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    Just my two cents on the episode (will try not to rehash what has been said)

    I was happy to see a Daniel centric episode but then kind of dismayed. It was hard to follow the timeline thing sometimes and that was distracting.
    Not sure if it was plot holes or just the timing in the episode. It just didn't hold my attention like the rest of this season has so far. I know things get lost in editing but this seemed a bit extreme in what the audience was supposed to infer or it was just not very good writing.

    Overall it was an *OK* episode and definitely a bit of a let down after what has gone before. But I attribute that to my personal preference for RDA as a foil to the characters.

    I did like that Jack was NOT the *one line guy* so I feel that TPTB are using his time well

    Sam in charge was good

    Teal'c just plopping down in Jack's office had me laughing

    I liked that they all were focused on getting Daniel home.

    Did not like the insinuation that Daniel was *hitting* on a MARRIED woman with hubs over in the house or just out for a bit.
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      I wasn't sure if anyone mentioned or commented on how Teal'c got his 2 cents in while talking to Soran (i think that was his name), i was like, wow, this is an upgrade in his talking department compared to last season.
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        Ended up getting out a magazine about 15 minutes into this one. Idea was fine; I just got bogged down (bored) by the set-up/world-building--too much for a 40 minute (after commercials) show.
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          I got out a magazine watching Atlantis's episode, haha, but yah, the episode got a tad bit better Well, hmm, i hope their country gets better

          Earlier in this thread, said something about the similar guns with Earth, i would think they are humans that think alike the ones from Earth
          Amanda, "Wallow Central."


            Originally posted by Major Fischer
            No, but gun tech of that level is harder to make props for than "fake future weapons." Suspend your disbelief. IT's called a budget.
            I realize they have a limited budget but the familiarity of the guns still bothered me. And I'm not even a weapons aficionado. I wouldn't be able to tell you what the various models are but I recognized enough for the lack of differences to really bug me. The enemy leader had this hand weapon that looked different enough from a typical Earth gun, so why couldn't they do the same for the other firearms? They just need to be props; they don't have to even fire blanks.
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              Originally posted by littlemigueljr
              Earlier in this thread, said something about the similar guns with Earth, i would think they are humans that think alike the ones from Earth
              They might have similar technology but at least the physical appearance and design should be different.
              To Infinity And Beyond!

              O'Neill: "Do we know this... shrub?"


                At first, I thought this episode would remind me of New Ground, but then, heh, very different.

                I wonder why Daniel didn't have a zat, but he had an earth gun?


                  Originally posted by taupecat
                  As always, I'm posting my 1st thoughts on this ep before I read everyone else's post.

                  In a word... meh.

                  Aside from a few snarky lines from Jack, and a very nice kitchen (can you tell I just bought a house?), not much in this episode to write home about. In all, a combination of Memento and New Ground and the whole Kelowna/Langara thing. A rare direct rehash of previous episodes.

                  Not a TiVo keeper.

                  Hee hee. I was thinking the same thing about the house. Lovely house. Very up-scale. Pretty bad when the house captures my attention more than the show.

                  I, too, liked the opening with the tourists.

                  I miss Discovery Daniel. He had more passion...or showed more anyway. Or maybe I just miss the bickering he would have had with Jack if they had been there as a team. I also felt that the romance angle was unnecessary and this is coming from someone who usually doesn't mind a bit of that in a show. Maybe Daniel is going to get the alien of the week now that Sam has a bf.

                  I liked seeing Jack a bit frustrated back home. Man of action tied to the base. Not his cup of tea. I liked seeing Carter in charge of a firefight. Very competent.

                  Overall, the ep was okay. I fell asleep during the second showing though. I hadn't done that with the other eps so far this season. In fact, I was eager to watch them the second time.


                    Yeah, OK ep, but it seemed a little like a retread of past storylines - The Other Side, 100 Days, etc. But the team still has their shorthand for dealing with each other. There was really never any doubt that they'd go after Daniel. And still some very good lines!
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                    O'Neill: Actually, in your case - he's holding back.

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                      Originally posted by littlemigueljr
                      Except with Kelowna/Langara situation, it was the countries that were at war, in this episode, it was a independant activist who threatened all of the world, and it didn't seem the countries were at war just yet, since they did have talks, and they did only destroy the weapons that could be used against the other country.
                      Yeah, but there *was* a cold war going on, like there was on Kelowna/Langara, and it was obvious that the two countries didn't trust each other. And the tech seemed to be about on the same level, too.
                      Anyway I'm sorry, but that just happens to be how I feel about it. What do you think?


