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    Originally posted by ReganX View Post
    Another show might have phased out the reaction, or at least toned it down a lot, to save money on extras, if nothing else,
    I'm not sure they spent all that much money on extras for the gateroom guarding scenes. I'm pretty sure all the running in the halls was reused multiple times.
    They learned their lesson, ensuring that it was all human built, rather than just reclaiming a Goa’uld glider.
    While I love the X/F-302, these scenes drive me crazy, because the Air Force has NEVER built its own equipment. It would not be building the X/F-302, either.
    Did Jonas actually manage to knock Teal’c down, or was Teal’c convinced that he’d be a good member of the team and that’s why he spoke to Jack about him joining SG-1?
    I agree with FH; Teal'c took pity on him.

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          How do I get Season 6, SG-1? I have a MGM Subscription, but it says its unavailable.. I feel ripped off...