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    Originally posted by Seaboe Muffinchucker View Post
    On paper, this episode shouldn't be as good as it is, since there is little action, and it's mostly two people in a sterile room, talking.

    But I agree, it's excellent.

    Which means, I suppose, that Jel hates it.
    You'd be wrong. I float between good and fair for this episode. The story is kind if weak. Its been done to better effect and I find the conclusion of the people in Daniel dieing rushed. The saving grace is how the characters in Daniel are well represented, although he overacts with the Soverign. 8 minutes 10 seconds
    Originally posted by aretood2
    Jelgate is right



      Still too slow.
      Heightmeyer's Lemming -- still the coolest Lemming of the forum
      Proper Stargate Rewatch -- season 10 of SG-1


        Finally more space for Janet. I would like to see her more, it was really nice. Also Michael's acting and impersonations were great.
        This episode reminds me a bit of movie Split.
        One small thing that bothered me was lack of Jack. I understand that it was because od RDA, but I just can not help myself and think how it would be if this episode would appear for example in the season 3-4 and not season 7. I would bet that Jack would be the first guy, who would like to do some action and go back to Nostromo ..ehm Stromos . Not just sit in a room with blinking lights. ( IT Crowed refference ) )
        And also another thing- it would be SO great to see these people on another planet after SG1 save them. New infos about them, their technologies, history. It could be such a nice cooperation between Earth and their land.


          This was a great episode. One of the Janet's finest hour in the TV series and great for Michael Shanks (not for Daniel, as his character was hardly present) too.

          The story about this civilization was interesting as well and I would like to see them as well again. Stargate manages to make even one-episode races interesting, I could name the different races from last episodes which I would wish to see again as well (the one from Revisions, Tagrea, Pangeran).

          I agree, it would be nice to see more of Jack as well. As I said in a topic, season 7 did not deal so well with him being gone, contrary to S6 and S8. But I understand his reasons here.
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