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    I'd not seen this episode for a while and forgotten about the magnifying glass scene, brilliant! Also on the dvd, when Daniel says "you stupid son of a b i t c h", his voice doesn't quite match his lips moving, like its been dubbed,or so it seems anyway.
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      Originally posted by vzzzzzbx View Post
      I'd not seen this episode for a while and forgotten about the magnifying glass scene, brilliant!
      More of that in "Zero Hour"!
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        I loved to see the origin of the replicators!
        Cool ep!
        "Are you like, a crazy person?"
        "I am quite sure they will say so."


          Yep, Reese was such a kid.
          "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."


            i liked this episode i liked seeing were the replicates came form but it was sad she ended up dying. but i guess she was a threat and they had to kill her. atho this is another mess the ascended made and sg1 had to be cleaned up. i think in Atlantis they showed that they were mad in Atlantis's galaxy to


              Originally posted by vzzzzzbx View Post
              I'd not seen this episode for a while and forgotten about the magnifying glass scene, brilliant! Also on the dvd, when Daniel says "you stupid son of a b i t c h", his voice doesn't quite match his lips moving, like its been dubbed,or so it seems anyway.
              i was surprised/shocked when he said it. his face didn`t look like he was going to say something like said, and when he said it, i was literally looking around the gateroom searching for the person who said it.

              after about the middle of this episode i feared daniel would act in a very emotional way to whatever would happen to reece. it was a typical daniel-reaction. i was a little angry at him - the rest of the base is fighting for their lives (and earths existence) and he can`t/won`t understand the necessity to kill her. after the first incident with these replicators i can`t find anything cute or funny with them.

              and i thought it was frightening how good he was in lying to her (or wasn`t he lying at all?) when he tiried to calm her down and suggested being her friend. i really could understand the girl`s anger when she saw through this mascerade, and i could understand why she - as a robot with the mind of a child - hurt him when he tried to shut her off.

              and were that real tears at the end? if yes, then a big thumbs up - it is not very often you find male actors who can cry or show tears convincingly.

              hammond in action was cool!
              and the magnifying glass scene was SOOO great!

              one of my fave episodes.
              did a rewatch this morning (saturday morning with nice breakfast + a handfull of my fave stargate episodes) and can only say: yes replicator episodes rock :-)


                It was great to see Hammond in the action! Daniel's reaction at the end was a bit odd..


                  [QUOTE=omnian;22156]This was another cool episode. A lot of shooting and Hammond getting to be part of the action too.....amazing. What more could you ask for?
                  love seeing Hammond in action; he's usually a bit more formal--officer's dress shirt with the button unbuttoned, but he sure knows how to get ou in the field n do his soldierlt butt-whuppin--he's not just another high-ranking military bureaucrat

                  Originally posted by Elwe Singollo View Post
                  Yah, those little toys, i liked those. I thought it was funny when Daniel tried to talk to her, and she said it was boring.
                  she's got a young child's interest-level n maybe also a young child;s attention span

                  Originally posted by A Wraith Named Bob View Post
                  I watched this episode today and I thought it was pretty good. The characters in this episode really reminded me of the original Star Trek. Somewhat.
                  in what way?

                  How come a simple gun killed her, she was after all a robot was she not and seeing as she was full of nanotech would it not be pretty simple for her to repair herself?
                  noticed this interesting fact tgoo; she was an android, perhaps built quite differenly; seems unlike the humanoid replicators she also requires a sentence-disc inserted in the side of her neck to make her sentient; anybody think CD Rom/CD Ram when seeing Sam insert this disc into her disc-drive?
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                    What a tragedy the whole thing was. To think how the replicators got their start... Although it doesn't quite make sense that they invaded the entire Asgard galaxy instead of ours.


                      I put another VHS into my Halls of Res machine...

                      1. So we have a female android...that looks kinda cute...

                      2. ...and she's emotionally out of back in '01/'02, she just seemed childlike, fast forward ten years and she reminds me of various middle-to-low-functioning Aspergers peeps I know/friends/recently ex-friend at their worst. Always hurts to see them at their worst!

                      3. And that toy looks very familiar...

                      4. And we are gunning down Replicators in the SGC...

                      5. You stupid son of a bleep! I'm with Daniel here, he was talking Reese down, again rewatching this reminds me of how many times I've wound up in the Daniel role in the last few years.

                      Certainly an interesting up.
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                        Good episode.

                        We now know the origins of the Replicators. They were created by a robit robot who made them as toys.

                        There is one fact I remember from the commentary (when I watched a while ago):
                        The opening scene from the episode was shot 9/11 (during the attacks). Chris Judge had family in New York, which is why he was in the background during the scene.

                        Tomorrow, the NID are back, I guess, I haven't seen the episode in a while.


                          Not an episode I revisit really. This is only the 3rd time I've seen it. I found Reese to be a bit weird and the idea of the Replicators as toys gone wrong a bit weird too! Daniel's approach towards the childlike robot was interesting, but you just knew that Jack could never accept that you could talk to something like that.

                          The scene when Jack shot Reese was predictable, Daniel's reaction to his action surprised me a bit on first viewing, and still gives us the best scene in the episode even after a few rewatches I think.


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                              This episode has a few inconsistencies that were never explained of. If the Replicators orginated on this planet then how did they get from the Milky Way to some distant planet in Ida?

                              I'm far less interested in Reese's so called humanity and her morality. I am more interesed in the origin of the Replicators and their link to Reese. Its more interesting to me to see how they were created and made in the first place. I find myself more agreeing with Jack at the end. They were threatening and attacking the SGC. He had no choice but to attack them. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but at the time they were harming the SGC and could have attacked the rest of the Earth. Choices were limitied. B
                              Originally posted by aretood2
                              Jelgate is right


                                A pretty good ep. I do enjoy seeing the original replicators.

                                I also don't like the idea of how they were created.