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    Ok, so,my feelings. This episode could have been much better without whole Pete thing. He was annoying and I also felt that Sam was not our Sam. How long did she know that guy? Because I had the feeling that Pete was taking it really seriously and in some way Sam too. Especially in the bed after their first night it was looking like she would like to cry, because Pete was angry about her secret.
    Sorry but, Pete who are you? You are not even as funny as Jack. I don´t like you So at least in this episode.
    It is just my opinion when I say that Amanda Tapping is such beautiful woman, but I like her even more when she is natural, without fancy make up and dress. She is more stunning just in a black t-shirt (as Sam Carter)
    Great elevator scene between Jack and Sam. Her humming was perfect
    And whole thing with Osiris was really good, Teal´c, Sam and Daniel together made a good team.