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    This I know. Its better than he usually does
    Originally posted by aretood2
    Jelgate is right


      Then he should be applauded!


        Another great episode.

        I missed seeing Teal’c with the team, but his storyline was well-handled, and played a key role in the story, rather than his plotline being filler. I’m not overly keen on Rya’c as a character, but I thought that he was used effectively in this episode. It was a good coming of age story for him.

        Sam and McKay play off one another very well in this episode. I think that it worked as an occasional thing, but it would not have had the same impact if McKay had stayed as a regular or if Sam had moved to Atlantis as a scientist rather than as leader. I could do without McKay’s comments about attraction, but it is to his credit that he was able to recognise that he had made a mistake, and also that he could admit to being jealous of Sam rather than hiding behind arrogance and bravado. For me, it humanises the character, and this episode made me receptive to the idea of McKay as a regular on Stargate: Atlantis.

        I liked his speech about science being an art, and he’s quite right that Sam is an artist.

        The plan to fly the stargate away from Earth was inspired. Nice job for both Sam and Jonas.

        The sequence where Jack flies away with the stargate attached to the X-302 was wonderful. It was a great moment for Jack as a character too, showcasing his bravery, as well as his faith in Sam’s plans. It also showed that, while he may joke around at times, he can be serious when the situation calls for it, not to mention calm in an unbelievably high-pressure situation, so much so that he was able to think of using the hyperdrive.

        He went above and beyond in this episode, and deserved the President’s offer of any assignment he wanted.

        What I love about this episode was that saving Earth was a group effort. We have Sam, McKay and Jonas coming up with ideas, Jack flying the stargate away, and Teal’c, Bra’tac and Rya’c destroying the weapon, which allowed the SGC to resume operations with the Russian stargate.

        The ending with Jonas on the team was lovely.

        A second well-deserved Excellent for Season Six.

        I'll have to give the jigsaw a shot tomorrow.

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          Puzzle: 9:16


            And part 2 is much faster done: 06:19
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