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    Originally posted by garhkal View Post
    THose were some of the best eps.. When jack and danny knocked heads.
    I know right?!
    Also, loved when anyone called Daniel "Danny". rofl.


      When I watched this episode I thought it was just another episode where they pretend to kill daniel. But it took me by surprise when he 'died.'
      Lose it. It means go crazy. Nuts. Insane. Bonzo. No longer in possession of one's faculties. Three fries short of a happy meal...WACKO!


        This is a excellent episode. A "good" death for Daniel who acted the hero. Very emotional between all the team members-- a fantastic tribute to Daniel Jackson. Oma was being cryptic as ever, and Daniel chose to ascend.

        I personally love the intro to Jonas, and I am looking forward to seeing more of him.
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          Another one of Daniel's dead-but-not-dead episodes, except that now he really won't be back regularly, just occasionally.

          As far as the episode goes, I really, really love it. I love the story, the introduction of Jonas, the character interaction, Daniel's journey with Oma Desala. My goddess, Mel Harris can read me the telephone book and I'd be all dreamy from listening to that voice of hers. The introduction of naquadriah which gives us a new resolve to find new and better ways to defend ourselves against the Goa'uld.

          I love that industrial 1940ties feel of Kelowna. The bulkhead doors and the use of rivets. Interesting choice as far as set dressing goes.

          It's definitely one of my favorite episodes on the entire series, including all the cryptic mumbojumbo by Oma Desala.

          How would you rate SG-1's "Meridian?"



          3-episode quiz: The Sentinel, Meridian & Revelations

          Jigsaw puzzle: Meridian
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                I think I have watched this episode too many times. This episode doesn't make me as sad about Daniel as it does before. It's a great character piece to see Daniel examine his life with Oma. I also liked how episode tries to highlight a guest character. I'll give it a good with 6 minutes 48 seconds. Your move FH
                Originally posted by aretood2
                Jelgate is right



                  A few seconds slower again.
                  Heightmeyer's Lemming -- still the coolest Lemming of the forum
                  Proper Stargate Rewatch -- season 10 of SG-1


                    First time I've seen this episode since it aired (I'm doing a Stargate retrospective now, season by season). This was okay. I thought the plot intriguing, and Jonas is thoughtful. He was caught between two systems, and did what he could. Scientific people...under Nazism, Communism, corporate control, military/corporate worlds, fanatics...always have to come to terms with their system.

                    The effect Daniel had on everyone was touching.

                    I didn't care much for Omala. Not the actress, just the 'if a river is flowing, can a drop of water be dry?' kind of dialogue. Ugh. So treacly, which is why I don't go in for all the 'eastern aphorisms.' Here, I'm more of a Jack O'Neill kind of guy. Why can't Omala just SAY it?


                      Noooooo, not daniel!

                      He was the one that balanced out the group from Jack's bull-headedness.
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