                        I liked how SG-1 arrived, I liked Teal'c talking to Soran, I liked... something else that I forget right now. But that was about it. I felt the episode was quite boring.

                        Of course, dozens of people screamed out to go back to the "classic" SG-1 episodes, like this one, and what happens? It's nowhere near as good as the previous 4 episodes In fact, the last 4 5th episodes have been a let down (Icon, Revisions, Nightwalkers, Red Sky)

                        However, I wasn't very disapointed as I was expecting a Revisions-esque episode and that's what I got. Hopefully it will grow on me like Lifeboat did...

                        High hope for next week's Avatar!


                          Originally posted by Mio
                          At first, I thought this episode would remind me of New Ground, but then, heh, very different.

                          I wonder why Daniel didn't have a zat, but he had an earth gun?
                          Daniel rarely has a zat as his sidearm...he usually has the 9mm.

                          Sam. on the other hand, changed to carrying a zat as her sidearm (as did Teal'c) in season two.

                          Which I've always thought was a little odd...Daniel, the supposed pacifist, carrying the 9mm and Sam the zat.

                          Also odd too, how in this episode, Daniel was the one who suggested a resolution that was an armed conflict instead of his usual "let's talk and play nice" maneuver. Looks like he's been hanging around Jack too much.

                          Loved Peter Woeste's direction of this episode -- all his episodes are beautiful to look at -- alway visually stunning.


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                            Overall, I liked the episode quite a bit. It was a little slower-paced than some others, but I enjoyed it.

                            I liked the fact that SG-1 caused this situation to develop, and that when the episode was over, there were still a lot of problems on that planet. No neat and tidy fixes here.

                            I liked the whole WWII feel of the episode, as that's always been a part of history I've been interested in.

                            It showed that Daniel isn't necessariy a pacifist, just more of a...well, I'm not exactly sure what he is. Someone help me out here. I definitely agreed with him that those religious zealots needed to be removed from power.

                            I liked the concern for a team member, I liked how competent Sam was in charge, I liked how Jack dealt with that creepy Soren guy.

                            I wasn't wild about the romance aspect, but at least it wasn't taken very all. I did think it understandable that Daniel would have become close to the woman during his convalescence.

                            The structure of the episodes, all those flashbacks, hasn't been used very often, and I'm all for Stargate trying different methods of telling the story.

                            Shallow moment--Daniel looked very nice.
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                              Another weekend, another new SG-1 episode. But more importantly,

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                              of 'Icon'

                              Well, okay - maybe not more importantly but it's here anyway. I didn't have very high expectations for this episode. Maybe because I didn't know much about it. Wow, almost completely spoiler free for once! How about that! In any case, I ended up enjoying it a lot.

                              First, a nitpick: Is not this the first time ever we've seen an off-world gate spin when receiving an incoming wormhole? They don't usually do that, why start now? Big can of worms there!

                              Moving on... So the episode begins with Daniel in bed in some foreign place with a nipple showing, getting some kind of bandage removed from his head by an unknown woman and I don't have a clue what's going on. Fortunately, flashbacks from three months earlier and onwards gradually fill in the backstory. Cool.

                              Good stuff: Jack in charge - he seems to be settling in nicely, and it looks like he's on top of the situation. The whole revolution plot - kinda reminiscent of 'Shadow Play' only it actually happens this time. The music - provided the appropriate amount of tension for the story. Not that it doesn't always do that, but somehow I felt it did it exceptionally well this time. The climax - plenty of beautiful merciless killings. Keep that body count going guys! Otherwise, a nice stand-alone episode. Come to think of it, it's the only one so far this season that doesn't touch upon any previously established story arcs whatsoever.

                              Bad stuff: I got the feeling it won't be as entertaining on repeat viewings, but that remains to be seen. And the fact that I can't think of anything else to say about the episode and I need to pass time while waiting for the new Atlantis ep. Oh well, I can always go back and see what everyone else said about the episode.
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                                Okay - having now read the previous posts in this thread I gotta say I'm surprised at some of the things you guys didn't like.

                                The "romance" thing. IMO, there was no romance thing. Sure, they grew close, but that there'd be romantic feelings involved never even occured to me until the husband asked her if she loved him. She admitted to trusting Daniel - that doesn't mean she wuws him. I just took it as the guy being overly suspicious of his wife.

                                The flashbacks. I've seen several comments that it was confusing, or took you out of the story or whatever. I'm kinda surprised at this too, as I had no such problems when I was watching. The flashbacks were conviniently labeled with "Three Months Ago", "Two Months Ago" etc. so I don't see how it could be cunfusing. Wasn't "taken out of the story", either - I wanted to see what had happened. Didn't you guys ever see Godfather 2?
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