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    You'd think the advanced society would figure out how to fix the planet.


      Originally posted by omnian
      Good to see that they're reusing the old actors too!
      Which actors did they re-use? Nevin's father looked kind of familiar but I cant remember where I might have seen him.

      EDIT: I just saw the ep he was in. He was the Ashrak in the ep where Carter is blended with Jolinar.
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        Erm, t-was, different, ok, not really bad, the basic story was ok, but not much happened with it I thought.

        I give green for signatures with ancient in them


          I am not sure as it is a long time since I saw the full episode but are the inhabitants of this dome speaking English? I think so. Why are the notes that Daniel finds not in English? He said that they were written in their language (the language of the natives).

          I think this is kind of strange.


            Originally posted by littlemigueljr
            Hmm, did we get any technology from these people?
            I hope we didn't get the computer, it's way too dodgy.


              I really liked it. Its a clever concept that all these people willingly put their survival in the hands of a computer, and that the computer was programmed to preserve the community above all else.

              Its kind of like Asimovs 0th law of robotics. The computer was doing what it thought was the right thing, preserving the lives and hopes of its community without causeing any pain or distress. Its just that the terms of the program had unintended consequences for the people involved.

              I just thought, originally the gate would have been inside the dome. The reason no one knew anything about it was that the computer erased it from their minds when it shrank the dome leaving the gate outside.

              The computer must have started to realise that something was wrong when people were requesting information about the gate through the link when none of them should ever be thinking about it having no contact with the outside of the dome.

              In some ways its the opposite of the Matrix. In the matrix people were living out real lives in a virtual world. In this the people effectively had virtualised lives in the real world.

              I wonder if the computer was in charge of maintaing law and order as well. It anyone did anything wrong the computer would be able to make everyone, including the perpetrator, think that nothing had happened. This would lead everyone to believe that no one ever commited a crime, a utopian society, which would be easier to manage than having to have a justice and prison system.

              Very cool.


                eddwo, I think you have some good ideas there. Revisions had some decent questions that could do with some decent answers, but I doubt we'll get that now.

                I think your question about the law and order was quite a good one. If someone did wrong, would they be punished and be forced out of the dome? Quite a good question indeed.

                I like how you're thinking in relation to the Matrix. Something I didn't think of myself, and I'm a Matrix fan. Good points.



                  This episode really reminded me of the Matrix, with the way the computer took over the people reminding me of the way that Agent Smith did the same thing in the Matrix films. I was half disappointed they didn't call O'Neill "Mr Anderson" when they were trying to make him use the Link at the end.


                    The audio commentary on the DVDs is better than the ep. MS is hilarious.

                    Lisa Michelle


                      i didnt really find this episode to be very good. i mean the plot was kind of interesting, but it didn't have to do with anything else in the series really. their head implant things remind me of 7 of 9 from star trek voyager.
                      ROFLMAO Check This Out!!!


                        Okay, now this episode is just plain sad.

                        I was watching an episode of The Outer Limits, as I often do, when I noticed a very similar storyline happening. In an episode titled "Stream of Consciousness" made in 1997, we see a world where people are linked together by a computer system called The Stream. And get this-- the people connect to the Stream via a small, moon-shaped device stuck to their temples. It looks exactly like the Link. The main character spent the entire episode trying to convince everyone else in society to disconnect from the Stream, as it was controlling their minds.

                        "Revisions" seems a lot less original, now.
                        It's a Fargate! It's different.


                          I liked this episode, I was afraid they were not going to make any 'loose' episodes anymore,. It was a nice mental break from Anubis, the replicators, and the characters personal issues.


                            This episode was one of the duds of S7 for me.

                            On the face of it, it had all the elements that should have made it a great episode. I was sympathetic with the characters and their plight, I enjoyed the plot and themes. What let it down for me was the almost complete lack of humour. If that had been present, this would have been, for me, a great throwback to the early S1/S2 episodes and probably a favourite episode I'd watch again and again. I have no idea why it was absent in this one.

                            Jack's uncharacteristic terseness and impatience with the little boy was also very odd to me and detracted from making this one I'd watch again.

                            Really looking forward to the commentary though. <g> Have the box set pre-ordered and am counting the days till March 3rd!

                            As for the plot being original - good grief, it's not even original to The Outer Limits! It's a plot that's been used in TV SF and books for decades. So that didn't bother me in the slightest. All SF feeds on its peers. Always has, always will. It's what's done with the plot/theme, not its origins that matter imo. As someone more famous than me once said - "There are no new stories, just new angles."
                            Listen, we had General Ryan come on and do a little cameo for us, and he's a real live four star, one of the big guys. And I had to ask him point blank, because there's a certain irreverence that I bring to the character, and denseness, but while we were doing this scene, I just looked at him and said, "Do you have guys like me in...?" and he stopped me and said, "Yes, and worse, and you're doing a fine job, son."

                            Richard Dean Anderson


                              Originally posted by DIzzutch
                              I liked this episode, I was afraid they were not going to make any 'loose' episodes anymore,. It was a nice mental break from Anubis, the replicators, and the characters personal issues.
                              took the words right out of my mouth lol

                              interesting episode, where did they go when they left


                                I liked the episode. Not a great one, but interesting. Especially about the shield reducing and the computer sacrificing people to maintain the smaller number.