action.

                  I thought how they showed the evolving of Jaffa roles for male and female was good. How the rebellion will have to force the Jaffa to see a new way of life.

                  There were parts of the episode that didn't flow very well, I agree. But overall I felt it was good. It also showed that we really have been totally cut off from the rebellion. We still have contact with some of the rebel leaders. At least I felt it was implied in some of the conversations.
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                    Originally posted by Calicto
                    It could have been so much better... The SGC is losing its integrity and strictness... That's a no no...
                    I thought that too. Everyone was WAY too relaxed in this one. I mean, humor and jokes are fine and that's what we've come to expect over the years. But when you maintain that attitude for the whole show it kind of detracts from the realism of what is supposed to be very serious business.

                    Also, Ryac definitely needed a haircut.

                    Other than those two things I liked it overall. It was nice to see Ishta again. And of course Teal'c was as good as ever. I must say I really like the new direction TPTB are giving his character this season. We get to see a lot more of what he is really feeling and he doesn't seem half as introverted. He now seems to be able to relate much better to humans and earth customs while still retaining his Jaffa heritage.

                    I also get the feeling that things are leading up some kind of major confrontation with Baal.


                      I didn't like this episode quite as well as Birthright but I am glad we got a follow-up on Ish'ta's storyline. It was nice to go off-world again and meet a new Goa'uld (even if I thought he seemed more like a cranky lawyer than a false god *g*) but the episode didn't seem to flow very well at times and the lighter moments didn't really mix that well with the serious side to the episode (unlike Birthright).

                      There *were* some really nice comic beats. The horses roaming the halls, Sam and Daniel's fake grins when Rya'c arrived with his bride-to-be and announced they were getting married at the SGC. Ping pong between Jack and Teal'c. Bra'tac greeting O'Neill of Minnesota. Don't exactly understand how Rya'c and Kar'yn solved their issues and why Teal'c came around but at least we had a wedding in the gateroom this year. No need to have any more, right??

                      Ish'ta in danger was a pretty decent storyline but it kind of dragged a bit at times. I thought Jolene Blalock did a pretty good job in Birthright but she didn't convince me with her acting abilities in this one. CJ was great as Teal'c, always good when he's in action.

                      So okay episode but not great. Better than Affinity and Covenant. Still pretty obvious that they're filming multiple episodes at a time as the characters split time with guest stars. Jack seemed to be mainly comic relief in this episode and hasn't been as quite as convincing as "General Jack" in the last couple of episodes after a promising start in Zero Hour and Lockdown.
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                        Originally posted by cobraR478
                        Who else thought Ryac could use a haircut?
                        I actually thought they changed the actor. Yah, he needs a haitcut. Made him seem "smaller".

                        The ep was okay. I thought it was kinda boring.
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                          it was fun, and enjoyable.

                          too bad moloc died, another decent looking goauld bites the dust.

                          there were some great comic moments, jack and sam in the hall with the horse for example, and the sam/daniel, man is jack gonna be ticked off moment

                          but i agree with whomever said the dialogue was off. a jaffa saying 'zat her'????? (or whatever)

                          zat is earth slang. he should have said 'shoot us both and she will die' or something like that. or used zatnikatel..a jaffa would.

                          it was a good story, the ryac/karin bit got resolved too easily, bratac was great, loved the lack of jaffamaka, jack had some good moments, so did sam. ishta occasionally nibbled at the scenery, teal'c was his normal studly self

                          it was enjoyable and fun....coulda used a good beta on the dialogue
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                            c. Wacky ending. Teal'c and Ishta I don't mind, but in the gateroom? I just don't see Teal'c doing that, especially after Affinity. I mean, Teal'c's never really had what I'd call a romance and now he's two-for-two. Something is seriously weird.
                            Actually, they kissed in the gateroom at the end of Birthright, if I remember it correctly!

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                              Did anyone else notice the reflection of the gate in the glass when Bra'tac returned? You could clearly see the stargate with a big bright light behind it and a spinning slitted disc to make the rippled light in the gateroom!!!

                              Yea, the "Zat us both" line coming from a Jaffa was awkward... maybe he just picked it up from a rebel Jaffa or something strange like that.

                              Don't know if we really needed a laser-pointer illuminating the camera's lens.

                              And I see we still have the classic incoming-wormhole dialing problem? First time the gate just lights up all at once, but then later we see it spinning as earth is dialing in. Oh, well.
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