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    Well, I guess ascended doesn't mean godlike, so, alright


      It depends what you mean by god-like. The point of the story of Prometheus being confined and having his liver eaten every day by an Eagle is that it's a form of psychological, as well as physical, torture. The playwright behind "Prometheus Bound" highlighted that most acutely during an exchange between Hermes and the bound Titan...


      "'Tis plain, most sorely is thy mind diseased.



      "Ah me!"
      I mention this not just because you used the phrase "god-like," but because this episode is basically a retelling of any number of classic stories in which gods are punished, in part, with isolation. Prometheus is the best known among them and his backstory best aligns with Orlin's (they both went against their own to give "technology" to humans).
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        The only good parts about this episode are the mini stargate and some info on the Ancients. The rest is just another 'Sam's weird taste in men' episode and I hate those.

        Wonder how much debt Orlin put Sam into or if the Air Force took care of that bill for her.


          Those credit card statements must have been interesting reads though.
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            Originally posted by Falcon Horus View Post
            Those credit card statements must have been interesting reads though.
            Well Simmons was telling us some of what had been ordered online and that sounded like a couple hundred thousands worth to me. Just hope for Sam the creepy stalker was worth it.


              I found this episode both entertaining and ridiculous. The fact that after everything they have been through (Especially the time they all thought daniel had lost his mind and they have encountered entire races that can make themselves invisible - nox), they immediately write off Sam as going crazy.

              Then they turn around ignore her about this weapon and race to test it, even though once again they have encountered races that have warned them about exactly this situation (Tollan) and they all just ignore Sam.

              This episode had its moments but mostly it felt like an episode that just didnt fit.
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