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    Avenger 2.0 (709)

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    An S.G.C. scientist creates a computer virus to be used to disable enemy Stargates -- but succeeds in shutting down the entire gate network.

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    i actually found this one quite fun, and not at all offensive as i've heard some say. then again i'm not easily offended by television.
    i like felger. my only wish is that it could have involved the team a little more. that we could have seen some of what was going on with the rebel jaffa as a b plot maybe.
    i like seeing amanda tapping be funny, she's really good at it and doesn't get to be funny as much as the others.

    fun episode, but maybe with space race right before it was too many fun episodes too close together for some people?


      Um did anybody else get the distinct impression that Avenger had all been part of one huge daydream? I mean the idea was so Independance Day style ludicrous i'd assumed he'd dreamt it all up. It was only until Inauguration that I realised it'd actually happened.

      Anybody else get this impression?


        I don't about the whole thing, but there were certain parts of the episode that I weren't sure if they were real or not. - deviantART: panzor


          i moved this because it really doesn't belong in general discussion, rather the season 7 discussion
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            I think the ep was a tragedy that failed to mesh together. Another case of brilliant idea, bad execution.

            I loved Felger in The Other Guys. I went out of my way to make sure that I would see Avenger 2.0 because it was about Felger and the premise sounded great. I really wish I hadn't.

            Felger went from being an outlandish but realistic character to being an over-the-top buffoon. I believed he'd earned his way to Stargate Command in OG. In Avenger I could not comprehend how he could POSSIBLY have made it... and stayed. Maybe his mother blackmailed the right people, because Felger himself was far too much of an incompetent idiot to get there on his own.

            Yes, in the end he Saved the Day, but everything leading up to it- including the solution- seemed more accidental than intentional. He didn't mean to do anything, it just sort of happened. Frankly, I question even his ability to have achieved a doctorate.

            I think it's horrible that the writers wrote him into such a one-dimensional cartoonish figure. They made me hate Felger! I resent that!

            There's also the fact that this was a pretty monumental concept- a virus that infects the gate network and shuts everything down. It was treated too casually... or not casually enough. You get a sense that there's some real danger involved, but the mockery occurring all around it cheapened it, made the danger seem unimportant to the "drama" occurring with Felger. If they had lessened the seriousness of it, made ALL of it into a cheap, silly plot, then that might have worked better. As it stands, however, you had strong drama elements mixed with outright farce and I never felt that the two of them meshed, except possibly for the scene where Felger is cowering from Jack's video feed.

            When this thread was going on the old board, someone suggested that it might have been better if they had used McKay instead of Felger. If they had changed the tone of the ep to reflect that and made it into a darker, snarkier story... I can picture scenes in my head and it looks brilliant. But then, I'm a big McKay fan. I also think he plays a lot better off Carter than Felger can.

            Felger and Coombs are really a team and one doesn't work without the other. It'd be like Hardy without Laurel, Costello without Abbott, Kramer without the rest of the Seinfeld crew.

            McKay, on the other hand, has his own distinctive personality. Granted, some of the best friction has come when he's paired off against Carter (which is why I think it would have been perfect for this ep), but I think McKay is strong enough to stand on his own. At least I hope so. I guess that will depend on the whim of the writers. *sigh*

            As should be pointed out, however, it isn't really Felger's fault that he has no backbone/personality of his own. The writers had opportunities galore to develop his character in this ep... they just squandered them all to go for the cheap laughs, instead.

            Anyway, point is, I think Avenger 2.0 was a dismal failure. As much as I truly wanted to love this ep, I found that I couldn't. I love the comedic eps. WOO and WX were two of my fave eps, but this one I found painful to watch. I just felt embarrassed for Felger... and embarrassed BY him.


              Rewatched the episode. Why couldn't everyone just 'disconnect' the malfunctioning DHDs and dial the gate manually? Would it have enough power to dial once?
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                manual dialing isd one aspect of the series that I don't like

                It should only work between very close gates, like earth and abydos. Without a DHD, there is no compensation for stellar drift. How they use manual dialing without a DHD to compensate for the drift makes no sense....But Oh well!


                  You'd think they'd invent a SPEED-DIALER by now
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                    Originally posted by Torley
                    You'd think they'd invent a SPEED-DIALER by now
                    Good Point!
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                      Such pathetically Mild spoilers for atlantis that it's probably not worth it...

                      Atlantis's DHD uses a library of gates, if that's what you mean by speed dialer


                        We learn more about gate tech.


                          Baal sure knows how to take advantage of a situation.


                            yeah, my question is, how'd Baal actually KNOW the reason why his gate shut down? How'd he figure out it was a virus? How'd he figure out how to modify it? How'd he figure out how to get all the gates to resync?

                            If I'm not mistaken, Baal doesn't seem to know enough about Ancients' technology to do this the traditional way, and if there's one thing Baal doesn't really seem to have, it's computers.

                            Sooooo... 1: how'd he figure out what happened to his gate? 2: how'd he change it to his advantage? No really...What??!!

                            Also, I agree, the previous manual dialing worked fine (whether or not it was a technically accurate thing to be able to do in the first place notwithstanding) on multiple occasions, including the first time the gate was activated by modern day humans. Then again on that prison planet, and whatnot. So why's Daniel drowning when he could be dialing?


                              Originally posted by laren
                              Sooooo... 1: how'd he figure out what happened to his gate? 2: how'd he change it to his advantage? No really...What??!!
                              Two words: Plot device.
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