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    Jacob and everyone else must have been as surprised as anything to see gliders in the ocean that were not built for that. A huge fount of research material at Area 51!
    And Jonas......he's as loveable a genius as Daniel.
    Now, as far as those Japanese Shogun Jaffa are concerned........

    Originally posted by maneth View Post
    Yay for Jonas! Finally O'Neill accepted him as a member of the team. Great ep, loved the end when the deathgliders rose out of the water.


      I like these self-contained episodes in which SG-1 are stuck and have to figure out how to escape (okay, I guess that describes most episodes, but you know what I mean). This one is a little bit "sterile" and formulaic, at least until the ship starts to flood. Better than average, not wonderful. It's also the first show where I've really felt Daniel's absence.

      Due to budget constraints they obviously had to skip some stuff such as the mothership crashing into the ocean. However, Major Davis says that the crash will cause a huge tidal wave. That never happened, with no explanation as to why. It's also a bit jarring that everyone on board seems to survive the crash with no injuries, and there's no internal damage. Just a little mention that it was a rough ride would have sufficed, it pushes the believability factor a bit too far that the crash landing was no problem.

      I'm also not sure why Davis is with them, he's not really a field officer that we've seen before, just a Pentagon liaison.

      Don't like the samurai Jaffa, why would they exist? I guess they were concievably taken by Apophis from some planet evolved from samurai culture, but it's odd. All other Jaffa no matter where they are from use the same weapons and fighting styles, why would these be different? Ah, who cares.

      It's a fun episode. Jonas sure can hold his breath for a long time. Loved the water being transported in the rings with him!

      RATING: 7 out of 10
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        Thing I wonder about: if the samurai jaffa killed Friesen with a sword, why is there no blood?

        I've always figured Jack gave Jonas a hard time to see whether he could follow orders. As much as he liked and admired Daniel, he could never count on him to follow orders; I think after 5 years of that he wants someone who will.

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          Tuesday night and another ep of SG1...

          1. A Ha'tak showing up in Earth orbit was certainly an interesting one...

          2. This is the first ep where Jonas really was able to slot into the team...the first time he seemed to really 'belong' in the show.

          3. Rewatching this ep it's an example of how Jonas offered a fresh perspective on SG1, here was a very smart guy from a 1940s technology level world. If you took a very smart guy from circa 1948 and threw them into would get someone like Jonas if we had to get rid of Daniel you did need a non-military perspective on the team!. And this was the ep where Jonas started to do the business!

          4. Thor, on the ship, very nice stunt from the grey guy!

          5. "All members of SG1 present and correct". Said it all!

          First great ep of the season.


            A pretty good episode. I like Season 6 in general, and it's the first season of SG-1 I bought on DVD.

            The call back to one of Jacob's first episodes was cool (that he once was an General).

            Jonas saved the day, and is now accepted as a member of SG-1.

            Tomorrow, Colonel Young's wife An ancient woman is found in Antarctica. Why is she there?


              I love this episode. I'm so jealous of Jonas' ability to hold his breath under water for such a long time!

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                Loved the mystery of a seemingly abandoned Goa'uld mothership just turning up on its own for no apparent reason in Earth's orbit. To find out that it's got Thor's mind in its computers, and that he believed that O'Neill and co would work out he was there and find a way to rescue him was an interesting idea.

                Also liked the idea and the effect of Jonas beaming in with the water in the transportation rings!

                Quite an interesting revelation that death gliders could fly under water! Good thing too, otherwise no more SG-1!


                  This is a good mystery episode and I think a good episode for establishing Jonas. Thier was so much going on in Redemption thier wasn't enough to develop and quantify where Jonas stands on SG1. I like how this episode shows Jonas' doubt and then we see Jonas save the day to rescue the team. More important it starts the bonding of Teal'c and Jonas which I always found important for his short time on SG1. It always seemed that the two aliens had a close friendship bond while they were on the show. As for the plot itself it was a fun mystery. Even I did not quite understand what was going on. Yes it was obvious after discovering it was the same ship that Thor was kidnapped on that he was related to the malfunctions but to the extent he was involved in why this Goa'uld ship was acting so strange was something different and completely unpredictible. A really solid episode
                  Originally posted by aretood2
                  Jelgate is right


                    To me this episode is all about the establishment of Jonas as a member of SG-1. Well done.


                      This reminds me of Daedalus Variations how the ship just shows up.

                      The samurai jaffa were interesting. Why take a sword to a gun fight though.


                        First though before they boarded the mothership: "Replicators" ...
                        When I saw ninjas, my thoughts was like "WTF"
                        Then I figured it was Thor in the computer.
                        But it all played out well, loved the dialogue between Teal'c and Jonas.
                        And the underwater scene with Jonas was really cool, especially when he transports out, with the water around him. He saved Jacks butt and is now accepted.
                        And they all got away just in time, but not empty handed. Looking forward to see what will become of the 2 gliders.
                        This season should continue like this, even though I checked the ratings, and apparently they do not. I will learn soon
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                          The one reason why this episode is awesome, is the thing that Corin does when Jonas overwrites the controls to get the forcefield up in the glider bay... He takes a deep breath and disappears under water to do his thing, and he makes it look so damn easy. And he really did do it himself. Mad respect!

                          So, we get another attempt at a mothership, and again we frak it up. Granted it was doomed from the start. Anubis was pretty clever to leave those ninja's on board. That's a pretty smart trap set.

                          Jonas gets to be part of SG1 and is immediately ordered to stay behind... which he uses to eat his first banana of many.

                          And Major Davis gets to go off with them. That's nice to see. He deserves to go out once in a while.

                          Peter Deluise as Lieutenant Dagwood, nice throw back to SeaQuest.
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                            Loved this episode. Jonas was ok in this one. I haven't liked him in any of the previous episodes. Space ninjas was probably my favorite part. The only thing I thought was odd was Jack saving AI Thor since in the past he had nothing but contempt for androids and robots.


                              It wasn't AI Thor. That was Thor's conscience which had been downloaded into the ship's database.
                              Heightmeyer's Lemming -- still the coolest Lemming of the forum
                              Proper Stargate Rewatch -- season 10 of SG-1


                                Luckily they found out about Thor! Imagine they had left his conscience in the system.
                                Would have changed a lot! Great scenes from Carter, General Carter, O'Neill (plenty of time!!!) and of course Jonas Quinn!! He fits in and even O'Neill sees it now.
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