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    Originally posted by P-90_177 View Post
    i'd say that is actually the best jonas ep of the season too.
    I'd pick "Prophecy", "Redemption", and "Descent" as his best eps.
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      It was an ok episode , but not one of my favourites.

      The guys bursting into water was pretty cool.

      Nirtii is dead and I will not miss her.

      Rating : 6 / 10


        The end of Nirrti (Force Choke, anyone?) and the pretty convincing makeup on the mutants were probably the only two memorable things about this episode.


          Originally posted by Butlersgate View Post
          this was a cool episode, they would kill the russian though wouldn't they haha
          Do not hurt Kenny. If he not existed, TPTB would have to kill SG-1. Or Harlan worn out to make new copies.
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            Me likey.

            It was nice to see the bi**h Nirrti back (tee hee) and the concept of the story was interesting. One of the season 6 highlights for me.


              One of the best episodes of the season. I am glad Nirrti is finally dead.


                Originally posted by mrscopterdoc View Post
                One of the best episodes of the season. I am glad Nirrti is finally dead.
                it sucks that it took her this long to finally die


                  no kidding


                    One of my fave episodes. Though Nerrti is both cool and quite annoying.


                    Ohh wow when Sam said "Over my dead body." that was a great line. And at the end when Sam was dying and Jack just ran in and grabbed her in his arms! WOW i LOVED that part. Another one of my fave Sam/Jack moments.
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                      Yeah, loved the Sam/Jack interaction. After Sam had been in the machine and was back in the cell, she rested her head against Jack's shoulder. Awww!

                      Those poor people were uncommonly ugly, though. But I'm glad that for once it wasn't SG-1, but rather Nirrti's former slaves, who killed her.


                        Strange episode, and somewhat enjoyable but also kind of infuriating, and the mutated villagers are quite annoying in their inability to listen to reason. The conclusion of the episode is also a bit overly simplistic - just look into Nirrti's mind! Could have saved a lot of trouble if he'd done that earlier.

                        This show does like to kill off Russians, doesn't it?

                        I would never have guessed that Dion Johnstone was under all that makeup as Wodan. Another strange point - for some reason in this episode I found Nirrti very attractive! Not so much in her previous episodes.

                        Had to double-check the opening sequence, although the alarm sound partially obscures the word, Carter definitely says "chicken ****", and the DVD subtitles keep it in too. Surprising!

                        RATING: 6.5 out of 10
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                          Pretty sure I would up catching this ep on squinty vision - complete with...was it the Care Bears or the Men in Black II song as an alternate theme tune.

                          1. Interesting to see than Jack and Ivanov seemed to get on relatively well.

                          2. Woden and crew were certainly ugly.

                          3. Her head falls on his shoulder...and the shippers went beserk!

                          4. Nice one Jonas!

                          5. Scratch Nirrti, wasn't expecting her to bite the dust but...

                          Good ep.
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                            Glad Nirrti is gone, but not a favourite episode of mine - it dragged out too long, and I found some of the scenes Jonas was in weren't preformed very well by the actor. Although the scenes between him and Nirrti were amusing.
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                              Thought it was an average boring episode.

                              So Nirrti is now dead, killed by her own followers.

                              Tomorrow, a clip show, and a few more countries will know about the Stargate program.


                                Nirti finally got what she deserved..........killed by one of her experiments!!!

                                At least they followed up on that storyline that the Russians had their own SG team and we actually got to see them!

                                Jonas being seduced by Nirti, ugh, made me shudder! Poor guy, having that distorted snakehead voice in your ear! Not really that romantic is it?!!!!

                                The horrible disintegrating of bodies into water was well done for the TV budget. Clearly inspired by the fate that befell that senator in the X-Men II movie when he was genetically altered into a mutant. I remember that effect in the Kevn Bacon movie 'Hollow Man' as well.