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    Originally posted by enibas5 View Post
    If I had to decide, I probably would vote "Heroes" my favorite 2 eps. of the whole franchise. The writing is so brillant, as is the directing and photography - let alone the various performances by the cast, especially Saul Rubinek.
    The whole setup for the 2. Part is perfectly done.

    There is just one tiny little flaw, that bugs me every time I watch it. The interview with Carter is out of character. The writers wanted to have the Jack/Sam-stuff discussed, not realizing that it is completely unrealistic and also inappropriate for Carter to actually dwell on that subject when being interviewed for a documentary. She would not have said half of what she actually did - especially, since she did that mostly on her own. She was not driven in any corner here.

    But other than that, that two-parter is really a highlight of the 10 years Sg-1 era.
    I agree - not only out of character and inappropriate but it also makes no sense in light of the events of "Grace".

    Carter has already decided to move on plus there is the part of her that believes she was only interested in O'Neill because it couldn't happened and that protected her from getting hurt in a real relationship.


      Adam Baldwin is the best TV military guy ever,


        Does not anyone find strange that Bregman never expressed any wish to interview general Hammond, the head of the whole SGC?

        I like the great shown of different SG team in this episode. I would actually wish to see more of them.

        And maybe this does not belong to this thread but I heard somewhere the opinions that Wells and Bosworth were responsible for the death of Janet in the second part. I can't disagree more with this rubbish statements. Wells was seriously injured there and he only wished to say goodbye his wife and unborn child, it also was not his idea to use the camera (I also do not want to say that Daniel was responsible for the death of Janet, only this Jaffa was). And Bosworth should cover Daniel and Janet, but he was alone for this task and he simply could not cover four different sides at the same moment.

        I also like the character of Bregman, I always though that he had valid points and that he did not wish any harm to the people, he only wanted to show the truth about the work there. I like how they change their attitude towards Bregman when they realized the truth (Hammond, Daniel, colonel Rundell - I like that at the end of the second part Rundell called Bregman Emmett as he offered him at the beginning of the first part - it showed that Rundell's opinion of Bregman changed considerably).
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          Here I am, watching the 2 episodes I swore never to watch again... and not because I hate them with a vengeance like Demons in season 3 but because of what happens in the second part of it.

          Anyway, this is a filler... and in retrospect, I think I'm inclined to say it's actually a boring episode. Much like "Sunday" in Stargate Atlantis, this was probably not written as the end of one of the characters but in order to shake things up a bit, to make it less flat, they kill a secondary character (in both cases, the senior Medical Doctor).

          It has its funny moments, like when Daniel runs to his office just to see what Bregman is gonna do. Teal'c not speaking during his "interview", O'Neill telling Kinsey what he really thinks of him (saved by the bell of an incoming wormhole though). Carter and her interactions with Teal'c and Daniel in her lab.

          But the best of all -- Dixon's line about nuclear diapers and projectile vomiting.

          Also, Fraiser casually throwing it out there that Cassie is adopted and from another planet. I seriously thought Bregman was gonna spit his drink back out -- missed opportunity if you ask me.

          Nevertheless, I give it a good. I was, after all, mildly entertained.

          How would you rate SG-1's "Heroes, Part 1"?



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              I like this despite its dullness because it shows more or less normal life at the SGC. We don't get to see much of that because, well, it's dull.

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                The episode suffers from the two larger curse. It spends a lot of time setting up the story. It also tries to show an outside perspective through the eyes of Bergman with mixed results. I think the best part is SG-13 and seeing how a team besides SG1 operates. I dont think Dixon is wrong about children. I give it a fair. I got 14/15 and 5:05. You expect me to remember a license plate? I barely know my license plate
                Originally posted by aretood2
                Jelgate is right


                  Originally posted by jelgate View Post
                  You expect me to remember a license plate? I barely know my license plate
                  Got to shake things up a bit -- at least I haven't asked for a planet's designation recently... (yet)
                  Heightmeyer's Lemming -- still the coolest Lemming of the forum
                  Proper Stargate Rewatch -- season 10 of SG-1


                    Last one for today: 7:58
                    Heightmeyer's Lemming -- still the coolest Lemming of the forum
                    Proper Stargate Rewatch -- season 10 of SG-1


                      This episode was just perfect. I was laughing so much The interviews were very funny and especially I liked the one with Walter. He was very cute and so motivated I could talk and talk and everything what I would say would be, that it was perfect. Everything

                      Just the knowlege what will happen to Janet made a bit a sad. She was such a good character.